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Part 16: Rescue Mission

Update 16: Rescue Mission

With Toros Cave cleared, it’s time Donnel moved on to his next objective, plumbing the depths of more dangerous caves for little to no reason.

It’s going to be a great day, where nothing goes horribly wrong in Kardia.

We’ve got mail again.

I would love to, but we don’t have access to the Definitely-Not-A-Chicken yet, so, uh…

One issue with the Rune Factory festivals is that a lot of them require a certain monster or the house upgrade, and that’s all well and good, but early game you’re unlikely to have them. So the first time some events happen, you just kinda have to wonder what you can do, and the answer is usually “not much”. That’s kind of a side effect of the game having a yearly cycle, though, so it’s no big deal.

I think Kate is about to kill OhGod off to the left there.

Shaun kinda looks depressed without his wool. Sorry, pal.

So before anything else I wanted to stock up on Ore, so I headed back to Toros and this screenshot of bizarre mid-animation particle effects occurred. Uh, I have no clue what’s going on here.

That’s a lot less confusing, that’s me getting whacked by a satan. Again.

Both crops I planted in Toros regrow, so hey, why not give them some watering while I’m here.

The Ore was good.

So good the “SKILL UP” letters whisked off screen before I could get a good shot of them. Toros is a land of poorly timed screenshots.

Alright, that’s enough of that, Donnel out. Let’s go see what Leo can do with these new ores.

But Chimera and Greater Daemon were totally different monsters. Why does that make anything fishy?

Please go lie down, Leo.

He’s got some new things in, notably this Two-Hand Sword, a slower but stronger alternative to the typical 3-hit combo swords.

And this, which is just a nice flat upgrade for our shield. I didn’t buy anything yet, because I just recalled that plot needs to happen now.

: The Greater Daemon in Carmite Cave is a bit of a worry.

We dealt with that thing like 8 updates ago godwin, what are you on about.

: I can’t issue the pass for the next cave yet. Donnel, I want you to settle down and live in our town. This town has many things including a hot spring and a library. You should go take a look.

I like that Godwin’s excuse for withholding the cave pass this time is “you haven’t been touristy enough”. Although, since this is a plot flag, you could potentially have like, lived here for 2 years and have him say this.

But fuck Godwin I want to fish some more.


I mean, we hit it with a sword, a lot.

Here’s the Salmon, by the way. It’s a new type of fish. I find the ocean ones tend to sell a little worse than the lake/river fish.

Soon Donnel will amass his fortune built on Fish and Grass. But what to do with all this fortune?

The Wind Sword rules, basically. I beat the game with this thing my first time. It keeps all the speed of the Broadsword, but adds a hefty damage bonus and Wind element, which is more effective against some monsters.

I also went ahead and got the Fishing Rod upgraded. I was considering the Watering Can, but we’ll be needing that soon.

Alright, let’s do what Godwin said and check out the Library. (this is not meant to be a pun, do not hold this one against me.)

Russell just immediately runs over to Donnel when you enter.

Look at Donnel’s goofy grin. What the fuck, Donnel.

: I can’t find her anywhere. She’s always going off to the caves. I keep telling her how dangerous it is.

Full screenshot left in so you can see Donnel still has that goofy smile despite the possible death of this man’s child in a cave.

: Thanks, I’ll look around outside.

Back to Godwin’s!

: I worry about that girl. I often hear that she goes off by herself from place to place.

: Mr. Mayor, could you please issue me a pass to try and find her?

: Let me see, that girl often said she wanted to go to Clemens Cave. Maybe she’s gone there? Okay Donnel, here’s a pass for Clemens Cave. Go there and see what’s going on.

: I will, Mr. Mayor.

Our destination is clear.

Jasper’s House.

We don’t have a...okay.

Thanks as always, Jasper.

: Cecilia? Sometimes she comes here. But I haven’t seen her for a while.

Most of the townspeople have lines for Cecilia’s disappearance, but it’s pretty much always just “Welp, I haven’t seen her.”

Felicity is only slightly concerned.

Good job scoping out that tree, Russell.

Where we really want to go is north of Toros. This sign should offer a hint.

Okay cool thanks Mei.

There are two dungeons on the mountain, but the first is this one, where we’re headed.

Well, this is a step up from “cold place”.


Oh, nope. Wizard.

: You must have a passion for curiosity to come here!

: I could say the same thing about you, Melody.

: I came to see if I could find a good hot spring.

You’re kinda fucked up, Melody.

: You ought to head back too, Donnel.

: Not yet. Cecilia’s lost, and I heard she wanted to explore this cave.

: Oh. Well, she does love caves. But I don’t see why she would want to come to this kind of place.

: I’m going to have a look around.

: Suit yourself, but I doubt she’s here. I’ll see you back in town.

And then Donnel was punched in the face by an ogre.

Maybe melody had a point.

I’m sure Cecilia can wait a day or two. Maybe we need some wheels. Or paws.