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Part 11: Errand Boy

Errand Boy

Music: Spring Dungeon

Another day toiling away in the turnip mines.

And another day of Link's Delivery Service.

I actually had orders from Blaise and Marjorie. But I have something else I needed to do. Do you think you could deliver them for me?
That's fine.
Thanks! I knew I could count on you.

Well, this Heavy Spice goes to Blaise, this Tomato goes to Marjorie.
Yeah, okay.
Well, thanks for doing this for me.

Mangez vos légumes, Rusk.

...did Link just get roped into a drug smuggling ring?

Sakuya asked me.
I see. Thank you. Please thank Sakuya for me for everything they do. We have a lot of customers who are picky about ingredients and Sakuya is a lifesaver.
Really? (So Sakuya is relied upon.)

Once, he had some wine to drink at a festival, and...Well, it sure was a sight to see!
Wait...Wh-What happened?
Oh, you'll have to ask Blaise about it.
(Huh? Why won't she tell me...?)

That's nice and all, but I have an urgent tomato for you.

Now, did I ever ask her for this...?
Ho ho. I'm kidding. We old people like teasing you youngsters.
P-Please don't startle me like that.
Oh, you're here for Sakuya, aren't you? Then that's the least you can do. That girl always indulges me.
Sakuya does?
Oh. She's a really nice girl. Unlike my granddaughter...

Don't ask. Just trust me on this one.

Blaise must be one hell of a drunk.

They're very city-like, right? Very cute?
Y-Yeah... (I'm glad I didn't say they were strange.)

I'm assuming Karina is meant to be wearing different clothes here, but, y'know, DS game.

I wonder why?!

The cologne of the day. No prizes for guessing the witches like it.

Hey, Link! ! What do you think of when you hear the word "witch"?

Fear?! But witches aren't scary! WE'RE NOT SCARY AT ALL!!!

Maybe Marjorie isn't, but you? Uh, sure.

Ms. Innkeeper? Can we get the bath ready for one?!

Of course not.
Well, here's a special offer! One free voucher to the women's bath--

What's the deal?
You seem disappointed.
Wait...what are you doing?
I thought we'd do some stand-up comedy to draw customers in, but it's not going too well.
What's the deal?
Wait, what are you talking about?
That's about how well it's going...
Um, so...
Oh, well. Anyway, you got them delivered? Thanks. Well, here's your compensation.

What's the deal?
Yes, that's the timing! Pia, you remember that.

Leave Pia alone.

Who's that? It's Roger!
Well, this is your real compensation.

Thanks, again.

You ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Our prize is a clump of wool. It's no bath voucher,'ll do, I guess.

Also, Pia & Sakura were doing manzai. As for how they translated it...well, it honestly kind of works with this game.

Pictured: A mistake.

There's an ingredient I need to make sweets, but I forgot its name...Ahhh, what was it called again?!
Oh...that's it?
Something powder....If I had a pharmacy, I could make it with 2 apples. So, I need your help! Could you go find it for me?!
What?! Whaaaaaat?

This is what counts as a shocking request? Really, Link?

Hm, it's an ingredient to make sweets, and it's called something powder? I'll go look for it.
Okay! Please!

Have you guessed the problem yet?

When I get married, I'm going to cook for my husband. But I still haven't found a guy better than my brother. It's a serious problem.

This...isn't the problem I was talking about, but it's also a problem.

So, you think a basic cooking ingredient might be bought at the general store, right? Well, not this one! The sweet powder(which is what Rusk was looking for, and should be obvious to anyone who's played a Rune Factory before) can't be bought in any of the town stores, so you have to unlock the Pharmacy to make it. The Pharmacy unlocks semi-early, but it'll still be a while before that happens.

So this request gets to sit on the board until that changes. Unforunately, this eats my bulletin board request for the day, so I'm only getting half as much done as usual.

The rest of the day is spent taking out my frustrations on innocent monsters.

And getting a lucky Onion Seed drop from an onion ghost. They're another spring crop, but one that hasn't been unlocked in the general store yet.

I also start grinding out cooking skill. Unforunately, you can only make one dish at a time, so this is a lot more tedious than it needs to be.

Especially since you have to sit through this stupid animation every single time. This is probably the biggest step back coming from RF4.

At least we got pickled turnips & skill boosts out of it.

Decent stats for the simplest dish we can make, and it sells for more than raw Pink Turnips. I'm going to be making a shitload of these offscreen from now on.

In the interest of this LP not taking 500 years, I'm going to try to do more than one day at a time now. It shouldn't be so bad now that most of the tutorializing crap is done & I don't need as much of the flavor text to establish the characters.

Fun fact: You can charge up before sowing seeds & cover a 9x9 plot(or as much of the plot as you can) in one go. I'm not sure if the game ever tells you this.

Sounds easy enough.

Aren't you here because of my letter?
Yeah, but...
Then let's go!
Aren't you at least going to tell me where we're going first?
Nope! Tee-hee. It's a surprise! But to start, we're going to head to Privera: Entrance! I'll give you more directions when we get there. Let's go!

I swear I didn't intentionally do this request on her birthday.

Mostly because I forgot it was today & was lucky I had a toyherb to give her.

Let's make a pit stop while we're here.

Those long antennae, all of those little legs...they're so creepy!
Wow! I've never seen you this afraid of anything.

I wonder if that extends to mantis shrimp? They're pretty rainbowy.

I wanted you to see this place. Just look at all of these flowers!

As tempted as I am to be an asshole, let's not.

It's...really wonderful..Thank you for bringing me here.

Although Link's doing a good job of sounding unenthusiastic anyway.

Really? I'm so glad that you like it! I like to come here sometimes and.give the flowers a little water. And...sometimes I talk to them too. What I'm feeling, whatever I'm thinking about...I tell them everything. I know they're just plants, and they.can't understand what I'm saying. But talking to them somehow makes me feel better anyway.
I'll bet these flowers are so pretty.because of you, Shara.
You've given them so much care and.attention. No wonder this field is full of beautiful flowers!
Thank you...That's very sweet of you to say. Well, I should go home.
I'll walk you there.
Oh, don't worry about it...We can save that for another date.
Ha ha...
Thank you for today. I'll see you soon.

I don't hate Shara, I just find her soulcrushingly boring. But maybe you readers will feel differently?


I don't wish to eat!
All right, then. I'll just be going--
That's why I bring me something to eat! Oh, but it must be something cooked or prepared!
Wait, what?! WANT to eat, then?
Which is it? Make up your mind!

Stop it with that stupid opposite-speak! No one ever knows what you want!
I don't understand.
Anyway, I apologize profusely. I'm sorry, Link. I'm sure you hate having to listen to my sister's babbling.
No, it's okay. So...what does she want me to do, exactly?
Well, when she says "no," she really means "yes."
That's simple enough. So I just need to bring you something cooked, Sofia?
You're an idiot. Of course that's not what I meant! So now that you know, hurry up and get it!
I don't think you needed to berate me like that! But I'll bring you what you, uh, "don't want."

One Pickled Turnip to the rescue!

Does this work for you?
Absolutely not! I'm utterly famished!
So...I guess I did a good job, then?
Here's a reward for your troubles!

I thank you profusely. Now I don't EVER want to see your loathsome face ever again!
THAT'S the thanks I get?!
Link! Think about it, you ninny. It's the opposite!
Oh, duh! Okay, see ya again soon!
If you ever come back, I'll beat you down with a.rusty hoe!
I really hope that's the.opposite-speak talking...

I love this fucked-up family.

Sofia, you don't have to speak in opposites AND be cruel at the same time!
I don't think I'll ever understand this family...

You're supposed to cook them before you eat them, Rusk.

Because I'm a bath!

>I like them too.

Ahhh! Oh, you're so forward!
What?! How?!

>Do you like me?

I think I do. Like baths just like you!

Another day of combat earns me the actually good spear skill.

It's not quite as devastating as the RF4 spear charge skill, but it'll do. Unfortunately, it eats up quite a bit of RP, and...

I'm going to be so fucked once Marjorie starts charging for treatment.