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Part 15: Chimera Clash

Update 15: Chimera Clash

Hi everyone! We’re here with Ivan because it’s more interesting than starting every update in the house.

Time to down Toros Cave for good, but first, let’s see what Ivan has for sale!

Oh, that would be incredibly useful. I could Sashimi these fish and get more money for them, and better gifts, and-

Oh come on.

He’ll say that for literally everything in his inventory right now. Cooking is pretty much impossible until we buy that huge upgrade. I’ve got a timeframe in mind for doing that, but it won’t be for a while, so I won’t have to describe any of this stuff for a bit.

Edward’s Clinic is, thankfully, open on Holidays.

I grabbed two of these because Demons are a pain in the ass. Time to make the trek!

The stalwart wizard, egam, still holding his/her own out there.

I’m just sorta gonna breeze through the screens of this first floor, you’ve all seen it by now.

Looks like Eggplants still aren’t quite done. Huh. Sleeping Bag ought to do the trick later, though.

Remember you need your Hammer to reach the Woolie spawner!

My damage is now at the point where most of the time, if I run to the spawner quick enough, I can kill it before it creates a monster. No luck here, though, I had to fight this Shindra, but it was the first thing after the initial Demons..

Honestly the only real strategy against these guys is “Don’t stand in front of them”.

This one also got a spawn off.

The Wizard Civil War rages on as egam vanquishes another foe.

My new strategy with these jokers is to kite them into egam’s fireballs so I don’t have to get in potential paralysis range.

Works pretty well.

Donnel gains another level off of egam dispatching another usurper to his arcane throne.

Ah, shit, I’m missing one somewhere.

Oh yeah, the ghosts. Thankfully this wasn’t Sealing.

Alright, time to pop Escape and prepare for Phase 2, with all the first floor spawners eliminated.


Joy, Eggplants!

That’s...not that much RP. RP is honestly kinda hard to come by in this game, unless you’re really into tilling and farming every square you come across.

Alright, now back around to the door.

The gate disappears, and we get access to a save point. Good stuff.

Downstairs is a room that, for lack of a better description, is kinda shaped like a backwards 4?

Like, there’s an exit over here, in the northeast.

This is the one we’ll need to take first.

Because aha! A spawner!

It was more wizards.

The other exit to the “4” room is in the southwest.

Rows upon rows of tillable land. And wood. I’ll be coming back here for that, probably offscreen.

Also, a new enemy! This is the Silver Wolf, I think this is the only place it appears. It runs fast and it can melee pounce you for a lot of damage. It has one other fun property, but I’ll save that for a future update.

I just set to work on the spawner, since it seemed more interested in egam than me.

Oh no, he’s being mauled!

Thankfully egam is a trooper, and this final spawner around the corner went down easy.

That’s the last of the demons.

I’ve had like, no luck with drops except for these, which I’m swimming in. (Or I would be if I wasn’t just selling them)

That looks ominous enough. more nap.

Also, let’s eat the Salad for RP!

Wow, that was shit. Popeye lied to me, again.

Unfortunately, companion monsters cannot accompany us into boss doors.

Farewell, egam!

Well, what’s in here?

Oh. Hello.

Really? Giant pointed tail, wings, claws, and you’re fixated on the EYES?

How did you even get down here?

: It looks pretty powerful.

: You got that right! That thing is lethal! This is as far as I go! One should always know when it’s time to quit, Donnel. Don’t you forget that!

See ya.


Aaah shit it’s the Chimera! Boss Number Two, and a right pain in the ass. He’s packing nearly 500 HP, he’s fast, and he’s a major step up from Greater Daemon.

His most common attack is a chasing charge.

He can charge

For quite a while

This is all from the same attack

He’ll only stop once he’s close enough to start a pounce animation. As soon as you see that, you need to veer off to his left or right. I tried to take a swing at him here. Don’t do that.

He can also use this wide cone of frost breath. Best way to avoid this is probably just to hightail it directly away, because the spread is insane, and he can turn.

If he chooses to, the Chimera can simply pounce without the charge. Sometimes he’ll roar, and that’s usually a cue that if you get close, you’re getting pounced on. You...really don’t get many openings against him.

His final attack, and probably his weakest, is this. He fires two of the Shindra laser beams. This animation goes on a while, so if you can get to his side, cut him up now.

Healing Potions? A good call. (Also yes, you can equip them from the pause screen, I was just being dumb.

Just like the Daemon, he has a rage mode at 25% HP. He moves faster, hits harder, and shoots 4 beams instead of 2.

This really can be a rough fight.

Honestly, I’ll sometimes get greedy and go for a swipe while he’s rearing up to pounce. Most guides I found seem to advocate ONLY hitting him during the beam attack, but I’m impatient.

The breath also isn’t constant ticking damage, so you have invincibility frames to get out, or attack if you feel greedy.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening in this shot, I just love the Chimera’s face.

Even if the beam does hit you, 13 damage isn’t much at this point. It’s really his weakest ability. I think the Shindras he’s cribbing from do more.

This is the “proper” way to handle this fight. Kite him around until he goes for a beam, dodge it and slice away.

Rage again, but this time I’m feeling saucy and healthier.

I just sorta rushed him until he collapsed, down for the count.

See ya, Chimera.

I’m not even going to ask this time.

: I couldn’t just let it roam about here.

: You know, I think you fight with a certain noble flare, Donnel.

: Really?

: Well, I’ve never fought before so maybe I’m not the best judge…

: Oh…

You asshat.

: Zavier? I didn’t expect to find you in here.

: I’m investigating the secrets of this cave too! You’re not the only one trying to get to the bottom of this, Donnel!

The bottom of what? I can’t even remember why I’m here, to be honest!

: Oh really? So, what did you find out?

Who is we, Zavier. Who the fuck is we.

: Hey! What are you trying to say?

: Come on, you two, just settle down. It won’t do any good to fight in here.

: I wasn’t fighting! I was just stating the truth. And besides, Zavier ran off and abandoned you, Donnel!

: I didn’t abandon him! Donnel just didn’t flee fast enough!

I’m gonna have OhGod and Dante rough you the fuck up, Zavier.

: Did it even occur to you that he may need your help?

: Yeah but the door locked shut again!

And he storms out like a dork.

: You don’t know?

: Know what?

: Poor Zavier…

: What are you talking about?

Donnel, master communicator.

: Catch you later!

Well, that’s all she wrote here. Just some final chores to take care of.




Fishing elsewhere because that place sucked!


A new fish!

This went on for roughly 4 in game hours.

Now we’ve got a pack full of fish.

Those are some serious fish bucks.

That’s all for now, though. That’s two caves down...about 6 to go.

Also more people like us now. But only Tabatha has feelings for us. I’m not sure how.