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Part 13: Requiem For A Sheep

Update 13: Requiem For A Sheep

We’re nearly ready for a full clear of Toros Cave, but there’s a giant, sheep shaped hole on our farm. It’s time for SheepQuest2016.

The first step in acquiring our wooly pal is heading to Toros.

The Sweet Potatoes and Eggplants are coming along nicely. Honestly, I think this is how you’re meant to do each cave, wait for crops to grow in each feel, keep your RP topped up, but it’s really more trouble than it’s worth.

Also yes the Demons did paralyze me again, it was a great time.

Before we snag a sheep, however, we’ll want a wizard.

Unfortunately my dodging skills are severely hamstrung by my paralysis and general incompetence.

Still, I prevail, and...we’re not naming it MAMA.

While I loved Zanzibar Ham’s Vivi suggestion, because Vivi rules, I just have to respect the name Wayne and Roro championed, in honor of our Grand Mage.

So, since I’m nearly dead here, might as well mine until I’m very very nearly dead.

I slowly hobbled over to Leo’s, paralyzed and sealed, to give him this.

Leo it’s in my fucking hands don’t get semantic on me.


Well, off to the Clinic again...or I could get sidetracked.

Sidetracked it is!

Two huts now, and Camus has something nice for us. He’d give us this anytime after we got our first monster, by the way, it’s just a coincidence I got it after two huts.

Camus is down with SheepQuest.

Don’t taunt me. I hate this town. Nobody understands Donnel’s plight.

If one more villager insults Donnel he’s going to snap and let OhGod loose in the Town Square.

We were informed. Several times.

Well, there go the status ailments.

Finally, the Dream Team of Hut 1 has assembled.

Kate, the Orc Archer. Master of espionage.
egam, the Little Mage. The brains of the team.
Dante, the Demon. The hardboiled anti-hero who doesn’t play by the rules.
Also OhGod, the Bee, who is a fucking bee.

Oh wait I nearly forgot something.

Cucumbers still not done.

You might call this a close call. I call it “RuneFactory1.png”

Well, that’s enough near-death for one day. Tomorrow is the hour of the Sheep.

Dante is going to join us today. His intimidating qualities should frighten any sheep poachers away.

Goddamn, Dante’s got a stat block there. And some solid abilities. This is going to go gr

He’s almost dead. At least he distracted his Demon bretheren for me.

Oh also he stepped on a poison tile.

Farewell, Dante. You fucked up. So far Kate is still our most successful partner.

Alright, now just past these rocks to the sheep.

Past these rocks.

With my hammer.

Well I fucked that up.

Alright, just gonna take out my frustration on a wizard.

Also might as well farm these guys. Not only do the Shindras have a certain rare drop that’s really damn good, they have an ability I didn’t show off last time.

Here we go, this blue mist covers them…

And they heal to full. It’s a little annoying, but nothing to worry about if you keep up the combos.

Oh, also the room to the north has Ghosts.

Ghosts steal some HP with each hit, like the ants. Also like the ants, I have again been sealed.

Do you see why magic sucks in this game?

Thankfully, taking him down got me back to full HP, so may as well press on.

To the east is a huge tall room with some more Demons. Quite a step up from last cave’s constant Orcs.

Even further east! I’m starting to get lost in here.

I don’t even know what this spawner was I killed it so fast. The smart money is on “Demons”.

Oh, this one is Little Mages. This room has two spawners!

Oh no more apple boys

Finally we reach a door. So, I could go through this door to floor 2 if I had destroyed all the Floor 1 spawners. Unfortunately, the Wooly counts.

Exeunt, pursued by a Ghost.

Oh, here’s the other side of the gate in the first Rino room. Seems like there’s nothing to it but rocks, though.

Well. That was close. Only one way to celebrate a good spelunkin’.

SOME SWEET ASS NEW FISH BABY YEAHHH (that sheep block is really getting to me)

Not too bad.

Then Donnel went home and collapsed trying to pet OhGod.

...By the bee?

I’m not the one who never leaves her damn clinic.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and pet Leo by accident. Now that things are nice and awkward, we can reclaim our prize.

Finally, it is Sheep Time.

Dante was a failure, maybe egam can help us out.

He’s a wizard. He’s got wizard stats.

Also he’s smart enough to stay at a distance.

Oh hey, the Sweet Potatoes are ready. Gonna leave them for now, though, want that Rune for an actual run of the cave.

Eggplants are still gonna be a while, though.

Also egam just trampled on a poison tile.

Thankfully it works very slowly on monsters.

Look at this Iron Hammer. Finally we can defeat Volvagia and save Darunia.

Also, Silver! The next tier of ores, and pretty decent to sell too, if we're in a real pinch with money.

Still not free of Scrap Iron. Never free of Scrap Iron.

Alright, get pumped, egam, we’re goin’ in.

Uh egam it would help if you didn’t immolate the sheep.

Oh geez there’s too many of ‘em!

Finally, mission complete.

I’m sorry, I didn’t get the Micah reference. So we’re going with stone cold’s much beloved suggestion of “Shaun”.

Unfortunately the sheep are persistent. My faithful ally egam shoots fire while I fumble around trying to pull out my damn sword.

In the end, we stand victorious.

Well done, egam. Well done.

So uh, here’s Shaun.

The shears are, of course, meant for Woolys. I don’t think they work on anything else.

Making Shaun naked gets us a prize, however.

Woolys are the only source of this fur in the game. It can be made into Yarn with a machine bought from Ivan, and it has 3 levels, small, medium, and large. Since Shaun has no respect for us yet, he will only produce Small Fur.

Now that we’ve claimed it’s most valuable treasure, a sheep, we’ll begin to finish off Toros next time.

Also the SPRING FESTIVAL (we can’t do anything with it yet)

Now accepting names for Ghosts (though I probably won't get one they're pretty useless)