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Part 33: Lazy Summer Days

Lazy Summer Days

Music: Summer

Half a month without updating? What half a month without updating?

Something wrong, Kuruna?
Is that...cake?
I'm pretty sure that's not part of my patriotic.duty, Kuruna.
It's the fine print!

Yes, Link was definitely eating cake first thing in the morning. Brilliant deduction, Kuruna. (I wouldn't have him eat cake anyway, it's far too valuable. )

I'm not very picky. What about you?
Me? Let's see...I like juice.

A reminder that Ondorus exists and is a Univir of simple tastes.

Back in Humantown, word's spreading that we beat the last boss.

She was just smiling away while I was really depressed. Next thing I notice, we're walking back to town together, both of us smiling.


Pia: Still Pia.

I decide to buy the double bed & bookshelf while I'm thinking about it. I'll need the double bed to get married once that's even an option(it's plot-locked and relatively late in the plot). I don't really need the bookshelf(it just stores extra rune abilities and spells), but might as well while I'm here.

...the ones I bought a few updates ago are made from regular fabric, right?

She told me never smile, so I'm just practicing that...
...You're doing it knowing it's opposite, aren't you?
But you're so much cuter when you smile.

Not even RF3 is safe from the dreaded "why aren't you smiling? you should smile more. you look better when you smile."

This sounds like a terrible idea. Let's do it!

Music: Home

Sorry to keep you waiting. Is Collette helping too?
Nope. I just fell, so Marian was treating me.
You're asking Marian?!
She's like a moth to the flame.
I see. Does that include me as a victim?
What? What do you mean?
I don't have time for that today!
Something happen?
Grandma took away my syringe! She said it was increasing patients instead of decreasing them.

Finally, a sensible response to Marian's...Marian-ing.

She's right about that.
Anyway! Now I can't work! I need to get it back.
(So that means...) Hey, Marian. Just prove to Marjorie that your magic is good. If you can use solid magic, Marjorie will have to let you do as you like.
Of course! I see, this is a test of my abilities! Now I'm fired up!
That's great, Marian. (If her magic succeeds, she won't need to be giving shots anymore.)

This is the most sensible Marian quest we've had yet. What's the catch?

Let's get going! C'mon, Link!

Sol Terrano:Star Dunes.

Around here? It may just be a sea of sand, but...

Where did you even get that from?


Mushrooms don't even spawn in this dungeon!

You're not just picking up random objects, are you?

I don't even want to know.

That much?!
Alright! I think this should be enough!
Is it really going to be okay...?
Now! Back to the apothecary!

Now for some magic!
Wait a minute!

Grandma! Perfect timing. I'm almost done! And no syringes today. It's just magic, like a real witch.
I see. This is quite a poison.
What?! That can't be!
You think I can't tell?
Did you forget? You promised not to make medicine without me.
Oh...That's because I--
Regardless, you didn't keep your promise to me, now did you? And if they'd drunk this, they probably wouldn't have survived.
What?! Oh, no...I'm sorry...
You don't think saying sorry is going to resolve the issue, do you?

In any other game, this is where Marian would stop being a hazard to life and limb. But this is Rune Factory, so she's not going to learn a damned thing.

Well...I'm so sorry...Link.
No, this was my fault anyway.
You got really lucky this time around. Might not be so lucky next time around. Silly Marian.
... (I should go home.)

What? Why sorry, Collette?
If I had said something, this wouldn't have happened, right?
What do you mean?
Marian's syringe doesn't increase her magic, it controls it.
Marian's magic is way more powerful than Marjorie's. But she can't control it quite yet, so she uses that syringe to somehow manage.
I see.
Marian didn't mean to do any harm. Please believe me.

That still doesn't make it okay!

Okay. I'll have to be careful too.
Oh, this is from Marjorie.

She really has lots of good traits too!

Such as?

I hope you guys can still be friends!
Yeah, okay. Don't worry, I understand. Thanks.

That's a pretty damned cheeky reward there.

Yes, each stack is that tall.

All the remaining requests I can do today are simple requests & battle requests(ie. non-important ones), so I just pick one at random.

You seem really tired.
Sashimi would hit the spot. Yeah, sashimi. It makes everything better. So, could you bring me 1 Glitter Sashimi.
That's my job as your apprentice, right? Oh, fine.
Heh heh, thanks. I'm counting on you.

Too much work for a simple request that'll probably reward me with bronze or something.

I spend the rest of the day forging instead. Gotta keep those skills up, especially since the game probably won't keep giving me high-tier weapons for free. Probably.

A shot of Link's new furniture before he goes to bed.

New day, new trolling Kuruna.

Music: Town (Day)

New Raven quest, etc.

I absolutely detest my family!
Uh...I certainly hope that was opposite-speak!

, but you're not who we're here for.

Yes. You wanted to thank everyone?
Yes...I really caused everyone a lot of trouble. That's why I thought to give everyone their favorite things.
Then you want me to help you gather those for you?
Yes...I want to give Sofia a Failed Dish, a Amethyst Ring for Karina. And a Gold for Gaius.
Yeah, okay. Then let's go give them in order.

To be clear, even though Raven says she wants to give people these things, we have to do all the work of procuring the items and handing them out. Nevermind that Raven should have easy access to two of the items thanks to her job.

Oh, and she steals all the credit.

Really?! I'm so sad, Thanks!
Oh, which reminds me--It seems that you think that special light makes people disappear.
You knew...?
Not at all.
So you did know.
It seems that phenomenon occurs when humans and monsters somehow cause an imbalance in runes.
Where humans and monsters cause an imbalance...? (That's pretty much just me being a half-monster.)
But I haven't found a case where it causes a person to disappear. Just monster pets.
But I saw. I saw with my eyes my friend disappearing...
Was that really a human?
Well, it doesn't matter. I just looked into it a little, I'm not worried about it at all...
Just let me know if you find something.
She must really be curious.

That ring was all me.

No...I caused you so much trouble the other day.
Trouble? (What is she talking about...?)
Oh, yeah, right. I think you did. (I'll leave it at that.) Well, I'll let you off the hook with this then.

I...caused you trouble the other day...
Oh, is that all?
That all...?
Well, everyone's different I suppose, but I just did what I thought was obvious. Worry about my family.
I mean, you'd be worried about me if I disappeared, wouldn't you?
That's all I mean. But I will be taking this, though. Thanks.
No, thank you...

Gaius: Dad of the year.

Link, for you...
What? For me?
I see...Thanks. I'm happy.
...No, thank you...
Oh, by the
What? This feather...
I found it the other day when I came back with you. If you want, you could make it into an accessory.
...OK. Thanks...
Something the matter?
....No. Never mind.
Bye then.

It's the thought(and obvious secret) that counts.

Inside, Raven's Adventures In Smiling continue.

What's the matter, Raven? What's wrong with your cheeks?
...It's nothing.

Man, the bulletin board quests are really slim pickings this update. Guess that's an excuse to show off more daily dialogue.

You have much to learn! I'm still training myself.

You really have a great friend...Marian.

Still not seeing those good qualities Collette was talking about.

Just a little?

And Rusk's quest is just a free cookie. I think I know what to do with this.

Thankfully, RF villagers don't get mad about regifting.

Would you like to try this on?

No, I have no idea what horrifying thing she wanted him to wear.

Thanks to boredom and having way too much cash, I decide to spruce up Link's place with some furniture.

And stuffed animals, because why not.

Way too damned many stuffed animals.

Sadly, you can't have literally every piece of decor.

Another outfit change, and now it's time to see what I did to Link's poor house.

Delivery so lazy I bet Karina did it.

Better. Purely decoritive furniture can be moved around at will, but can't be put into your inventory. It also tends to teleport back to the main room if you try to put it anywhere else, even other rooms of the house.

If you want to get rid of it, you have to use a tool to break it down into wood.

Having this much clutter actually makes the game lag a little(and it gets in the way since Link can't walk through it), so I'm going to end up destroying most of the stuff I just bought.

Much more reasonable. Let's check out downstairs, we haven't been there in a while.

Link's trophy collection is actually something to look at now.

They all either commemorate the first time we did specific actions, or winning various festival contests.

For contests with specific minigames, like the Wooly Festival, you can replay them at will here. Mostly handy if you really, really suck at one and need to practice.

Much like skills, there are trophies for goddamned everything.

After a busy day decorating and undecorating, I think Link's earned his rest.