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Part 26: I'm Not Lion

I'm Not Lion

Music: Town (Day)

Grass colors are seasonal. Summer brings Green Grass(which I confuse with antidote grass. A lot.), indigo grass, and purple grass(which looks very similar to indigo grass) with it.

Why are the fields such a mess all of a sudden? Well...

Summer also brings typhoons with it. They'll cause a ton of shit to spawn in your fields, and can delete crops at any stage of growth.

This effect also applies to dungeon fields(except the cave field from the fall dungeon).

Have fun doing all your planting en masse so you get something out of it once nature is done ruining your day.

Enough whining, though. Sofia needs us!

I've never felt so content!

I see! So, what happened?
I saw some food on the table, so I gulped it down without thinking!'S FOOD!
...Uh, gotcha. Well, what's the big deal? Just apologize to him. He'll understand.
Hilarious? Hilarious how?
Hilarious! You know, like ghosts! Zombies! Marian!
Ah, I understand. Especially after you mentioned that last part.
Anyway, I ate a gourmet soup prepared by a three-star chef!
Well, we've got one right here in town. I'll just ask Blaise to whip up some more.
No. I need to give the three-star chef some birds before he can make another batch. Specifically...he needs bird saliva.
That's an...interesting ingredient.

Labeling text boxes correctly is easy.

Could you catch 3 birds by 11AM?
Hmm, by 11AM? I'm not sure I can.
Why do you think I told you to take your time?!
I'll, what I can, then.
You better! If you catch a bird, just give it to me. I'll send them all to the chef together.
Oh, if you run quickly by holding down R, you can catch the birds more easily!

True to her word, you can walk by holding down R and this lets you pick up birds without scaring them away.

Sadly they can't go into your inventory, so you have to carry them back one at a time.

If you're bored you can also pick up birds and throw them at things. Not that I've ever done that.

You're welcome!
Oh, and a token of my appreciation! I'll never ask you for help again EVER! Hope to work together again soon!
No sweat! Looking forward to it! ...Wow, can't belive it doesn't even faze me now. It's almost like I'm bilingual!

Our prize is cheese. And I'm not fast enough to catch her post-quest dialogue snippet, but she has something more interesting to say in her daily dialogue anyway.

Evelyn's clothes to the rescue!
I don't think that's the solution...

>Uh, I guess.

You fail! In fact, you fail so hard that I might even go out on a date with you!
Wait, how much of that was opposite-speak?


Today! Find me! A ring! For my bronze statue!
It's hard for me to understand when you break up your speech.
Basically! I want a ring! A riiiiiiiiiing!
O-Okay. Well, could you show me this bronze statue?
What...? Oh...well...I haven't finished it, yet...
Is that right? Then what kind of ring do I need to bring?
Well...then...I want a Ruby Ring...
Why are you getting all red?
J-Just bring it to me! Now go! My assistant!

Lucky for her I have exactly one ruby on hand to make a ring with.

The recipe for a Ruby Ring is one ruby. Don't ask where the ring comes from.

By the way, what about the bronze statue?
Oh...Umm...I broke it.
You broke it?!
With my bare-hands.
Your bare-hands?!
Really?! Artists break work they don't like! I blew it up!
Is that right?

She's blushing like this for the next line too.

So I guess, I'll have to keep this myself! Yes! That's it! That's for the best!
Well...that's fine.
So, that's the case. Here, this is for you.
Ah...thank you.
(A ring that Link made!)

Looks like Daria's a Pokemon fan.

What was that ridiculous remark?
You're one to talk.
Ha got me.

>What do you mean?

Please pick the top option, next time.

Daria is not a fan of the fourth wall, though.

I go to check on the small patches of crops I had growing in dungeons, but they both got murdered by a typhoon. Oh well!

Music: Monster Village

What do you mean "really are"?
No, I mean, you are a wooly at first glance. You just did not seem very strong.

I'd call her racist, but a)we knew that already, and b)to be fair, woolies are hilariously bad at combat. I suppose this would be a very different game if our monster form wasn't something easily seen as nonthreatening.

Kuruna also has a request today, so let's get to it.

And you want...?
Yeah, I'll get to that...I want...
Yes? Go ahead and spit it out!
I want...

Music: Alchemy

What's wrong?
I just didn't expect you to...yell.
You told me to spit it out!
Ah, that I did. My fault.
Anyway, you heard what I said. We shall not speak of it again, comrade. You know your mission.
Yep. I'll see what I can do for you. I should be able to find you some "Hornless food."
Ahem! I told you to not speak of it again!
Oh, right. But yeah, I think I know where to track some down for you!
Yeah. Hornless food isn't hard to find if you know where to look!
Good to know! So...this must remain absolutely confidential, you realize?
Of course! None in the settlement shall be the wiser!

Uh, what?
Ahem! Sorry. Lost myself for a minute there. looking for anything in particular?
Yeah, I tried this once and am REALLY craving it today for some reason! Let's see. Where could it be...? There it is!

...Gimme some Roasted Yam!
No problem!
Like, soon-ish!
What's the big hurry?
I need it THIS SECOND!
I'll get right on that for you, then!

As you might expect, Roasted Yam requires a yam to cook.

I don't have any yams on me and they'll take a couple days to grow in Oddward Valley(they're a fall crop). Sorry, Kuruna! We'll round out the day with some random dialogue instead.

This reeeeeeeally tiny Marian was trying to get me to take medicine. But she just couldn't get that it wasn't going to work, so I lectured her. "Marian, you shouldn't bother people. Listen to your big sister."
Ha ha. I guess you have the upper hand in your dreams.
Well then, Marian suddenly became a giant and picked me up.
"Come on, it's just tea!" So I said okay and drank it, and I shrunk smaller and smaller! "Huh? That wasn't supposed to happen. Let's try it again!" I mean, why did that happen?! I'm the older one here!
So she still gets you, even in your dreams.

Keep telling yourself that, buddy.

Also I upgrade the fridge capacity, because I'm constantly running out of space.

Hoard fewer items? Why would I do that?

Yue actually has a variety of dialogue she goes through before selling you stuff. I assume this is a RF2 reference.

(She had nothing interesting for sale)

For optimal min-maxing, I'd equip this scarf before crafting or mining. I'm too lazy to actually do that every time, and RF3 is generous enough with RP that it's usually not a big deal, but it's nice to have stuff like this around just in case.

Shara's trying to teach me how to bake. But the last cake I made was such a disaster.
Is that right?
Shara can make one fine, so why can't I?

I see. I guess I've just got to keep trying. I'm not gonna give up!

>From recipe breads.

Hey, that sounds a lot easier! I should do that.

She's got a point. In a world where you can learn to cook everything by eating bread, why even learn to cook the normal way?

>Blaise taught me.

You learned from a cook?! Well, Shara's probably as good as Blaise. I guess I'll learn from her eventually.

Yam seeds acquired, on sale too.

I didn't have to plant so many, but hey, why not?

Glamour shot of Link's new fridge.

First round of eggplants comes in the next day.

(Personal grooming and fashion seem really important to Sofia. Maybe I should start up...)
Hey, Sofia. How do you feel about me?
This is out of nowhere! Hmm... What's the best way to put this?

Sofia gets pretty fantastic as she starts falling for you.

Link really has no self-preservation instinct if he'd consider a quest from Marian. Let's do this!

Music: Home

I made some new medicine today.
Again? So, what's the medicine this time?
Well, before I tell you, how about some tea?
Oh, thank you.

No. Self-preservation. Instinct.

And so, what's the medicine?
It's a "growth serum". There's someone perfect to test it on.
Now, Link! Go find that evasive Collette and bring her here!

Wait, my body's moving on its own...?

You just drank my medicine. Now go bring Collette here!

Link?! Why are you here?!
I've been looking for you. Red Riding Hood. ☆
That strange way of talking! Is it Marian's special mystery drug?!
I'm sorry, Collette. Please, come with me for my Marian.
Mercy! Mercy...!
No. ☆

Alright! Gotcha!
Marian! Forcing medicine on someone isn't taking care of them!
Good medicine is bitter. Sacrifice yourself for science!
I don't want to!
I see. Try some tea then.
Oh, thanks.

No. Self-preservation. Instinct.

For you too, Link.
Thanks. ☆

Experiment is working...
I wanted to try out my gender change medicine. I want to see the other you, Link!
When did you...wait a minute...the tea?!
It's too late now! Come over here. I'll take care of you.
I'm the older one here!
That's not...
My body won't move!
I used some paralyzers.
More medicine?!
I don't believe it! It must have been the tea...Why don't those things fail like the others?!
It's just luck.
O-Oh, is that so? Let's focus on the issue.

I feel like this has happened before.
I dunno how many times.
You're both awake.
They woke up?!

Oh...I'm sorry. I overdid it again.
You're always overdoing it.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm not skilled enough. But next time!
I'm going to make a cure-all!
Wasn't it a growing medicine?
Oh. Anyway, Here's this for today. Sorry again. Just wait! Next time...!

What'll it take to get this girl declared a menace to the public and locked away for our safety?

I hope the apothecary doesn't get shut down before that.
You're walking a thin line, aren't you?

That doesn't fucking matter! She's a menace!

How can you be so forgiving?
...I think it's admiration.

Let's get away from these lunatics and go to different lunatics.

You'd look good in that flowing clothing.

Hm? Well...(I guess it's OK.)

Karina is about as useful in combat as you'd expect. She can use a bit of magic, but she's not exactly aggressive about using it.

What's this shit, then?

Oh. You can tell they really couldn't figure out a graceful way to write around this boss, since there's no natural plot points guiding you towards it other than a stream of seemingly random 'oh by the way this lion monster did shit' events.

Really?! Please tell me more!
Well, I was just fishing down by the falls. I got hungry, so I got my lunch out, and it came out of nowhere. It was so fast. And its claws and giant teeth...Man! It was scary! I just got out of there as fast as I could.
So it's down there?!
I'm not sure. I went to check on my fishing rod, and it wasn't there any more. Looks like it took my Salted Char, too. That's too bad.
(Blaise said it got his Salted char too. Maybe I can use it to lure it out. I'll get some ready before I go.) Thank you.
You're welcome. Good luck taking out that monster, Link!

A char.

A frying pan.

A plan.

I'm trapped!

Not very hard. Karina even gets a levelup out of it.

Oh no!

They fall to the strategy of "hit them until they die."

I'm sure Karina will be very helpful in this fight and not die instantly.

There he is!

So this is the monster that attacked Blaise and Collette! You'll pay for that!

Ruh roh.

Yup. It's a duo boss.

Wait, another one?! Which one attacked the diner?!

Guess it doesn't matter! They're both about ready to make me their meal!

Music: VS Amaranthine and Crimsone

The basic gimmick here is that the red one(Crimsone) is a physical attacker, and the blue one(Amaranthine) is a mage.

And...that's really the entire gimmick. Amaranthine spams that cyclone spell a lot and Crimsone goes pretty fast, but their attack patterns are nothing noteworthy.

Red one down. Purple one gains a damaging roar at some point but is still nothing to write home about. This is honestly just kind of a filler boss.

And down goes the other one.

Way to ruin the mood.

(Villagers will automatically go home at 9PM. I'm assuming Karina stayed later because I dragged her into a boss fight.)

I'm lucky enough to get both lions' drops. Their effects reflect their gimmicks.

Music: Mystery

What memory will I get back this time? Where was I before? Why did I come here? What are these orbs to begin with...I hope it all becomes clear, but...

???: ...
???: Five monsters fled to this town. Will you go after them, Link?
Past-Link: Five of them?! Okay...!
???: We're counting on you.
???: ...
Past-Link: *pant pant* Where are they? !! Found you! Stop!!...

I was chasing after them. Raccoon from Privera Forest. Skelefang, the monster that attacked the desert settlement. Crimsone, Amaranthine. The monsters here that took Sakuya's and Blaise's lunches. And one more...
It's no good. I can't remember the last one.
...! But...I have to go! He's dangerous. I can't rest knowing that he's out there! And that's my only lead to get my memories!

So each monster Link was chasing was one of the bosses from the dungeons. No prizes for guessing where the last one shows up.

But there's no hurry, so let's go to bed.