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by LordHippoman

Part 1: An Intro To Anime Farming

Update 1: An Intro To Anime Farming

I think NeverLand is the only thing I haven’t heard of since this game. A quick google shows they shut down. What a promising start!

This logo is on the top screen for this whole intro, so I’m not going to include it in the rest of these.

The camera sweeps over some hills as some J-pop plays. Really just insert whatever music you want here.

Our farm will never look this nice in the game.

Mostly because this guy is incompetent.

Mostly because it’s me. Also what the fuck is going on under our anime eyeballs.


Our hero spots something as his eyebrows creep over his own hair.

Oh, it’s an-

AGH. This seriously cuts in like the damn Ring.

Reactions to this LP pictured above.

Or that, maybe.

Probably that.

Impending dragon immolation is no excuse for not giving eachother loving (?) glances.

And now we cut to this.

Ugh. I hated Doors of Pharros.

Cave Farming is a central mechanic in this game. Don’t question it too much.

It is winter, and this young anime cannot properly close the window. She will likely freeze to death.

Planting this tree in the winter would be a poor choice, I think, but it seems to have worked out.

Success has come to our farm! Another thing you will not see outside the intro.

get those cotton balls off of your head

Oh no, they’re multiplying.

The valley is infested.

Alright, I’m going to need a little help here. I need you all to name that guy on the right. That guy from the intro.

That dork. We’re gonna need a good name for him. I think the limit is 7 characters. Same for the farm, which also needs a name. Or we could go for the defaults, which are “Raguna” and something silly for the farm I can’t remember at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll want to change it.

Bold your protagonist and farm name ideas, and we’ll get to the actual gameplay next time.