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Part 7: Sharance's Mean Bean Machine

Sharance's Mean Bean Machine

Music: Festival

Today's the Bean Throwing Festival!

But the festival itself takes no in-game time, so I still need shit to do today. And it turns out that Daria desperately needs some wood.

Just to make double-sure you don't miss festivals, everyone in town will be talking about them on the day of.

Wait, I'm what now?
I'm out of Wood to carve. And inspiration just struck me! So hurry and bring me 3 Wood! Inspiration waits for no one!
You can get Wood by hopping branches with an axe. But if that's too slow, maybe you can try chopping down some signs or something. Art demands sacrifices!
Uh, I think I'll stick with branches.
Well, whatever you think is best.
I'm on it.

Daria wasn't lying about getting wood from signs. It's not a particularly efficient way to get lumber, but it's there.

Carlos, maybe you shouldn't be so overconfident.
Hm? You say something, bro'?
N-Never mind...

How come demons lose their power when you throw beans at them?
Beans have invisible energy inside them. Demons are weak against the energy, and run away from it. And that's why you can beat ogres with beans!
Really? Wow! You know everything!

As far as I can tell this festival is a reference to Setsubun, down to throwing beans at ogres/demons & Shino/Sakuya referencing bringing in good luck with the beans.

Karina is always so energetic!

Certain villager groups will have conversations with each other on festival days(in this case three separate group conversations, one for each girl!), on top of their own individual conversations. In this case I'm guessing it's an excuse to give Raven some early character depth.

When expressing emotions other than makes others concerned, maybe you should talk a bit more. Maybe.

Huh? Battle?

Is Raven feeling well? Should we bring Marian over here?

You do you, Karina.

Shall we help her practice, Raven?
Hey, those beans hurt! Ow! Stop it! They really hurt!
Th-That's a little harsh...

Wh-What do you mean?!
Shall we start?
With pleasure!
Hey, stop throwing those beans at me! They feel so good!

I...I see...

Man, these girls are ruthless. Let's get out of there.

Oh, it's just that those beans look SO good!
*sigh* I'll make some beans for you later, then.
Let's see. Maybe I'll add some of that, too. Oh! And that herb, and...
Hey! What are you planning on making?!

Of course! That's why I mixed them in my medicine ahead of time! You want a taste?
Ow! Hey, don't throw beans at me, Collette!

Why are these two friends again?

I'm quite good at throwing my sewing needles, though.
P-Please don't throw your sewing needles...

Is anyone in this town not consumed by violence?

Ah, much better.

No, not me. I'm being an ogre right now.

So she wished me luck because it would bring in more business and profits!
Wow, she's just a ball of ill intent.

Shino, you realize an entire day's passed since we started this conversation, right? Maybe refresh the context before diving in to it?

After a harrowing adventure chopping wood, eating medical herbs to keep going, and chopping more wood, we have 9! Time to report back to Daria.

Of course! Imagine if I could carve up the Sharance Tree. I could make a towering statue that would put every other wood carving to shame!
Y-You can't do that! The Sharance Tree is sacred!'s where I live.
I'm just kidding! For now, anyway.
For now?!
Thanks for your help, assistant! Here you go!
Uh, thanks.
I'll send for you again if I need anything, my dear assistant!

Iron. One piece of iron. Sure.

Spoilers: I am very, very bad at this festival. Even with savescumming.

tl;dr(again): Get hit by beans. Brown beans are worth more than green beans. Start combos by being hit by lots of beans in a row. Don't get hit by Failed Dishes.

The first wave of beans is fairly simple, with each villager throwing them in a straight line.

Then it starts getting more complicated.

The winner was Karina of all people. I didn't even make the top 3 in any of my attempts.

I did get a handful of cooking bread as a consolation prize, which isn't awful.

And now all everyone will be talking about is how badly you/they lost.

Yyyeeeah, just a little.

I need a nice, long, massage, my dear assistant...
Um...I-I don't think I can help you with that right now.

Keep it in your pants, Daria. You just met Link a couple days ago.

This doesn't sound too hard. Let's do it!

Sure did!
Good! This shouldn't be a difficult errand for you! I just had a huge meal, but I'm still kinda hungry! I could really use a tiny snack. Just a nibble!
I think I can handle that. What do you want?
Could you bring me 3 Rice?
3?! That's not a "nibble"!
Says you! It is to me!
I wonder what it'd take to make you feel full...anyway, I'll take care of it!
Cool! And you better hurry up! I'm wasting away here!

Rice can be bought from the general store. ...which is closed today, because it's a festival day. Oops. At least this can be dealt with quickly tomorrow.

I forgot them!

I don't think that's what she meant, Pia.

Okay! That's awesome!
It sure is!
It's time to get out of the red!
We're in this together!

I'm starting to think Sakuya isn't a very good influence on Pia.

Just wait till next year... look intense, Raven.

Thank you...(I guess nobody tried)

I said I wasn't very good at it, okay?

And with that, the rest of the day is spent twiddling my thumbs grinding skills for the first dungeon.