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Part 39: Speed Dating

Speed Dating

Music: Fall

So it's been a while since the last update(and Dwarf Fortress was definitely not contributing to the delay). As a refresher, we're twiddling our thumbs while waiting for plot-critical flowers to grow.

Let's get straight to business. If even Karina thinks it's an emergency, then clearly she's right, right?

Got something to say? (You thought it was unusual, didn't you?)
Oh, no...I don't...
Anyway. Just because something is popular and widespread, doesn't make it good.
Like a cold.
And maybe I was wrong to want to go to the city so badly.
Something was wrong with me. Going over there just to live easier...This was all just really self-defeating. (To work so hard to get it easy.)
Yeah, yeah...Yeah...?
I'm not going to the city, but I'm bringing the city here.
So, Link, help me, okay?
What? Help you with what?
To make this into the city. We'll call it the......
Well, we just need to sell city goods here. (I didn't feel like coming up with one.)
Ah...But how are we going to make it the city?
Don't worry. I've made the preparations already.
You have?!
Yes. (Got a problem?)
I have!
Yes. So, let's go.
What? Where?
My house. To see Mom. I need a store to sell things.
Is this alright...? least she's motivated to do something for a change?

Working? Oh, hello Link.
Oh, nice to see you again.
Don't be so tense. You're our valued customer here.
See? I'm doing my job. (Just not what you asked for.)
(Oh, she hasn't told.Hazel, yet?)
Hey, Mom.
What? Someone's chipper.
Can I borrow the store?
...You mean you want to work more hours?
No. I want to sell things from the city.
My goodness...
If you think I'm going to let you run my store...
But... (The only customers are the people in town...)
Customers are customers. Sometimes there are travelers. Enough with your jokes. Get back to work!
... (I wasn't joking...)

Can I just place the items up for sale then?
It'll just add to the store's sales, and I'll work the same.
Please, Mom.
Just for a day. I really want to run the store.
You...really? Do you have a fever?
Give it your best shot. Just respect the customers.
Mom...OK. I'll try hard. (I guess I shouldn't nap.)
...Link, I'll leave it to you.
Oh, yes.

You're really into it. What's the matter?
I dunno. It's just fun.
I see.
Hey, Link, can you get the products from Raven?
Yes. Okay.

I'd call out Hazel for shitting on Karina's attempt to do something for a change, but to be fair, I'd be shocked too.


(I guess I'll give Rusk a present. Later.)

Hm? What is it?
...Where's Karina?
What's Karina doing?
Oh, she's trying to make our town more like the city by selling popular city items.
I see...

Might as well while I'm here, since I don't need the wood for much else.

Karina didn't want just any scrap metal. She wanted the worst scrap metal.

Absolutely. People in the city really love things like that.
But I think you're talking about a really small fraction.
It'll be fine. Just put it there.

I had Raven make a replica of it.
Oh, so that's why you borrowed it.
Yes, so...
But this is the outfit that Evelyn gave you, isn't it?
That's right. That's the real thing.
Didn't you like it?
I do...but I have to make some sacrifices.

Fade out, indeterminate amount of time passes.

You seem sleepy...
Don't be ridiculous... (I'm not sleepy I'm not...)
...You can go home.
What? But...
I'll be fine on my own.
... (I feel so bad since I got him to help out...)
Thanks for everything. See you.

But what can I do?

You can see them on the right edge of the screen, barely.

That's interesting. I didn't notice, maybe.
Hurry up now.
Oh, yes!
...? (Is that...hiding?)
Cough. Well, maybe I'll have him promote the store a bit. It's not like people come every day.
That's true.
Anyway, I'm impressed with how you've raised your daughter, Hazel. You've done a great job.

Unlike certain witches who let their grandchildren run rampant, threatening the life and limb of the townspeople.

What's wrong? Can't you take a compliment?
No...That's not it. It's just...we're in public. I get a little embarrassed when people compliment me in public...
Oh, I see. Well I guess we should go. Goodbye, Link.

Who's excited for yet another "talk to most of the people in town" quest?

Link is not the most persuasive salesman.

He definitely shouldn't quit his day job.


No, the general store is...
And so I turned the heat on, but...Oh yeah, I need to buy bathwater additives!
Well, I tried.

Oh, yeah. I hope you'll swing by.
...I'll try.
...You don't need to thank me.
Right. Thanks.

Well. Maybe...
Really? Then maybe I'll stop by when I'm done with work.
(Although it's scrap metal...)

Mysterious means rainbows!
Okay, I got to her!

I mean, technically she got to herself.

You mean the general store, don't you?
Ah, you heard from Raven. You already planned on going?
Great. She'll be waiting.

We should, but first the rest of the interesting dialogue:

And Karina's running it.
Wait, she's a second generation like me. Looks like I have myself a rival. Thanks, Link. I'll need to spy on her.

Hazel is too easy on that girl. Just because Karina asks sincerely, Hazel forgives her and even helps her secretly?
Y-You might be right.

Rusk had nothing interesting to say, but I did remember his birthday!

It doesn't seem like there's any strange food, though.
Hmmm, even more interesting.
But, the general store sells food year-round.
Hmm?! I'm suddenly uninterested!

That's enough. Let's go back to Karina!

So nothing sold...?
Maybe I should close shop.
It's not our fault. (It's not, is it?)

Oh, okay...
What a terrible find. Thanks.
You got one sold.

Yeah, I guess.
You really want to buy it?
Not if you don't want me to...
That's two.

Very good. Now, I'd like this.
(That's Evelyn's...)
What is this...?
Again, is that how you treat your customers?
Well, not that I can really talk. Now, ring it up already.
...That was a gift from Evelyn.
Hmmm. So?
So...So don't buy it out of sympathy.
But you put it for sale, didn't you? So it's up to the customer then. Am I wrong?
And it's your job to figure out what to sell and what not to.
Well, I guess I'll let you off by buying this strange rock instead.
What? Really?
This might be the only time you want to work on your own. It'll be something to remember this day by.
What did I say? I'm a customer right now.
And--If I didn't do this, it'd be rude to the people who did all of this for you.
Well, be sure to tidy up afterwards.
Aren't you just a customer right now?
Oh...that's right.

Hazel exits stage left.

Well, time to close shop, I think.

I see...
Oh, this is for you.
I hope you like it.
Oh, yeah. Thanks. But are you sure?
Yes. (I feel like you did a lot for me.)
No, it's nothing.
...? Well, I'll get going.
Okay. (Thank you, Link)


Marian cannot be stopped. Ever.

Oh, of course. Yeah, I should make her try medicine, too.
Why are you testing on ME?! I'm the healthiest person in this stupid village! Test it on someone with, like, amnesia or something!
Wait, uh...why are you two looking at me?

Run away!

Disguise ourselves in some armor! (Note: Armor is purely cosmetic)

It also looks completely ridiculous.

Karina was standing right there, so I guess I'll take her on a date next.

On the way through the forest, I harvest the toyherb. Getting every so slightly closer to advancing the plot.

Music: Love

Hmm...I guess. (Because I'm with you) Let's take a break.
It feels great.

I mean, right now it's an axe, but same thing really.

Oh, I see. (Well, I guess...)
It's not for me. (I'll get tired.)
That's not true. You got here, right?
I guess. As long as I have you with me... (That wouldn't be bad)

Well, it's good to have a passion. (A real passion.)
What do you want to do?
Hmmm...I want to be married. (To someone special...)

I mean, we do eventually have to get married to finish the plot, and

So, with who...?
Never mind... (But I want to know.)
Karina's husband, huh?
What? (Those eyes...)
I bet it'd be fun.
What?! Really? (I'd do it for you, any time you want!)

Well...(I won't have to work. Because I'm thinking of...)
No, it's nothing. (I can't say that...)

Marriage is just another excuse for her to get out of working. How romantic.

Let's blow this popsicle stand.

This update's been pretty Karina-heavy, so let's balance it out with a date with the worst character in the game.

No witnesses if there was to be an unfortunate 'accident'.

But it's my job to create something out of nothing!'re a doctor, aren't you?
Well then, maybe it'd be a good idea to rest here.
OK, OK...
Marian, why is it that you insist on making new medicines?
It's not that I want to make new medicine. I just want to make a cure-all.

Go on, tell us the dream that's supposed to make you sympathetic.

To become a great witch and a doctor who can cure anything!
So that's why you want a cure-all! But I always wondered why you wanted to be both a witch and doctor.
Isn't it obvious? Because I want to help a lot of people.
You do have the best of intentions...

I hear the road to hell is paved with them.

Then my grandma would be proud of me. And I can experiment as much as I want!
Well, maybe not.
Anyway, I want to be just like my grandma!

Grandma's words have strange powers. If Grandma says you're going to be all right, don't you just feel that you are?
Now that you mention it, I do feel like everything's going to be all right.
And when I say it, most people don't believe me.


Grandma can make people happy with just her words. Isn't that amazing?

Was this even a real choice?

I see. So you plan on taking care of the household?
I was just joking...
Alright, I buy it!

Good riddance.

But one day, it suddenly felt like home. I wonder if Mom opened the inn because she felt the same way.

That's heartwarming and all but I'm trying to finish my to-date list here. Let's get to it.

To the frozen wastes!

As someone living in a frozen hellscape:

Then maybe the flower would be less impressive?
Yeah, that's the thing. It would make a great souvenir, but it just wouldn't work.
You wanted to market them...
But seeing the flowers up close puts all those thoughts away. Hey, Link. You think we could look at them for a while?
Of course!

Yeah. I'm happy to be able to show off why my own town is so great. And talking with a lot of people is fun.

You know, working on reuniting two races that hate each other for long-forgotten reasons, rolling in so much wealth I can blow 15k on a suit of purely cosmetic armor, same old same old.

Well, that's good. I wish you could share some of that with me.
What about you?

Well, of course. I'm in the red...
Anyway, why do you ask?
Oh, well...I don't...I just wanted to ask.

King Clueless, Ruler of the Oblivious Kingdom here.

R-really? Well then, I guess you're really satisfied now!
Uh...I am, too...I guess it's time to head back.

And with the date over, Sofia pops out of the ether.

Next time: Not taking a month between updates. Probably.