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Part 3: Kardia

Update 3: Kardia

(Note: Hey, so, there are a lot of character portraits in this update, and holy crap some of them are sorta grainy (ANN ANN ANN). That's my bad, but the official art for the characters who have it doesn't squish too well. I'll be looking into ways to improve that as we go on.

Note of note: Hey, thanks to some help from Lotus, the portraits no longer suck. Thanks again!)

Now that Donnel has suddenly acquired real estate and a business, he needs to begin networking. We’ll do that by trying to barge into every house and business in the town.

Sadly, we happened to stumble into town on the ubiquitous “HOLIDAY”, so pretty much everything is closed.

Kardia is separated into 4 tiers and a beach. We’ll be going clockwise around. First is “MATERIAL ITEMS”, the worst named store of all time.

To the left of that is the hospital, where we eavesdrop on this man’s checkup.

Sweet god look at that doctor’s mustache.

: Lara, fetch me the usual nutrition drink, could you?

Everyone in Kardia still buys V8. No wonder farming is so lucrative.

: OK.

: Thanks, Dr. Edward. You always help me out. And not just that, everyone in the town is thankful you came here.

: When I came to this town, I finally felt like my true self for the first time. I believe that it’s vital for us to live in harmony with the earth...I’m the one who should be thankful.

: I’m so happy to hear that. Okay, that’s it for today.

: Take care.

Godwin walks right past Donnel without acknowledging him. He refuses to technically meet us until the plot demands it. I am going to introduce myself to these other NPCs though.

Expect to see this guy a lot as I water myself to exhaustion in my own yard.

: Okay.

: Hey, you’re the guy who came to Mist’s farm! Nice to meet you.

: Nice to meet you.

I’m beginning to think Donnel is incapable of speech unless he’s repeating what someone just said.

I refuse to take this advice.

One more building to the left is the Hot Spring (Don’t worry, I’ll include a map at the end if you get confused)

Building 1 on the second tier here is the Hot Spring.

We can’t go in there yet.

Rounding out this side is Neumann’s Farm. This will be a source of much grinding later, but for now, no one’s home.

The third tier only has 2 buildings, and the one on the left side is Mayor Godwin’s house.

Which he has apparently locked himself inside since we last saw him at the hospital.

Over to the right, we have some benches and this strange fellow.

: Hello, my name’s Ivan. I’m a traveling salesman.

: My name is Donnel. How are you doing?

: I’m here on the holiday every week. So come along anytime, eh?

: Yeah, okay.

We will be wanting to do that. We have no money right now, but Ivan sells some pretty important stuff for our house.

The fourth tier of town is entirely this square here. Honestly it’s not too important, but sometimes festivals and things take place here.

Back on the right of Tier 3, this is where the best character in the game lives. But he’s not here at the moment. We could go inside, but there’s nothing and no one to see right now.

South of the mansion there is this church. It is actually open.

Ah, the Sorta-Cross, the sorta-symbol of vaguely-Christianity.

: I don’t know!

The juvenile delinquents run away.

: Phew... I’m pleased you’re happy, but I wish you wouldn’t play such tricks!

Let’s greet the poor priest/rabbi/sheik/cleric/bighatman

: My name is Donnel. How do you do?

: It’s very nice to meet you. I hope to see you at church on holidays.

: Thank you.

Oh whoops I accidentally tried to put out your scented candles, sorry Wesley.

Wesley’s a cool guy, but there’s honestly not much to do at the church, so we won’t be seeing him all that much.

Camus’s (i cannot escape the past) Farm is to the left of the church, very close to Neumann’s.

We cannot go in yet, naturally.

The blacksmith’s is also a no-go.

The inn, though…

: I’m going to Carmite Cave right now, so I’ve no time to wash my face.

Both of these kids are supposed to be like, in their 20’s I think? Despite acting like 10 year olds.

: Those kids of mine! What? A customer was here? What if they saw me flapping about?

: Thanks, but I already have a place to stay.

: Oh, it’s you! You’re the one living with Mist, right?

News travels fast in about 3 hours, I guess.

: That’s right. My name’s Donnel.

: I’m Lady Ann.

Is that her first name or like a nickname, or...

I mean, they could have if they both didn’t awkwardly just shuffle past us. We’ll see them in time.

The last building in town is the pub.

This one is also closed, but not for the usual Holiday reason. It’s just too early. We’ll be back, after we check out the beach on the right edge of town.

I’m pretty sure you had to swim into that thing in Donkey Kong 64.

I’m always surprised by DK64.

: I’m Sabrina. I run that seaside shack over there.

: My name’s Donnel.

: Oh, you’re the one Mist caught hold of.

: Huh?

Don’t look under the shelf, Donnel. Just don’t, it’s not worth it.

A glowing recommendation from the weird shell woman.

: Anyway, that mysterious shell over there is connected to other worlds! Apparently you can exchange messages and items with people from those other worlds.

This is another Wi-Fi thing. Again, impossible now. Also this means one of the marriageable characters is unattainable now, because you needed an item from here. Ah well.

This dock and Sabrina’s shack will be helpful places for some early game cash making.

However, HOLIDAY again. But we can enter the pub now, so...

: No, he’s not been here.

: Oh really? Let me know if you see him.

: Sure will. Anyway, gonna stay for a drink?

: I’d love to, but I gotta find Zavier. See you around.

: Is the coast clear?

I’m not sure why Emmett asks that, considering he was the one watching out for Zavier but eh look this update is dragging and I’m joke desperate.

: Thanks, Emmett.

: That’s the last time I let you hide here!

: Okay, got it. Thanks. Catch you later.

He seems like a nice guy, and he will never stop clutching that wine bottle.

: The name’s Donnel. Nice to meet you too.

: Ah, you’re the guy who came to live on Mist’s farm. Or so the rumor has it.

Even Donnel is getting second thoughts here.

: It seems that she likes you a bit, too. Well, good luck!

You can’t fool me, Emmett. I saw the friendship menu last update.

Now, unlike pretty much everywhere else we can visit on Holidays, Emmett’s pub is actually open for business.

Emmett sells a lot of food. It’s expensive, but can be handy in surviving in dungeons, because it’s way more filling and restorative than just shoving raw vegetables in your mouth.

Now that we’ve seen all of the town we can see for now, I spent the rest of my RP tilling some extra field squares.

And, with that done, it’s time for bed.

A new day means a new full bar of HP and RP, and we always wake up at 6 AM.

And it looks like Donny has guests!

Here he comes.

Holy shit

Look at that man

I’m in love.

AFTER HIM, DONNEL! (Next time.)

Here’s the map as promised, by the way. I could have just stolen one of the existing ones online, but no, this is my second screenshot LP, I’m clearly at a higher tier. The MS paint tier.

I’ve made a grave mistake.

Next time, we’ll finish up the meet n’ greet and get gearing up for some adventure/farming.