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Part 14: The Cookie Conundrum

Update 14: The Cookie Conundrum

So, short update here. This is one of those awkward situations where I could either have one giant ass update or two smaller ones and I'm taking the latter, because I've learned from a certain battle in a certain DS game in a certain LP that may have been 175 images (go to hell vyland).

Anyway Rune Factory.

We begin our journey to Toros Cave, to end it once and for all.

wait what the hell is this

Is Godwin giving me dating advice through the mail? Mr. Mayor, please don't spam my inbox.

Still, Spring Festival is tomorrow...but we have no cookies, and no ability to make cookies, so we can do nothing. I honestly don't know if it's even possible to have the house upgrade/kitchen for them by now.

egam is coming because he's the most competent of our allies. TO ADVENTURE!

Welp I got poked by demons until I was paralyzed and I'm not doing this whole thing like that. Guess I've gotta wait until I have money to buy some cures from Edward.

And here's a prime source of it! Those cucumbers from ages ago!

Rejoice, for the cukes are ours.

Also egam just murdered those orcs for no reason. Damn, egam. I wasn't even there.

Also the Sweet Potatoes are plucked, but something...weird happens. I hit Escape on accident here, and-

When I came back, the Rune was gone. I guess it disappears if you start picking the plants? Even the ones it's not floating over.

At least a SKILL UP in Logging helps calm my sadness.

After trudging back to Edward, it turns out that, if you're poor enough, he'll give you a free check-up and a typo.

(I was 2 gold short )

Speaking of which, hey, Edward, how would you like some fine S. Fur?

The veggies go in the box so Rosetta can finally have something to do.

I went to see if I could afford another Axe upgrade, but...

...Leo's not in his shop.

We can even sneak into his room.

He's not here either? Maybe he got too close to the fire and

Oh never mind he's at the bar.

: To forge a sword of scales shaved from Grimoire. That be my promise, aye. Aye, but Grimoire is a legendary beastie, an' I 'ave no idea what it be! Ho-Ho-Ho!

...You promised to make a sword out of the scales of an animal you don't even know has scales?

Oh yeah, Leo doesn't work when rain happens.

Emmett attempts to seduce Donnel into alcoholism, but we have bigger problems. Namely, our lack of cookies.

Sadly Emmett does not sell them. But hey, Sashimi! Let's get some of that.

Also a salad. That fish money pays off. Admittedly there was a double meaning to the sashimi.

Sabrina really likes it. We need to reach 3 FP with her to continue the Neumann sidequest, but there are cheaper ways of getting Sashimi, once we get an item from Ivan.

Still, it did not earn us a single FP with her. Only ghost ruins lady likes us.

Mist is in our home again.

Thanks, Mist.

Welp, time for the festival anyway!

No Festival Day is complete without some Eggplant watering.

This is the Spring Festival. The music changes, and the townspeople are scattered all over the village. Also, no stores are open.

Oh hey, Russell.

Glad to know you still exist.

So, the main and only function of the Spring Festival is that if you give a marriageable lady cookies, a cookable item, you get bonus love points. We have no way of making cookies, but there's still some special dialogue, so I figured I'd show a bit of it off.

Emmett is pioneering Oktoberfest in a land with no Germany.

Leo has no interest.

: Cookies to the lady that they are interested in?

Mist why are you standing at the end of a pier?

Don't give Melody gifts, she'll just ramble at you for like 4 text boxes.

I don't have any cookies!


I'm glad Jasper has taken his rightful position atop the stage, king of the festival.

I would give you the cookies if I could, Jasper. Fuck tradition. Fuck this town. I'm gonna have to go meet with the hermit.

You're a massive dork, Edward.

Sharron does not give a single damn about the Spring Festival. Thankfully, we can probably change her mind.

Happy Spring Festival, everyone!