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Part 12: That's So Raven

That's So Raven

Music: Home

Let's see what Daria's up to today.

Oh no. I have to hurry again? Hey, when your request said that you needed your assistant, did you mean me?
You bet I did! Who else could I trust to help me get paints?
*sigh* I'm still not sure I'm your...
What am I going to do without paints? If I can't paint soon, I'll die!
That seems a little melodramatic.
I need Red Grass, Yellow Grass, and Orange Grass.
3 different kinds?
You're my assistant! Assistants don't complain, they get things done! Get those grasses before I die!
I'm still not so sure about this "assistant" business.

Guess what I have huge piles of in my backpack?

I can paint once again! I owe you my life.
No need to go that far.
Maybe I did overreact a little.
Anyway, here's your reward!
Thank you very much.
I'll have something else for you to do soon! Farewell, my dear assistant!

Bronze is the next tier of metal we can mine. Don't think too hard about how that works when bronze is an alloy.

Yep! You can eat them, and they'll replenish some of your RP. Everyone in town says that our flowers taste surprisingly good!

That's a thing I'll do basically never, since I don't grow flowers much & cooked food is superior most of the time.

Sure! Now anyone who loves fish will also love you.

Nothing better than smelling like fish all day, right? This is actually one of the more useful colognes - Carlos, Carmen, Pia, Sakuya, & Shino all like it.

Might as well get this out of the way while I have iron.

Oh, she already has iron. Well, I'll just be going th-


What? O-Okay. (It's unusual for her to ask for a favor like this.) Where's Gaius?
He needed more iron...
Ah, so he went to get some more iron?
Hm? What's wrong?
Oh, sorry!

Link walks off, but then...

Raven! Are you okay?!
I'm fine...
You're burning up! I think you have a fever!

Oh no, it's a terminal case of ellipses disease!

No, I'm fine...I was just near the forge earlier...
Raven, this is no joke! C'mon, let's head over to the apothecary!
Raven...Well, at the very least, you should lie down and try to get some rest!
I can't...
Why not?!
The store...
I need to watch over the store...
...! Raven!

She fainted...Let me take her to bed.

Man, she's so stubborn.

Ah, I guess I should check the prices of everything on sale. Let's see... Here's a list of the prices.

This might actually be hard to remember if I wasn't screenshotting everything.

Got it! Okay, let's go!

Traveler: Let's you have a Cheap Bracelet?
I-Indeed we do! Just one moment, please!...Here you go! That'll be...

Not getting the money for it, no interest in overcharging.

Traveler: All right, here's the money.
Thank you very much! Please come again!.......Whew... I guess I did that right...

Traveler: Hey, kid! Hurry up! I ain't got all day!

Sadly there's no option to overcharge the asshole.

Traveler:Thanks, kid! You look like a hard worker! I'll be back soon!
Th-Thank you very much! (Wow. Raven must not be much of a salesperson...)

Huh? What are you doing here...?
Oh, well, you see, I...
Uh...Never mind...
I'm kinda in a rush. (And I don't really care...)
I...I see.
Ah, there's my order. I've already paid.
Oh, you paid in advance...?
Yep. See you...
There she goes...Maybe I should have taken Raven to the apothecary. I guess she wouldn't have listened to me anyway, though...

Reminder that I am, in fact, cutting out about half the ellipses in the text.


N-No, it's actually ME, Gaius!
Yeah, I figured.
So, where's Raven, then?
She got a cold, so she's sleeping upstairs.
I see.
(Huh...Gaius doesn't seem too worried about Raven.)


I'm fine...
You're bright red, Raven.
I'm...fine... I'll do it...
Raven, no!
It's my job...
But...Gaius, help me out! Huh?

What are you doing, Gaius?
Closing the store.
There we go. All closed. Let's go to the apothecary now.
The store's closed, so there's no work to do. I'll go on ahead.
Let's go to the apothecary, Raven.

Use your words. You can do it.

What is it, Raven?
...Never mind...

*sigh*...Raven's so stubborn. But it looks like it worked out in the end.

Yes, we get booted out before we can collect the reward. Good thing it doesn't despawn. But since Pia's standing right there...

I don't like the rain!
You hate the rain?
I don't like the rain! I can't stand the rain rain rain!
Huh? You're just singing?!

Ooo. Silver is a tier above the bronze we got earlier, which is neat but also means we won't be using it for a while. (nevermind that we haven't even unlocked the forge yet)

Raven is up and healthy again, so let's talk to her! Who knew the apothecary invented the cure for the common cold?

When I looked outside to see what it was...
Huh? What's the matter?

And now to make the rounds.

But Carlos is probably going to get married some day...

I regret this decision.

In RF3, you waste the recipe bread if your skill is too low to learn anything new. Because that's good game design and not just frustrating.

Fishing contest coming up soon. Maybe I should actually train my fishing skill.

After this request, of course.

And this cologne.

Yes. I made this one for Gaius, but thought you'd like to try it.

Gaius & Raven like this scent. I'm just as surprised as you are.

Monica told me she wants a Cheap Bracelet. I'd buy it at the blacksmith's, but I don't want Shara finding out. She already says I spoil Monica. So I was hoping you could get one for me.
I see...
Can you do it?
Sure, no problem.
Excellent. Thank you.

Oh, that's boring.


Love is nice, isn't it?!

Sorry, no wooing Gaius.

I would never, EVER deign to wear Evelyn's designs, even if they were the last garments on earth! And when I told Evelyn how I truly felt, she ran out of the house, sobbing! Was it something I said?
I think that's a safe bet.

OK, I can understand Link having some weirdness with whether or not he gets the oppositespeak, since it's earlygame and who knows what the player's seen. But Evelyn's related to these people. She's the one that explained this shit last update! Why is she misunderstanding it?!

Pictured: The wrong way to get the bracelet to Monica. (Although it's a loved gift, so at least you get some good out of it)

The right way is giving it to Wells. I guess buying it himself isn't secret enough, but giving it to her himself is fine?

Hm, not bad. Sorry to ask you to do this, Link.
Hey, no problem.
Here, take some Chocolate Cake for your trouble.
Are you sure?
I actually don't like chocolate cake very much. So you're doing me another favor by taking it.
That's something I can always help you out with! I hope Monica likes the bracelet.
She'll be so excited when she sees it.

Why did Wells just have a slice of cake to give out? Don't ask, just eat.


Do I ever! I need you to bring me Squid!
Uh...I don't think squid and bathwater mix, Pia.
Says who?!
Says me! I've never heard of anyone bathing with squid!
That's what YOU think, dude! Just wait till you bring back the squid! You don't know what you're missin'!
I, uh...can't wait.
You don't hafta tell me! Who COULD wait for a squid bath?!

Squid are spring catches and found all over the fucking place, so let's get to it.

That doesn't mean you'll catch one quickly, mind you.

Collette just...falls over, sometimes. Don't ask.

Is anyone else invited to the party?
Of course! But the food's all MINE!

Dammit, I don't have all day here. Let's try switching up the location.

Outside the inn is actually a decent place to fish, since the fish are densely packed enough that it goes faster.

Reminder that this game is rated E for Everyone.

Uh...those are words I never thought I'd hear. But thanks!
Bad news, though!
What's the matter?
I just remembered something Sakuya told me! I told her I wanted to put squid ink in the baths, but she said it'd just stain people's skin!
I guess the world just isn't ready for my genius quite yet! But it's all good! I'll just gnaw on this Squid for din-din tonight!
Huh? Oh, that's right. You like to eat squid, don't you?
Yes! This one time, I heard a story called "The Squid and the Tuna." The tuna was just swimming along, minding its own business, when--KA-BLAAAM! A giant squid CHOMPED it down! So you see, squids are evil. I will eat them. I will eat them ALL.
I...see. Good luck with that.
Well, I'll take my revenge later tonight! Here's a token of my appreciation! And I hope you bring more squids to me. I will exterminate their evil, one by one.

Godspeed, Pia. I don't even want to know where you got an egg the size of Link.

But they're the perfect.form of BATH transportation!
Uh, do you even need to.navigate your way around a bath...?

So, we haven't actually seen Pia in the rain yet, so Link has no reason to know she turns into a mermaid when wet. Dialogue consistency.

I'm spoiling this now because I've had the worst damned luck with actually catching her in the rain, and there's no reason for this to remain a semi-mystery for this long.

Then the Sharance Tree--

>I don't know.

Heh...It seems my art is beyond your comprehension.

Yes. Totally.

Hey look, I made it to bed without fainting for once!