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Part 6: Getting The Boot

Update 6: Getting The Boot

It’s time for some more Rune Factory. Today we’ll be watching an uninterrupted, single day in the life of fledgling farmer/victim of some sort of real estate scam, Donnel.

Back at the ol’ house.

The first crop there is progressing nicely, as you can see by them sprouting up. If you miss a single day of watering, everything dies. This is a bad mechanic but we’re gonna have to deal with it.

We have so many seeds now that watering takes two trips!

With that done, though, it’s time to make some money to save up for a sword. We won’t last long in Carmite Cave with our shitty Hoe.

Fishing again, this time out by the ruins. You get different fish in different places, I kept getting Cherry Salmon here as opposed to the flood of Sardines last time.

LIke this!

Also this. Fuck.


It was worth a shot.

Cool thanks crazy ghost.

A few hours later we have a nice bunch of fish out of this. This is also probably a good time to show off what some of the shit we found around the farm does.

10 HP is a tenth of our current, AKA jack shit. There’s a better use for these, though.

These are a bit more useful raw, curing Poison, which is an annoying status condition.

Here’s a better example of the Fish being leveled thing. Since this one is 17, it’s 10x17, 170G if we sell it.

Also I guess I missed a Sardine last time. And no, fish of the same type/level don’t stack, but you have so much inventory it’s not really a big deal.

I totally forgot whether or not this little dip west of your house is a fishable spot or not. Turns out, yes!


Okay, hold on.

So, back to business. I forgot something at my favorite place, Jasper’s House.

We’re just tanking Kardia’s property values.

: What?

: You’ll need wood to make improvements. Got an axe?

: Er… no, I don’t.

No she’s not.

Yeah, she was over there. Bianca, are you okay?

To the Jasper armory!

: As you so desire, Ma’am.

: I’m gonna give you this, so you better work hard! Make the house nice, eh?

This is going to be pretty crucial.

…”Too”? There were others?

Tabatha’s cool. I like Tabatha.

Time to sell some fish.

490, not the best, but it’ll do for what I want to pick up next.

Gonna visit the Inn first, though, just to see what’s up.

There’s really almost no purpose in going to the Inn, ever, unless you really want to bother Ann here or meet a certain character.

Speaking of that.

: Oh!

: My name’s Mei. Don’t forget it!

: Mei. Okay got it.

: You’re so rude!

What did we do?

: So rude to your elders and those better!

: What? You’re older than me?

: I may look young, but I’m quite a bit older than you!

: Is that so?

: Why would I lie to you?

Well. Uh. That’s Mei.

We’ve met every potential marriageable character in the game now, I’ll find a way to like, set up a poll for that soon.

Yeah, I know Lynette is a potential wife post-game, but I don’t want to drag out the LP super long to farm friendship with EVERYONE after all of that. I will mention it, though.

Over at PARTS, here’s the last villager we haven’t technically met.

: You too. Are you thinking of settling down in this town?

: Well, who knows what tomorrow’s gonna bring. I could be here a while though.

Why is there a hole in his poet staff

: But there are too many pretty girls in other countries too.

: Oh, really?

Donnel is unaware of the concept of “other countries”.

When Donnel returns a strange beast seems to have laid an egg on his farm.

Oh, no, just a “Bamboo Sprout”.

I’m trying to snag 3 Medicinal Herbs for something here.

Now that I’ve got them, we’re off to the doctor’s office.

This is about all Lara will ever say.

Edward can make one type of potion. Remember that bottle from Jasper’s basement? This is its one use.

: First I’ll need three “medicinal herbs” and 400g. Is that okay?

Goodbye, fish money.

Edward also sells some medicines and stuff, but it’s pretty expensive, and we won’t need it yet.

The Recovery Potion takes the piddly 10 HP a piece from the Medicinal Herbs and gives you a much more sizable 150, AKA way more than we even have HP.

Back to fishing, though, because we should probably deal with that whole “weapon” issue.

A good sign.

The Ruins seem to have better selling fish, so I’m staying there.

The lighting changes when it hits 3:00 PM. This is a pretty nice effect, usually. Except here, where it looks like the lake has filled with urine.

Also here’s the only non-Cherry Salmon I caught.

Back to the house…Mist is waiting. Always.

: I brought you a present. I’m afraid it’s radish seeds again.

: Oh, thank you very much.

Mist, you already explained this.

And she already explained that.

: I explained this before, but the key to life on the farm is to earn money here.

I don’t think she sees Donnel’s pockets absolutely BULGING with fish.

: Okay, I got it.

: Don’t forget to water your crops once a day. Nothing will grow if you don’t.

Goodbye, Mist.

Welcome back, Mist.

Goodbye, Mist.

Also vaguely threatening.

Welp, let’s get these new seeds in.

I am becoming a master of watering.

Also, since I’m out of RP, you can see that Donnel’s HP is starting to be depleted instead. Nothing can go wrong.

The Pub is closer than Sabrina’s shack, so I sold the second batch of Fish there. Also the Bamboo Sprouts.

That’s a much better haul.

Oh and also the bamboo.

I also bought a congratulatory popcorn.

Off to Leo’s now, for the real reward.

This is a voice acted line and I love it.

Cheapest weapon here, but still very usable and extremely viable for this point in the game.

Taking a few practice swings.

The Broadsword has a combo level of 3, which just means it’s a three hit combo.

It’s late enough to go to the bath, so

OH GOD DONNEL’S GONE MAD WITH POWER. (I hit the wrong button)

Chill out, Donnel. You’ll feel better. Freshly cleaned, now back to the most eligible bachelor in town.

Well thanks, Leo.

Spending the rest of the night doing fieldwork, I should show off how the Axe works.

You hit a log with it and Wood is automatically added to your storage. No need to lug it around, which is nice.

The Hoeing continues.

So does the Axeing. Look, Donnel has perfect stamina. There’s nothing wrong with this.

Nothing. Wrong.

Well shit.

Next time, we mourn Donnel.