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Part 30: Something Fishy

Something Fishy

Music: Festival

Fishing contest today! Also I put Link back in normal clothes. Blue clothes, but normal clothes.

But how about I take them to Blaise right before I do that? I mean, you know. Blaise really knows how to handle fish.
Is that...?

So she went to ask Blaise.
I see.

Stay innocent, Pia.

tl;dr of contest rules: Register at 9, get back to Wells between 5 and 6pm, fish like mad between then.

As you fish, the game will automatically note when you break your previous size record. Thank god.

It'll also go "haha wasted effort" when you don't.

If you want to cheese this, go fish in Oddward Valley. Several fall fish are 100cm at their smallest.

By the time I caught this salmon it was 4pm-ish, so time to get back to town.

Oh, um, this is...Not that.
So you really want to make them sad?
She tricked her...

Apparently I could have just stopped after that first fish, but oh well. I need to fish more anyway.

Who knew Daria was a sore loser?

Instead of a proper quest, let's go grab some free food.

Oh, are you sure? Is it okay that I take some?
Yes. It would actually be a big help.
Thank you then. I'd be glad to take some.

...that's not even edible.

Music: Monster Settlement

Wait, you mean...Zaid actually cooks?!
Of course he does!
And you guys don't mind eating his food?
No, he's actually a skilled chef!
I can't imagine Zaid even picking up a fork and knife!
Well, you're actually right. He only cooks with his hands!

They must be so sick of pickled turnips.

The yams finally grew, so I can finish that request.

Whoa, there! Settle down!
Oops! Forgot to thank you!
You sacrificed yourself to save me. And now you would venture into the vile Hornless' lair to get this for me!
Oh, it's no big deal.
No, it's a very big deal, in fact. You are truly my comrade-in-arms. Please accept this gift as my deepest gratitude.
Thanks! I'm always glad to be of help. So, did you actually get introduced to Hornless food?
Oh, uh...never you mind that! It's not important. And the Hornless are still evil.
Okay. You know, you're kinda cute when you crave Hornless food, though.
I do?!
Uh, I mean, don't joke around about the Hornless! They are no laughing matter!
Sorry about that.
Anyway, Hornless food is separate from the Hornless. I mean, I'm basically using the Hornless' own food to fight against them!
Yeah, I guess you could look at it that way. Well, let me know if you need seconds!
I will. Thank you so much, comrade.
You know, if you're using the Hornless' food, aren't they your "comrades" as well?
No! Never! The Hornless are evil! They have no redeeming qualities! ...Except their food.

She's tearin' through that just like Collette would...

Our prize is cooking bread+. Like regular cooking bread, only you magically get multiple recipes instead of magically getting one.

Speaking of cooking, mashing milk and yellow grass together in a blender is definitely how cheese is made irl, right?

The next day...

Fulfilling a promise Link made that I don't actually remember.

But dialogue options make it obvious anyway.

Yep! You promised we'd go somewhere when I felt better!
So, where do you want to go?
Well, how about Oddward:Cavern Pond? I like baths, but I like cold water, too!
What?! Pia, I thought you hated the rain!
You're loco in your coco! I don't HATE the rain!
Sure coulda fooled me.
No, it's just hard to walk around in the rain as a mermaid. But I don't hate it. In fact, I love water! It feels so good, and it's SO pretty!
Stop looking at me like I'm nutso!
No, I'm just surprised! Let's head out to Oddward:Cavern Pond, then.

The pond is in an easy-to-miss room right by the cave field.

...and the event takes place in a chunk of land inaccessable by foot. I guess Link can only swim off-camera.

See?! It is! But don'tcha think it's weird-ish?
What do you mean?
When I was in the sea, I was always looking up. Everyone looks down at the water, but I was looking up at the lights. But now, I'm the one looking down at the water. And it's crowbar-across-the-face beautiful!
That's an, uh, interesting way of putting it. But I agree, Pia.

So, you came all the way out here just for me?
Of course!
I like you. A lot. A LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT! Like, white-hot-comet-in-the-sky like!
Uh, could you translate?
About as much as I like Sakuya and Shino! And as much as I like baths!
Ah. That means a lot, then!
Rain's a hassle, but I don't hate it. I hate squid, but I love how they taste!
What are you getting at?
It's never "either or" with me! I'm always somewhere in the middle! Are you sure you can handle that?

Why are you so nonchalalanla--uh, laid back about it?
Because I'm just like you, Pia.
You're...a mermaid?

I'm half-monster. So I'm neither completely human nor totally monster.

That is what words mean, yes.

Are you scared, Pia?
I'm terrified!
I knew it.

Music: Comedy

I'm terrified of what'll happen if I don't HUG you!
Uh, wait! You'll crush me!

At least...I can...die...happy. Relatively.
You deserve to get squeezed HARDER! *SMOOSH*
Pia's...hugs...are true...weapons...of war...

Sorry about that?
Really sorry?
It's okay, Shino. She didn't mean it
Well, if you say so, Link...
(By the way, Pia. Keep our little conversation a secret!)
Sure! You were so CUTE!
Uh, what did I just TELL you not to discuss?!
What are you two talking about?
Curious! Tell me: What were you two doing alone together...?
Just...hangin' out!
Link's thing was SO cute!

Music: Pinch

Goddammit Pia. I guess we're gonna die now.

Shut up, Pia!
His...thing was cute? Don't know what that's supposed to mean, but okay! Oh, Link! I was thinking of sharpening my sword!
Wh-What does that have to do with me and Pia?!
Oh. I was just wondering if I should ask you or Gaius.
Oh, never mind. I don't have anywhere to put the sword, anyway. Forget I said anything.
Well...just keep your sword away from me and Pia!
Anyway, thanks for cheering up Pia. Here's a little something for your trouble! But if anything untoward should happen to Pia...
*GULP* I don't wanna see that sword!

We're alive! For now.

My prize is a sword that'll be even better than my current one once it's fully upgraded.

Let's do something less likely to get us brutally murdered after a comical misunderstanding.

Music: Home

What?! Are you saying that I'm not allowed to use the bulletin board?!
I-I never said that...So, did something happen?
I want to give the present Shara gave me to Shara!
You want to return the gift to her?
Nooooooo! I want you to give her the same thing she got me!
Ah, so you want to be matching.
Yup!! Shara said that she picked it up in Privera Forest, but I can't go there.
Alright, so I'll go get it for you.
Really?! Are you gonna be OK by yourself?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Yeah, I guess you should be able to handle that much at least.
Ha ha...So, what did you get from Shara?

Okay, a Amethyst(sic). Okay. Just wait here, I'll go find one.
Thanks. The sooner the better!

After a harrowing adventure back home and to his storage box, Link successfully locates an amethyst.

Yay!! Here! This is for you! Thank you, Link.
You're welcome.
Now Shara and I are a match! I hope Shara likes it.

Our prize is a cookie. I'll take it.

She had nothing interesting enough to screenshot today other than this RF2 reference.

The first barn expansion is comically cheap. Which suits me just fine, because I have a second Cluckadoodle to get(eventually).

Not right now, just, y'know, eventually.