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Part 46: Vicious Lies

Vicious Lies

Music: Fall

With the Unity Festival over with, Link resumes his quiet life of farming. Clearly the plot is over with forever now and there's definitely not more waiting after we complete certain things. probably helps a lot that you guys have a whopping three people, Kuruna.

To commemorate us finishing the Very Definitely Final Plot Thing, the Sharance Tree grew again.

But it doesn't look like the Sharance flowers have blossomed...


It's fall.

I buy a variety of seeds in specific quantities that in no way, shape, or form suggests I'll need these specific vegetables for final dungeon things. Because we're definitely done with the plot, after all.

And now for a non-sequitur from Karina.

Weren't you scared?
When I started crying because I couldn't get down, Mom came. (Really yelled at me.)

Okay, Pia's extra-weirdness has gone on too long.

Let's go fix it.

Actually, uh...Hmm...
You gotta come back around 7PM!

Mysterious. Oh well, 7 is around when I get the usual daily talking/watering/mining chores done anyway. And there's something I need to get done, too

It's what I thought when I saw Gaius' work.
I see.

Back to business. I want some more monsters that give crafting materials when tamed. Scorpions are good because their drop adds a poison effect to weapons on upgrade. Status effects can get pretty nuts if you stack enough of them on one weapon.

As usual, the key is having huge piles of grass to shove at them until they give in. The game suggests Venom as a name, but we can do better than that.

Thanks to BlazeEmblem for the name.

More time is wasted mining and hammering tomato ghosts.

Indeed I did, good sir!
(She's being polite again...)
I, uh...I need...
I gots to clean the bath, baby! Come on in! The water's fine! Hop to it, hopper!
You need my help?
Yippee! You agree! Come on in and follow me!
But I didn't even agree to--

Link really should know the drill by now. There is no escape. You will do what you are voluntold to do, and you will like it.

Music: Town (Night)

Good. Now we might be able to have a normal conversation.
Don't worry about it! Anyway, just wait! I'm almost done here!
All right, then.
I'll give you a voucher for everything you did today! Go ahead and take a bath while I finish up!
Really? But...I just cleaned it!
Yup! Go ahead and plop in, buddy!
Don't mind if I do!

Oh, really?
Sorry to keep you waiting!
It's okay. It gave me some time to relax!
Hey, no fair!
Wait, you're the one who told me to take a bath in the first place!
Oh, forehead-slap! Duh! Then I'll just have to take one, too!
Well, if that's what works for you...

It's an anime-styled game with a hot spring/bath in it. Of course they're doing this. But to be fair, it's treated better than 99% of hot spring scenes, so...

Ah. Well, it's okay. I can stay over here.

And under the moon, they're all the more bestest-er!
But I'm glad you've had.the chance to relax. Looks like you're back to your old self, Pia!
I wanted to talk about your strange behavior, but we ended up cleaning the bath instead! But...I guess nothing's new there!
Hey, be nice!
I'm just yanking your chain, Pia!
So, what was it? What did you want to tell me?
Well, this is hard for me to explain...

Yeah, I remember.
I'm like bubbles. I formed in the water, but I wasn't content to stay there.
That's a good comparison. Especially since you're both hard to grasp!
And bubbles can't exist without water.
Yeah, that's true.
That's why I latched on to baths. I left one body of water for another.
Yeah, I guess you did.
But one day, I heard a voice from above the water. Just like when I met Sakuya.
When I looked up, the moon was shining. And it was your voice that was calling me...
Maybe bubbles that escape the water can float up and turn into little moons! That'd be so awesometacular!

Really makes you think, doesn't it?
Yep! I like thinking!

Oh, I know! I'll wash your back as your reward for cleaning!
But I'm on the men's side!
I know! I'll be right there!
Uh...if you insist!

But...why'd you turn into a Wooly?!
Wait, I thought you understood--
It was really fun to watch!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Hey, Link!
I'm gonna shine just as bright as the moon!
I mean, not literally! But that would be cool! Then I can plop in the bath with you!
Yeah, sounds good!
Uh... Wait, what?!

Well, gotta run! Ta-ta!
Wait, we're leaving it at that?

Uh, "normal" being relative in her case!

Pia: Solved.

Next on the agenda is catching a Shadow Panther and laughing at its weird jump animation.

Aargh! Almost had it!

It gets in the ball barn eventually. Very eventually.

Kudos to SimplyUnknown1 for the name.

Noire is important because Link can now be a panther rider.

...and have Noire do its goofy jump while he's on its back.

I immediately shuffle Noire and Sub0 into their own room, mostly because the other rooms are full of monsters that get right up in my face at all times and make it really annoying to collect their products. Might as well spread things out a little.

Despite how easy it is to get an endless supply of them by snagging a Shadow Panther, Panther Claws actually have a pretty high upgrade difficulty level. Which would mean more if failing a weapon upgrade did anything but waste RP.

Music: Town (Dawn)

In the morning,

I discover that the settlement folk will now gleefully tresspass on the farm to reach the village, using the same warp Link's been using to get to the settlement. Which really raises more questions about if they noticed it was there the entire time but never said anything, and how they didn't put two and two together much earlier.

Since the Univir(and Zaid) can now enter the human village at will, they're added to the list of people who will at Link about upcoming festivals.

Why squid?
Who knows?

This line is just weird since squid is the "any time of day, any weather, any season, any location" catch.

Just blame Pia for it. It's easier that way.

And now for something you could easily miss if you're me and don't enter/exit the tree through the main entry 99% of the time(because it's easier to leave through the farm level after doing chores and to come back by spamming the Escape spell). Something very very important. I'm really not sure why this event trigger doesn't happen from Link going through either exit, honestly.

Shit, they're on to me. They're finally holding an intervention to get me to eat something other than a single plate of pickles each day!

What is it?
Well, Link. Great job.
The festival was a great success.
Thank you very much.
Because of you, I think everything is OK now.
I'm glad to hear that. I'm always happy to help.
I'm counting on it.
So what brings you here today?
Nothing big.
We heard you have a girl you're really crazy about.
We wanted to help you out with that, Link. Here you go.

You're reading that right. Now that we've done all that plot bullshit, Link can finally get married!

You'll need it to propose.
It's pretty hard to make, but an engagement ring is important. It's a guy thing.

Lies. The engagement ring is actually incredibly easy to make. Assuming you've been paying any attention at all to accessory crafting, anyway.

Oh, and some tips. First, a bed. When you live together, a small bed is a great way to.start fights. So get a double bed.

Took care of that ages ago, dude. You should be able to see it from where you're standing.

Also take care of your requests. You have to be able to solve some problems.

This is a fancy way of saying "you have to complete the questline of the girl of your choice(including a few of her friends/family, if applicable) before marrying her." This is part of why I've been trying to do all the girls' quests evenly - this way there should be minimal catchup no matter who goons vote for. Except for Kuruna, since I couldn't even do most of her quests until the Unity Festival was done, but, well...I'm not starting voting yet, and that's entirely why. I figure readers should see at least some of her character arc before voting starts! That and I'd rather vote closer to when my backlog runs out and I play again.

One last thing. There is a tradition in these lands. The man asks the girl out to a scenic place, and proposes with a ring.
Ho ho. Don't blush.
So where is that?
Let's see...Around here...Privera:Flower Field, Sol Terrano:Star Dunes, Oddward:Rainbow Falls, and Vale:Icy Rosebush. If the girl doesn't love you back, she won't accept the ring.

Those are all the dating spots, conveniently enough. The RF wiki says you don't actually have to go on any dates to get married, but what fun is that?

Don't forget the ring when you go to propose.
I'm looking forward to seeing who you pick.

I sure am glad that the plot is done forever so Link can get married in peace. Incidentally, an unmentioned(but hopefully obvious) requirement is that the girl in question has to be at 10 hearts of affection.

How to make an engagement ring: Mash together some stuff you can find in the second dungeon, at a difficulty level you should have reached several seasons ago. I get they were trying to keep it accessible for (bad and wrong) players who didn't touch crafting much, but sheesh.

On that note, here's a review of Link's skill levels, just because. I really need to remember short swords and dual blades exist. It's pretty comical how high elemental skills get without casting spells - most of them raise from more mundane activities, like watering crops or tilling soil.

And here's how much everyone loves Link. Zaid tried.

I appreciate the town's outlook on this festival. "None of us knows why this is a squid catching contest, but fuck it, FESTIVAL."

It's also the one fishing contest Pia can 100% get behind.

Cool it with the RF2 probably-spoilers, Yue.

For once I buy a spell, mostly as an additional "oh shit I'm dying help" button.

Uh, vengeance for what?

I'm starting to think you don't actually know Pia at all, Link.

Sofia time.

Music: Date

Great! So...I've got a little request. I really hate Vale:Icy Rosebush!
Uh...what's the request?
Well, it's just that being with you is so boring!
So I thought that maybe we could go there together...
Sounds good! Let's head out, then!
You'll take me? I wouldn't like that in the least!

Music: Silence

Um, before you two head out, could I borrow Sofia?
What for?
It's between girls.
What's the problem?
Uh, I'll just be stepping out, then!
You sure will be.

Look, Sofia. I want you to promise me something.
Promise you...what?

Ominous fadeout. This clearly isn't leading to a wacky mistunderstanding, at all.

See, everything is clearly fine.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Let's go.

Music: Date

But a little cold.
Hey, Sofia. I have a question for you. Why do you think it's so pretty here?
That's an odd question. Hmm...
Let me think.

Music: Silence

Sofia? What's wrong?
Uh, nothing.
What did Evelyn tell you, Sofia?

We'd better solve this quick, before she turns into start-of-the-game Raven!


Let's go home.
...hold on! Did I offend you in some way?
...of course not.
Because I...because I adore you!
Oh no!

If you're paying attention at all, you've figured out the wacky misunderstanding already.

No! No! No! I didn't mean it that way!
I meant...well, you should be able to figure it out.
I should?

Sofia exits stage left.

I don't demand answers, Evelyn!

Yes, but she went right up to her room. She won't come out. Did you two have a fight while you were out or something?
I wouldn't exactly describe it that way. Sofia said that she adored me.
And your feelings aren't mutual?
No, I wouldn't say that.
But...she really meant she hates me.
Ah. Now it's clear.
What is?
You've basically become "fluent" in her language. If I'd known, I wouldn't have told her what I did.
What did you tell her?
I made her promise me that she wouldn't lie anymore. The more she likes someone, the harsher her words. So I wanted to help her break her habit.
I see.
But I guess that wasn't necessary.

Realistically speaking, that's a terrible habit she absolutely should break. In-game context, Evelyn's been around Link enough to realize he gets the oppositespeak now! And if nothing else, you knew he was expecting oppositespeak, so you should have given him a heads up!

I won't. She's a bit difficult to read...but she's worth it.

Do you wanna melt a snowman?



The stubborn me or the honest me. Which one don't you like?

And I'm half-monster.

This is where The Reveal would have been if we hadn't plot-ted past it already.

So you do you hate me when I'm a monster?
Well...of course I hate you.
I see. Thanks, Sofia.

Time for more monster taming. I want a Hornet because they produce Honey, which is needed for a few recipes.

What the hell kind of a name is that, game?

Have a much better one suggested by BlazeEmblem.

MyGod is a bit grumpy since I accidentally beat it up a bit before taming it, but it'll be better tomorrow.

My next target is a Silver Wolf, which has several annoying slimes on the same screen. Annoying because they resist a lot of my weapons and can heal themselves when they hit me.

But the monster train can't stop here.

They had the characters to make it Silver, but didn't.

There. Name freely provided by Jade Rider.

Link is officially too cool for school now. Or whatever passes for school around here.

The rest of the night is spent upgrading the Demon Axe. That'll do nicely.