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Part 24: The Rose Prince

The Rose Prince

Music: Town (Day)

Micah's started producing Medium Fleece. The main differences from the small version are that it gives a slightly larger defense bonus when used to upgrade & you only need one to make a yarn ball instead of three. Exciting!

Raven, why are you in my house so early in the morning? Why are you even in my house at all? This is private property! And this is totally different from when I barge into everyone elses' house uninvited!

Never mind...

That's not an answer!

Better see what ninja mom wants. Hopefully Raven has fun creeping in Link's house while we're off doing errands.

Well, it's a little silly, but I was hoping you could prepare a dish for me.
A dish?
I usually ask Blaise to prepare meals for us, but he's been awfully busy lately. I think he needs a break.
Sure. I don't mind lending a hand.
Thank you so much. The tricky part is that I need a dish that both of my girls will love.
Gotcha. So I need to cook one dish that matches both of their tastes.
That's right. I wish I could be more specific, but I'm all out of ideas. Maybe you can get some inspiration by talking to them.

Now this is one you can probably figure out from random dialogue, but I'm going to do this the 'right' way anyway.

I swing by Yue since she's in town and I'm in the inn, and holy ow that's one expensive squid.

Oh! You chose poorly.
No, no, no! I meant the opposite!
Oh. Is that how it is? Well, it looks like you chose wisely, then.

Link: Grandmaster at shooting himself in the foot.

>Normal girls

Oh. That's too good.
Wait? So you didn't want me to answer in opposite-speak?
Why would you think that?! It's not like the question was confusing or anything!

It's time for some answers, Pia.

Uh...That's not exactly what I meant.

>What does Sakuya like?

Baths! And she likes eating sashimi in the bath! Especially tasty, tasty squid sashimi!

>What do I like?

Baths! No question about it!
N-Now that I think about it...

To be fair to Pia, baths are pretty good in this game.

Nations have fought WARS over potatoes?!

This message brought to you by the national potato council of whatever country this is.

What? What do I like? I looooove sashimi!

>What does Pia like?

Pia likes any kind of squid. She's a real fanatic for it!

So yes, the obvious solution here is making squid sashimi. The squid part was easy to figure out without anyone telling us, and Sakuya likes going on about Sashimi during fishing contests, but this dialogue's here just in case you're a weird recluse who only interacts with townspeople during quests.

>What do I like?

Huh? Did you hit your head and lose your memory again?

Or if you hit your head and forgot.

Thankfully Squid are easy to catch in town any time of year.

Shino has a bit more to say if we talk to her before handing over the sashimi.

Yes, thank you for doing this.

>Sofia and Evelyn

Close. As in not even.

>Wells and Marjorie

Link, how old do you think I am?
I-I'm sorry.

Quick, hand over the sashimi before she murders us!

You really must understand both of my girls well.
You think so?
Well, here's your reward. And thanks again.
Any time!

Ooo. Greenifier increases the level of seeds a crop produces from using the sickle/randomly getting a seed drop on harvest. And higher levels mean more money & better dishes, so that's a Very Good Thing.

Carmen gets some sashimi from the not-squid I fished up, and...

Since you gave me this, I need to tell you something!
I love Seafood Doria only slightly less than I love my brother. There, I said it! So, keep that in mind next time!

One thing I've noticed in bachelorette chat is that nobody really brings up Shara, for good or for ill.

I'm proud of you all, but I do feel obligated to do her quests still. Besides, this one leads to Monica actually being a character instead of a "I hate you, I'm gonna bite you!" dispenser.

It's about Monica...I'm sure you've noticed, but she's very shy around people. That's why she's always talking about biting them. That might be okay now, but I'm worried that she won't grow out of it. So I was hoping that you might be able to give me some advice.

In any other game, that wouldn't be a serious long term worry. In RF3, Shara has every reason to be concerned that Monica will become "that villager with the biting gimmick".

Hmmm. That's a tough one...what's something that Monica likes?
Something she likes? Well, she likes anything that has to do with accessories.
Hm...I can't see how that'll help us.

Oh, wait...
Did you think of something else?
She had a favorite fairytale when she was younger.
Really? What was it?
Well, it was called "The Rose Prince" One day, a handsome prince saw a very beautiful girl in the forest. He could see that she was terribly lost, and wanted to help. But he didn't want her to see him. She would recognize him as the prince, and fall all over him just like all the other girls in the kingdom. He had a 100-rose bouquet with him, though. It was a gift that he was supposed to give to a princess he'd been arranged to marry. So the prince took his bouquet apart rose by rose and left a trail of roses for the girl to follow to safety. But the girl was faster than the prince expected. She caught him as he was laying down the last rose at the end of the forest. She loved him, but not just because he was a prince. She loved him for the kindness of his gesture. And the prince knew he'd found his princess.

Although now she's too shy to read it anymore.
Heh. That's cute.
That's it! Link! Don't you think that Monica might have an easy time talking to "The Rose Prince"?
Uh, I guess so?
He's someone who she's always admired. I'm sure "The Rose Prince" could open up her heart!
But how can she talk to a character from a fairytale?
Isn't it obvious? You'll become him!
Huh?! I-I'm supposed to become "The Rose Prince"?!
You said that you would help, didn't you?
I did, but...
It's fine if you can't...
...L-Let's do it! Anything if it'll help her stop biting me!
That's the spirit! I'll go talk to her in a little bit. I'll have her send you a letter soon.
Okay. I'll check my mailbox.
I really hope you can help Monica.
I'm "The Rose Prince"! She's in good hands.
Tee-hee. Thank you very much, Rose Prince.

Well this sounds insanely adorable, even if Link leaned a bit too hard on the "wait, can you spell out the obvious thing we'll do " and "I dunno if I want to do the quest I accepted..." bits.

But since today's mailbox quest is spoken for, it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Most of the day is spent fishing instead. Summer has a good variety of fish, including that insanely pricey squid Yui was selling.

I also do a bit of wood chopping and show off the axe charge. Link does an insane jump that somehow chops a row of three things at once. It's not super useful compared to later ones that do entire squares, but it'll do for now.

Wait, I never said anything CLOSE to that!
Will! Get back here, you idiot! Uh, Will must have accidentally gotten into the wine supply! He's clearly talking crazy!
Y-Yeah, that must be it!

That's nice and all, but shut up while I shove these mugs of hot chocolate in your face.

Kuruna loves cooked chocolate dishes(regular old bars of chocolates are just a liked item instead of a loved one), and Hot Chocolate is the easiest one to make en masse. Put one chocolate in the pot. Done. That's definitely how hot chocolate works.

New day, time to do Monica's quest.

And to remember Pia's birthday. She gets a squid sashimi.

I can't believe I get to eat Squid on my birthday. How ex-squid-zit!

Yes, the game actually highlighted 'ex-squid-zit'.

She's waiting for you in the plaza. Please hand her this 100-Rose Bouquet
Wow. We're really going for authenticity, huh?
How do you expect to play the part of the prince without it?
Ha ha...
I'm leaving Monica in your hands.

Music: Contest

I'm only here because Shara begged me. Don't embarrass me! RRRAAAARRRR! *BITE!*
Ow, hey! Calm down, Monica! I thought we could spend some time together today.
What are you talking about?! Quit being weird or I'll bite you again!
I gave you those roses because it's only for today, but I'll be your Rose Prince. So...Please calm down, Princess Monica.

Wherever you want to go, I'll be there to make sure you get back safely.

I wanna go to Vale:Icy Rosebush.
Very well. Let us depart, Princess Monica.
S-Stop calling me princess!

For some weird reason the literal child isn't any good in combat. You actually can drag her along as a party member outside this quest, but I'm not sure why you'd want to.

Music: Vale River

I can see my breath!

What is it?
Would you like to go anywhere else?
Yeah, you'll be safe with me.
Yay! Yeah!
Well, let's go to Oddward: Rainbow Falls next.

Look! Oh...
Yeah. It's beautiful, isn't it?
Hm? What's the matter?
It's nothing! Let's move on!!
Okay. Let's go to...Privera: Flower Field.

On the way over...

I don't have the power to grant you that. What name were you thinking of?
Well, I was going to name it Daria's Rainbow Garden!
Please don't make it your own.

I think Daria might have a heart attack if we took her to the rainbow screen in Oddward Valley.

I help her take care of the flowers.
Really? You do a great job.

Ah! Hey! L-Let's keep going!
We should go to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes. I want to wait until 7PM to go. Is that okay with you, Monica?
I need to tell Shara if I'm gonna be late.
Oh, don't worry. She said I'm watching out for you today.
Really? Then it's OK!
Yeah! Let's go!

We have to wait because the whole draw of the desert area is the nighttime stars.

While wasting time, I remember there's a few villagers whose beds I haven't tried to sleep in yet. Karina is less than amused.

I also power up my shiny new sword.

And engage in some thrilling soil inspection action.

I'm not super sure about the soil mechanics in RF3, but if it's anything like RF4 then one of the penalities for poor soil is slower-growing crops. Which is bad, since we need them to fuel the cooking/gifting/crop levelling machine.

Monica doesn't automatically notify you when it's past 7, but she'll whine about it if you talk to her.

Look at all the stars!

Yes! It's wonderful!
Good. Monica, can I ask you something?
What is it?
Why don't you let people talk to you?
You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I just thought you might want to talk about it.
It's just...I...When people talk to me, I get really nervous. And then I get mad at them for making me nervous and uncomfortable! And then I bite them!
I see.
I...I know I shouldn't do that.
Well, when you explain it like that, maybe it's not so bad.
Oh, I mean, you definitely shouldn't bite people. But it's good to hear that you know it's wrong.
As long as you try to overcome your fear of talking to people, I know you'll get there eventually.
...You really are like the Rose Prince!
Y-You think so?
Yes. I think I can talk to you.
Thanks. Well, shall I walk you home?

Yes! Very much!
I'm glad.
Hey, Link...

Monica races in for the kiss. Kids, amirite?

See ya.

The real reward is that Monica will give actual dialogue now instead of repeatedly saying how much she hates us.

Next is Carmen, who has apparently confused the bulletin board with OKCupid.

Okay. Yeah, I don't have anything to do.
I see. Then let's go on a date!
What?! Date?! You're pretty direct, Carmen.

Link, do you just not read these requests before accepting them?

Well, the magazine I always read had a feature. Said that mountain stream fishing is all the rage! So let's go! It'll be fun.
Oh, you just want me to go fishing. My heart skipped a beat for a second.
Ha ha. But I can't tell Carlos about it. So it's our secret! Well, off we go! Let's go to Oddward: Archway!

Nothing weird about going on a fishing non-date at 8pm. Nope.

Her weapon is a fishing pole. Yes, you can actually use fishing poles as weapons.

Music: Pinch

Hey, you two! Taking a trip alone, you got some guts.
Ah, Carlos! You were listening?
I'll never let you date as long as I live! You can fish at our resort!

Getting a little creepy there, bro.

Music: Home 2


It's a good size.
Wow, Carmen. You're good at this.
I know! I'm lucky today.
I'm having no luck. It brings me down.
Don't worry. Just fishing with you is fun for me.
Yeah, me too. I was being selfish.
Don't worry. You'll catch something. It's all you can fish.
Okay. I'll be patient.

Indeterminate amount of time later...

Let's eat. I'm getting hungry. Made by me. Here! Go ahead.
Oh, just a minute. I'll put the fishing rod down.
Don't worry. Now say 'ah'.
Ahhh. (Yum.)'s good.
Heh heh. I'm glad I woke up early and made it! It was hard to prepare without making noise!

Yes, Link is in fact the densest motherfucker on the planet.

Huh? Is that a fish biting?
Oh! You got one! Pull it up!
O-Okay! It's pretty big. The rod might break...
Don't force it! I'll help you!

That was a strong fish. I wonder if it was the King Fish.
You think so?! Wow! The King Fish was just on our line! That's amazing!!!
Oh! Ouch!
Are you OK?
I'll be fine! I twisted my ankle. It kinda hurts. Heh heh.
Don't worry. Use my shoulder.

What's wrong, Carmen? Are you hurt? What did you do to her? You better answer me!
I'm sorry, Carlos. I think Carmen got hurt because of me.
No, stop! I was helping him catch a large fish. Then the line.broke, and I fell to the ground! You're so hot-headed!
...! Sorry about that. I get crazy about my little sister, you know? You were helping her and I yelled at you. Sorry.
Silly guy...I'm glad you're worried, but you need to trust us. *mumble mumble*
...Let's go home now. Today was fun. Thanks.
I had fun too. Take care of your foot.

Our prize is absolutely nothing!

Bonus Art:
Raven and Carmen are the last ones. The non-bachelorette & non-Univir Settlement folks aren't important enough to get official art. Sorry!