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Part 50: Univir Errands

Univir Errands

Music: Monster Village

When we last left off, Zaid made us do a bunch of work for a semi-useful crafting item('semi' in that it's +8 magic attack +2 magic defense, which would be swell if I used spells more than once a century). Peachy.

The lilypad magically reappeared once Link left the cutscene zone, btw.

It's too beautiful! How can my art compete with the dazzling colors of a crisp fall morning?

Fun fact: Daria has a variation of this conversation for every season. Except it's "Fall is so beautiful!" "But it's [spring/summer/winter]."

No, that's okay. You carry that tune well enough by yourself. What's the name of that song, anyway?
"Die, Giant Squid"!
But the melody sounds so...soothing.

Why do you like Marian? I'm not even sure what appealing qualities she's supposed to have as a bachelorette. Unless you're a masochist I guess.

Enough dawdling, let's go questing. With a more focused person this time.

I would like to give a gift to Kuruna.
Oh! Well, that's great!
But, I was hoping that you could help as well...What do you say?
Of course! I'd be happy to help.
Really?! Thank you. We were thinking of treating Kuruna to a night at the inn.
Inn? You mean Shino's?
Yes, that's right. Kuruna mentioned it at dinner the other night. She was very interested in their culture. She seemed like she really wanted to go.
The inn, huh? That sounds great.
It would only be for one night...
I'm sure she'd still like that a lot! So, what did you need me to do?
Would you be able to reserve a room with Shino?
Oh, I see. You wanted me to make a reservation.
Yes, I should be the one going, but I didn't know how...I did not want to risk making a mistake.
I'm sure even if it didn't work out, Kuruna would forgive you.
...That may be true. But I still didn't want to fail.
O-Of course...
Can I count on you?
Yes, leave it to me!

Oh, no. Ondorus and Zaid are giving Kuruna an "inn voucher". So I've come to reserve a room.
Oh, I see.

Hmmm, well, today and tomorrow should be okay. And even after that it shouldn't get too busy.

Translation: "Literally come over any time, it's a request so we can't time-lock it."

Really?! I'll go let Ondorus know.
Is it just for Kuruna?
I think so.
Wouldn't that make her a little lonely? We do have three rooms, maybe you could ask Ondorus if he would be interested in staying?
Hmmm, yes. I will.

But before that, since I'm here anyway...

Max, for reference. He's the only normal-looking guy in the Sainte-Coquille family. For now.

(She had nothing notable for sale)

Now back to the settlement, where I most definitely did not miss screenshotting this first line.

Link, how did the reservation go?

Shino suggested that Kuruna might prefer having all three of you spend the night as well. Have you considered all three of you spending the night? They have the room.
But it's a present for Kuruna...
Oh, I'm sure she'd rather spend it with everyone!
Yes! I'm sure of it!
If you really think so.
Then I'll go tell Shino right away!

I see. I think Kuruna would enjoy that more.
Thank you for your advice.
Oh, please don't mention it. We're the ones who stand to make more money.
Th-That's true...
Well, I've made a reservation for three then. Please give my regards to Ondorus.

No, I was happy to help. Please enjoy your stay.
Thank you. This is for everything. Please, have this.
Thank you. Please enjoy your stay.
Thank you.

Is there an echo in here? Echo in here?

These would be pretty good rewards if I remembered magic existed.

And then I chopped wood the rest of the day. I don't even need wood for anything. I'm not sure why I'm storing it instead of selling it. The only reason I'm chopping it in the first place is the skill grind(and to get stumps off the fields).

I feel like they overcorrected for the terrible, awful wood grinds in RF1 and 2 and didn't manage to hit a happy medium until RF4(where you have more things to spend your lumber on without needing huge amounts of it for plot advancement).

Crafting also happens.

Warping to tomorrow, it's Collette's birthday. Her only loved item is Ultimate Curry, so she'll just have to deal with getting rice instead.

It's even on sale! Link is the best gift giver.

I do make it into a rice ball and then a baked rice ball, just for the extra cooking skill points. Never not be grinding.

Her family is very enthusiastic about today.

No, and this rice ball isn't going to help either.

I went and saw the sea from the town plaza! It's amazing...there's no way you could ever drink that much water. know what? Fuck it. Zaid, drink all the saltwater you want. You've earned it.

Time for a quest where I take Kuruna somewhere she 100% definitely hasn't been before, and also 100% definitely hasn't broken the timeline in.

Wait, do I really send you out on so many errands?! Never.
How DARE you! Anyway, I don't have an errand for you today. Shara told me about a flower field near town. I didn't want to go alone, so I invited you!

I can't believe how hard I sequence broke just by having a date during the Unity Festival.

Oh, that was nice of you.
So...would you be willing to accompany me?
Well, as long as I'm not intruding.
You couldn't be intruding if I invited you!
Oh, duh. Sorry.
Heh heh.
What's so funny?!
It's just that you've been apologizing a lot lately.
Anyway, let's go.
(When have I been apologizing...?)

Music: Date

Welcome to this place you have definitely never been to before.

They're so...beautiful.
They're a miracle. It's like magic.
They really are! It's like I've been teleported to another world!
Oh, wait!
What's wrong?
Well, I just remembered!
Remembered what?
What you told me before! "I've never left the desert."
What about it?
Well, I'm just so happy that you can appreciate a place that's not the desert! It means a lot!
Oh, now look at me! You're making me blush, silly!


Is this...lunch?!
Why, what's wrong about eating here?!
Uh, nothing! It's a great idea! So...can I have a bite?
You better do more than that! It's why I brought it!

...No, it's good.
Oh, please! I can tell you're lying!
No! It's really good!
I worked really hard on that. It better be good.
What's in it? I don't think I've ever tasted anything like it.
Cactus?! Like, cactus cactus?!
What other cactus is there? I got it from the Sol Terrano Desert.
I didn't know that was edible!
You can find exquisite tastes in unexpected places.
Yes. I should know that by now.
And it's sour and sticky. That makes for a wonderful combination!
Lemme take a big bite here...

Gonna show all three responses because I can do that.

Isn't it, though?! Cactus tastes good, but it's tedious to remove the thorns.
Yeah, that seems like a lot of work.
But you liked it, so it was all worth it!

>Very sticky...

I just said that! Were you even listening?
I guess I underestimated the cactus.
What are you talking about? Did you get a blow to the head or something?


Are you OK?!
...Nah, I'm fine. I just bit my tongue.
That can't have felt very good. You scared me! I thought a needle got you!
Sorry. I was just rushing because it's so good!
Well, be a little more careful.

And convergence.

I know!
I didn't know you cooked, Kuruna! I should've brought something, chocolate.
CHOCOLATE???!!! You're right. You should've made chocolate.
I should've ordered you to!

Kuruna is a woman after my own heart.

Well...I'll have another opportunity, right?
...If you play your cards right.
I'll never let you down again!
I hope not. So, shall we get going, then?
Okay. Invite me again some other time!
Hmph! Next time, YOU will be the one doing the inviting!
O-Of course! Absolutely!
I'll be waiting. Well, it's time for me to head home.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to fight I go.

Music: VS Amaranthine and Crimsone

Bosses can be refought once a day. Refights aren't quite as convenient as they'd be in RF4 because boss room warps weren't invented yet, but it's still a good idea to farm their drops.

Even being one dungeon ahead of them is enough to make these fights trivial, so they go fast enough either way.

Music: VS Skelefang

But why stop at one refight when you can have two?

Skelefang is more cooperative with drops than Amaranthine and Crimsone were. He's also the quickest boss to refight, since you just go a screen north of the Univir settlement instead of having to run through an entire dungeon first.

Finally, a bit of crafting. I've been slacking on making a new shield long enough that a base Knight Shield has better defenses than my fully upgraded old shield.

And mashing various metals and monster bits into the Knight Shield just makes it even better.

I'd also like to point out the sell price - I'm obviously not selling it now, but selling off old equipment gets you a good chunk of change.