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Part 29: Rainbow Tour

Rainbow Tour

Music: Summer

Crops: Surprisingly intact. For now.

Indeed. It was decreed by my ancestors, comrade.
So...if you could've chosen a career, what do you think you would've done?
That's easy. I'd own a cake shop!
You can't eat your inventory, you know.
Hmm...You've got a point. I might have to reconsider, then.

I'm not sure what's stopping Kuruna from owning a cake chop and settlement elder-ing, what with her being in charge of a whopping two other people and all.

Alright, Shara time.

Not-really-random aside: I know I've been stalling on putting up a marriage poll, but that's because all these bachelorette quests are their heart events. You have to finish a girl's quest chain(which sometimes includes doing quests from a different character, in this case doing some of Monica's quests to advance Shara's questline) to marry her. You also have to get further in the main plot that I am right now before marriage is an option, so there's no real point in voting now.

She's still just a child, but she seems a little more grown up. Oh, and she wouldn't stop talking about you. She's "Link did this," and "Link likes that." So much so that it almost made me jealous.
Aw, shucks.
Really, I couldn't have imagined seeing her like this at all. Really, thank you so much.
Oh, no, I couldn't have done it without your help. You're giving me too much credit.
I'm glad to hear you say that. And now, I have a gift for you.
Oh, I don't need anything.
But it's not here.
I gave it to Monica to hold. Why don't you go see her, Prince?
Th-That again...?

Yup!! I baked it with Shara.
That's great. I can cook, too.
Heh heh. But Shara's better, so I'm going to have her teach me lots! I'll let you have some of my next batch!
Okay, thanks.

Surprise. The reward is cake.

Wow. I want one.
Heh heh. But you can't have it.


Also what item she found is randomly generated each time she shows it. Where the hell is she wandering?


Later dungeon=higher tier gems. That's all you really need to remember.

But my sister's room is off limits. Got it? Bro'.
Ha ha ha...
I'm always here if you need to talk. But our walls are thin. Ha ha ha!

Thanks, Carlos.

Is that a compliment?
...The greatest.

I'm pretty sure Gaius' crush on Evelyn is the entire reason she's not a marriage candidate. Link could never bring himself to be that much of a monster.

Oh shit, are we finally going to make him eat his goddamned vegetables? I'm in.

The minimap spoils the fact that he's up in this tree after starting the quest. Hmm.


Music: Home

You know how Rusk doesn't like vegetables, right? He pretty much only eats pastries!
Well, everyone has different tastes. What's so wrong with that?

He's going to die of various vitamin deficiencies?

He's a vegicist! We need to fix that! So I made him a scrum-diddly-umptious veggie surprise, but now there's a problem!
What? He didn't like it?
No! I can't even find him to force the veggie surprise down his throat!
Well, I think that's on you! You did post the request on the bulletin board for all to see!
Find that vegicist! Drag his hide back here so I can administer legumic justice!
I'm not sure Rusk is gonna like this too much...but you asked so nicely, so I'll do it for you!

Still more ethical than Marian's requests.

Nah, I'm his doppelganger.
Sure you are, buddy. Hey, Collette's looking for you?
Is that so? News to me.
But she went out of her way to cook something for you? Could you try it? Even just one bite?
Lemme think about it. I'm full.
(It's no use. I should tell Collette he's being stubborn.)

Yes. He said he was full.
*sigh* It was no use? Sorry, Link.
It's okay. (...I'll go see him one more time!)

Dammit Rusk.

Listen, Rusk. This isn't for me. I don't care if you don't like vegetables or not. But it would really make Collette feel good if you'd try out her veggie surprise.
Hmm... Your suggestion will be taken under advisement. Weighing the pros and cons...fine, I'll do it. I hope Collette's happy.
Really?! Awesome!
But just one bite. No more.
That's good enough! Collette's gonna go nuts!

Rusk ate the whole thing! How did you do it?!
What, really?!
I'm so happy. Thank you so much!
Collette...Rusk didn't eat it all because of me.
Rusk said he'd have "one bite". Either he ate the whole thing because he loves you or your cooking was really good. I'm not sure which.
I see. Maybe I pushed him too hard.
Thank you, Link. I learned something important today. Here, this is for everything. Take it. Link, thank you for today. I'll post something again sometime.

Remember kids, eat your vegetables or else you'll be a soulcrushing disappointment to everyone around you! But don't try to force other people to eat vegetables, that would be just be rude.

A more than acceptable reward. Note that this applies to level-up xp only, not skill xp. only kinda useful, since your equipment does a lot more for your stats than your level does. But hey, every little bit helps.

That's correct! I need to question your tastes now...

>They're a little...different.

Poppycock! Evelyn's fashions are impeccable! But she's so indifferent! She should really have her own fashion week!
You don't need to cover for Evelyn like that, Sofia.
Ahem! What are you accusing me of?!

This is a star pendant. It menaces with spikes of iron. (And whatever other stuff I stapled to it so it'd be better than my current accessory)

I also make a hammer while I'm crafting. I might as well level multiple weapon skills when I have the time.

The rest of the day is spent fishing...

...and getting surprisingly goot loot by dungeoneering. Or it would be if I cast spells more than once in a blue moon. Oh well, free stat point is free stat point.

The next day:

I should probably be fishing more regularly instead of cramming in long days of fishing before contests.

But for now, Daria.

Well, I haven't really been waiting too long.
No, I didn't think so. And who are you introducing me to?
Heh heh heh...I name it...The Daria Rainbow Tour!
What? What is that?
Link, you need more art education. That's why I will show you around my art pieces in Privera Forest!
You were talking about them?! No, thanks...I don't want people to think I'm an accomplice.
Accomplice? What? Anyway, don't be so modest! Now come, my assistant!

Link's already been an accomplice to worse things than art. What's the worst that could happen?

Talking to Daria again lets you know how many stops are left on the art tour. Handy, since it's easy to miss a few and wonder why the quest isn't ending.

Music: Privera Forest

Did she forget or something?

The stuff immediately outside her own house counts, by the way. Even this does, iirc. (It's a nondescript statue conveniently blocked by the text box, in case you're wondering)

It's an expression of ennui. Heh heh heh.
I don't see anything.

The stuff inside her house doesn't count, but some of her reactions are pretty good.

Not usually, anyway.
Not usually?!

This chest is filled with some of her favorite foods. There was actually a miso eggplant in there too, but I found that many, many updates ago and forgot there was more in here.


I give one of the dishes back to her for easy affection points. Because that's definitely how things would realistically work.

But enough fooling around - back to the tour!

You're asking me?

You think?!

I think that might be important.

It was just a normal pole, which was boring. So I chiseled faces and flowers into it!
Now it's so cute.

Th-thank you...

Yes, that bridge she built way back when counts as one of the art installation.

One of the treasure chests I find while running around has this in it. I'd complain about the game putting a damper on the need to forge, but hey, free higher-tier weapons.

The tour won't go on if Daria's knocked out, by the way. She's not that dedicated.

It's getting late and I'm still missing one. Unfortunately Daria won't tell you where any of them are, so I have to search the hard way.

I eventually find it and Daria promptly blocks the view of it with her dialogue portrait.

The other is "Sunset Nako". It represents...something about this world.
You're leaving something out.

And you have to talk to Daria before she'll realize the quest is done.'s finally over.
What do you think? Did you learn a lot?
Oh, yes. V-Very much...
Very good! Well, I'll show you when I make a new one!
I-I see.
Here, this is your bodyguard fee. Bye then.
(I just...don't get art.)

I started this quest at 9:48 am. Maybe I should have used a guide to find the art quicker?


I decide to get that second cluckadoodle, but quickly realize it doesn't react at all when I try to bribe it into slavery a fair labor agreement where I take its daily produce for free, control where it goes and what it does, and have the option of killing it sending it back to the forest of beginnings if I get bored with it.

It won't join because my barn's full. Oops. At least it left a medium egg behind when I rage-killed it?

I guess I'll have to fix that problem tomorrow. Or not tomorrow. Eventually.