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Part 17: A Canine Companion

Update 17: A Canine Companion

Well, welcome back. It’s the day of the revered EGG FESTIVAL, and thus we’re going to spend the day celebrating and not worrying about that missing child in the slightest.

So, sadly, we can’t do shit at the Egg Festival. We’ll need something that gives us eggs first. So, for now, not much going on.

If you figure out how to get eggs from a demon, let me know.

Nicholas is apparently the only person in town who hasn’t let their excitement over eggs make them forget the child lost in the monster filled lava cave.

The various townsfolk have new stuff to say, but it’s pretty much all just “gee eggs are cool” so I won’t bother screencapping most of it.

...An egg based poem?

That just sounds like a hard boiled egg, Melody.

The shops are closed during festivals, but you can always get a checkup from Edward.

Or hear his fantastic commentary.

Oh shit the Egg Show just improved drastically.

I wish I could, Jasper. I wish I could.

I can’t tell if this is an insult or not, please advise.

Still checking that tree? Good work, Russell.

I’m bringing Shaun along for a quest into Toros Cave again, there’s one more thing I want to get out of there.

I also wanted to note that literally everyone in town likes us by at least 1 point now, except the guy who locked Donnel in a room with a Chimera, and Cecilia, who...oh...oh yeah, I should probably get on that.

Here are Shaun’s stats. He’s...honestly fairly useless in combat.

Still, onward!

I’m already doing a lot more damage with this new sword.

Those demons always manage to get a few hits in on me, though. Their spawn point is up against a wall and like, weird to hit.

These seem to have like, a super generous drop rate compared to most items.

Roughly 3 rooms in Shaun is demolished by this Wizard. Sorry, Shaun.

In Memory Of Sheep.

Although it turns out all that combat was pointless because the door stays open forever after you’ve unlocked it.

Look, it’s free XP and I got a sweet Devil Horn. Anyway, what I want is down here.

Two of what I want. Those are Silver Wolves, I’ll just have to pet one until it joins me.

Okay, new strategy.

This time, I rushed the spawner immediately and blew it up before it could send out the second wolf, then it was just a matter of petting the one left behind.

Admittedly we had a ton of good wolf name suggestions.

But SageGrimm knows that Donnel is already a demon.

...Yeah, even one wolf was fairly annoying to soak hits from. Little HP, heavy tackles.

Freshly rested, let’s head out for Clemens Cave, the new area.

Just filling up the watering can here.

Also, despite the brushing, nobody likes us. (That’s actually a stat that goes up)

So I wanted D-Dog for a reason.

It’s not his combat, because he’s roughly as good as Shaun, and you all saw how that ended.

It’s because Donnel is a reckless individual.




Yeah. So, riding monsters is a big boost to movement speed, and you can attack while mounted. It’s just the monster’s basic melee attack, but still. The monster will also take damage in place of you. Is it effective? Well, uh, we’ll see soon.

So my attack on D-Dog is pretty much just a single hit from my Wind Sword combo...but slower.

This enemy is a Troll, they’re just big beefy slow guys. They can knock you down, though, which...kinda stuns you for a while.

So much for D-Dog. The melee monsters in Rune Factory are kinda, as a whole, pretty terrible.

Still, this works fine for me. Sword’s got some range on it.

Heading to the west, there’s these little fire walls. You can’t pass them, but they don’t hurt you or anything. Why yes, this will be the cave gimmick.

The next room west of here has a recolor of an old friend. The ants! These Killer Ants are basically just higher statted versions of the originals.

So naturally I got Sealed.

Also in this room, another spawner. The Clemens Cave rooms are larger and more spacious than the ones in Toros, generally.

This is an Ignis. They just kinda cast Fireball at you, and they can heal themselves. Yeah, it’s a red Sindra. We haven’t even gotten to the laziest recolor here yet. Honestly, I think these are easier than the Sindras, because the fireball is an easier dodge than the laser.

Regardless, I get a level up off that guy. Now to the south…

Fields! Could come in handy. Probably not, but I can dream.

And here’s the southern exit. Why is this notable?

It locks behind you.

Yes, it’s another version of the ineffectual Carmite Squirrel Thing trap.

Now, you might think this is a Troll. No, this is a Titan. It’s blue. Yes, this is a recolor within two rooms. Yay, DS limitations!

Honestly the Titan is...very minimally different from the Trolls. He’s slow, and he has a stretchy punch that has good range, but leaves him totally open for you to loop around. Anyway, he’s out of the way...

Oh sweet, Wood. Also Cecilia.

: No…*sniffle* I-I’m okay…

: Your dad and the whole town are worried about you. You can’t come to places like this by yourself, you know!

Well, I mean, they were briefly worried. Then EGG SHOW happened and uh…

: *Sniffle* I’m sorry...I see what it was like in this cave…and then...I-I saw all kinds of m-monsters! I was so scared, I started to run, but then I couldn’t find my way back! *sob*

: Don’t don’t have to be scared any more.

: *Sob* I’m really sorry…

: I’m glad you’re all right.

When did...okay.

: M-Mist…*sniffle*

: Are you hurt?

: No...I’m okay…

: Thank goodness!

: Mist, how did you know this is where she’d be?

: You might not know it to look at me, but I have a kind of sixth sense when it comes to stuff like this.

You’re terrifying, Mist.

: Well, I’m impressed.

: Or maybe I just THINK I have a sixth sense? I don’t know.

: Um, okay…

: But, in any case, thank goodness we found Ceci all safe and sound, huh?

: Yes, thank goodness.

: Well, I’ll take Ceci home now, then.

: Oh, would you?

She just said so.

: Sure! Leave it to me.

: Thanks.

: No problem. Okay, Ceci, let’s go back to town now.

: Okay!

Well, that ended well. But I’ve got all this HP and RP…


Rubies are great because they aren’t hard to get here in Clemens, and they sell for 700 a piece. I went ahead and cleared all the breakable rocks we’ve seen so far, I’ll show my haul at the end of the update. (Minus scrap iron)

While I was running back through that second room, it uh, turns out there are 3 spawners. I missed the Queen Bees. They can poison you, crit you, and are just way worse versions of the Carmite ones. Much like the Ants, really.

This was from Mining, but I like to pretend it was Bee Fleeing.

I walked out with 2800 in gold off of 4 Rubies.

These Fire Crystals are a crafting ingredient, but also a top tier gift for Sharron, which is more handy to us at the moment because that poll is loving the ghost weirdo.

Diamonds are a little rarer, but they sell for 980. These gems also become upgrade materials later, and are fairly easy to obtain.

Also got some Iron and Silver, never a bad thing. Before I close out the update, it’s time to visit Sharron.

Uh, thanks for the sudden backstory, Melody?

...Sharron. We just…

Wait, you just said she wasn’t, but then you congratulated me, and...uh…

The translation for Rune Factory is not great.

Here, have a rock.


Wow, I think that boosted her a whole point.

I think that’s enough for now. Of course, we still have to actually clear out Clemens Cave...but that’s a task best suited for later.