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Part 18: Mining Miscellanea

Update 18: Mining Miscellanea

We’re amazing! It’s time for more Rune Factory. So, fair warning before this gets started, this update is boring! I don’t really make any progress. But this game has a lot of downtime for grinding money/crops/exp or whatever, and I’ve cancelled enough LPs already I figured it would be worth it to show off what a typical sort of “off day” in this game looks like.

I’m at Edward’s to get rid of that Seal from last time around, by the way.

Also quite a high price from all those gems.

I used that money to upgrade Donnel’s shield to the Iron Shield, which is 4 extra points of Defense that’ll help us out quite a bit in Clemens Cave.

Also had to check in with our old pal Jasper.

Never change, Jasper

Speaking of Cecilia, we should probably check up on her.

Well, she got over that traumatic incident quick.

: I read it a long time ago. I got so scared, I threw away all the stones I had! Or did I give them to Felicity…? Hee hee.


He says, bleeding, covered in ant remnants.

: Okay. I promise.

Russell oddly doesn’t seem to have anything to say about the whole Cecilia thing. I might have to use the talk option specifically in his menu.

Today Russell was selling cookbooks, so I picked up this one that gives us some recipes we can use without any utensils from Ivan. We can’t cook yet, since we have no kitchen, but I wanted to have it handy for when the time came.

Anyway, a quick bath and I’m headed back to Clemens for some more mining. This is probably the most efficient way to make money at this point in the game.

Ironically, for a game so based around farming, farming is almost never really worth your time.

D-Dog makes the travel quicker, even if he doesn’t last long in the cave itself.

You still can fight with ridable monsters while not on them, by the way. They just work on their own.

Work being a very...flexible term. That was one enemy.

Annnd there’s two. So long, D-Dog!

I get more Sword Points for beating up ants.

Oh, here’s an attack I forgot the Ifrits have. They can cast an AOE fire blast that covers them, and some of the surrounding area. It hurts and it takes a while to go away, so it’s generally their worst move to have to deal with.

Oh, and yes, this room locks every time. Donnel is never not shocked.

I couldn’t mine all the rocks this time, I was dreadfully low on HP/RP, but I did get two diamonds and a ruby, along with some Iron and such that I won’t bother making you look at.

Welp, time to faint.

I’m sorry, this is just way more efficient.

: Take care of yourself.

: Take care of yourself.

Yeah that’s great but can you buy my shiny rocks, doc?

Damn. Going to have to wait until tomorrow to get what I want from here, since it’s a holiday.

Meanwhile Ivan is gonna be smug at us for our shitty house.

That’s very...forward of you, Ivan.

I’m like 1900 Wood away. The house upgrade is such a grind. Thankfully, we’ll have a good time to do it soon, thanks to a really, really shitty cave mechanic coming up.

New Clemens strip mining strategy, just run by everything to conserve RP.

Scrap Iron, the most lucky of signs.

Alright, so, this time I’m going to take care of plowing the cave. Like Carmite, plowing 50 Squares of Clemens Cave is a prerequisite to get into the next one. This trend will continue throughout the game, the Cecilia thing was an outlier.

So, 6 rows of 6, minus 2 for stumps, that’s 34 squares.

Here’s another 15, that’s exactly 49 and...fuck.

Look at how much RP/HP those stumps still cost me. That was one. But alright, now that’s out of the way, time for the main event.

I’m going to make a fortune in rocks.

Or, I would, if I didn’t constantly just get Iron. Welp, onto the next day!

I’ve now fainted so many times that Edward is just looping his dialogue. There’s no more new reactions to it after this. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s played this game has seen this message several times.

Let’s get that rod back from Leo.

Upgrading the fishing rod improves the levels of possible fish we catch.

Leo might actually want these. I’m not sure why Edward keeps buying them.

That’s rude, Leo.

I’m upgrading the hoe now, mostly just because I can? I don’t find the upgrades on it very useful, I’d rather tunnel them into Hammer or Axe.

So, Tori’s only gameplay function is to tell you when new magic books are available at the library.

She also doesn’t tell you about all of them. It’s better to just check the shelf.

Like so! Fireball is that move the Little Mages cast, it’s a straight forward projectile. It’s also awful, as is all attack magic in this game, but once I get super rich I’ll try to show it off anyway.

Medication is actually really good, I’m buying that. It cures all status effects at the cost of some RP.

Cure is also decent, trading RP for HP at a pretty favorable rate.

Water Laser is what the Shindras and Chimera used. It pierces, but is otherwise not notable.

Now I finally have a spell other than Escape!

Oh? Mail?

Again this would be great if I had a kitchen. I can’t get that until the first day of Summer, sadly. You can get a Small Kitchen before the house upgrade.

That’s enough for now, though. Next time, hopefully some progress in Clemens. By the way, any monsters we’ve seen so far are fair game for name suggestions, though I’m unlikely to catch any of these...there’s two things I really want in the next cave though.

Monster List:
Killer Ant
Killer Bee