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Part 10: Tea Delivery

Tea Delivery

Music: Spring

A quick one to make up for delays caused by Persona 5 very important stuff.

Could you take these Relax Tealeaves to Marjorie?
No problem.
I'd ask Karina, but I can't find her anywhere. The only thing that girl works hard at is skipping out on work!
Ha ha...
Anyway, thanks for doing this for me.

Many of these early quests are just going over qualities you'll have seen already. I guess it's in case you're not talking to everyone? (Although that'd be a bad life choice, since RF3 has a huge variety of daily chat)

They always start chasing me whenever I have food with me.
Well, I guess the food was theirs to begin with, but still, isn't that rude?!

Is that why everything in the forest attacks me? Because I'm stealing their delicious apples and mushrooms?

Black thing...?
It was so beautiful that it's been haunting my dreams...
Your hands are shaking...

In any other game this would be a lead-in to a spooky quest. Here it's daily dialog that I'm pretty sure never comes up again.

I love it so much that I'm doing your job.


Oh, I see. (That sounds a little too much like me...)

Fuck you too, Karina.

Eat your flowers, Rusk.

Karina must be hiding from work again.
Looks like it.
Ho ho. My Marian's a handful, but I'll bet Hazel gets just as much trouble from Karina.
Ha ha...
But you don't have to worry about those two. They actually love each other very much.
Is that right?
They just have a funny way of showing it. Anyway, I got the goods. Give Hazel my best.
Will do!

Speaking of Marian.

Someone bring me a patient! Link! Go bring me Collette!
Is...Is that an order...?

Aaaand backing away slowly.

I'm glad there's someone around here I can count on! Here's your reward.

(She's really hard on Karina. I guess that shows that she cares?)
What is it? Is there something on your mind?
Well, you and Karina seem to have a...contentious relationship sometimes.
You're darn right! That's because she's a useless slacker! Why, did Marjorie say something about us?

Use your words, Link. You're even talking to a sane person here!

What? What did she say?!
No, never mind. I don't want to know.
It really wasn't anything bad.
I don't care! I don't want to hear it! Now off with you!
Huh? But I...

Fade to outside.

Well, I need to shop here, so I'd better not bring it up again.

At least we'll get another cabbage out of this in a few days?

What, you don't have anything you hate?
No way! I'll eat anything! Actually, check that! I absolutely HATE milk!
Uh, so how's that different than Rusk not liking vegetables?

...because you can have a healthy diet without milk but not without vegetables?

It's TOTALLY different! It's a metabolism thing! You wouldn't understand!

I somehow never knew about this thing next to the bulletin board until now. The festival thing is basically the only reason you'd want to cancel a request(unless you flat-out can't finish it and want to do something else in the meantime). This tip also covers the two types of randomly generated quests - battle quests(where you defeat a number of a given monster) and fetch quests.

But for now we want to do as many non-random quests as possible. Let's see what Carlos has to say.

(Uh...I wonder what it could be...)

Fishing's a pretty extreme activity, you feel me? This drink'll help you get fit, and quick! I mean, check out my muscles, bro'!
Yes...they're pretty impressive, Carlos...
Think of this as a toast to your first step into the world of fishing! Congratulations, Link! So from now on, I expect you to be a regular customer!'re quite a salesman, Carlos!

Well, that was fast.

The reward's pretty good, too. This permanently increases our strength by 1 point. It's not much in the long run, but every little bit helps now.

Your field...can I dye it a new color?
Daria's special rainbow II!
Rainbow II? Wasn't the first rainbow color enough?
If I paint your field with it, it'll be a thousand times better! A blinding explosion of color!
Uh, I kind of need to be able to see my crops. Sorry.

So, we now have access to the first boss of the game, but we're not quite tough enough to take it on yet.

That means the rest of the day is spent training on a new weapon - the spear. The spear is kind of the polar opposite of the hammer. It attacks quickly and doesn't make you as much of a slave to momentum, but it also has a harder time hitting multiple enemies.

I mostly stuck to hammers when I first played RF3, but spears wrecked face in RF4. Maybe they'll impress me as much here?

The spear's dash attack isn't very impressive. It's awkward to aim, and you'd do a lot more damage by just attacking normally. The stun chance is nice, I guess?

Early levels of weapon skills come so quickly there's no reason not to dabble in them. If nothing else, you get extra RP and Strength out of the deal.

Once I've had enough of a beating, the evening's spent clearing the fields until I pass out. I swear I'm not doing this on purpose.