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Part 20: Donnel, MD: Episode 1

Update 20: Donnel, MD: Episode 1

Welcome back to the fast paced, wolf riding, sword swinging adventure. I’m about to hideously fail at clearing out a cave!

This should have been my first bad omen. I got smacked by a Troll.

The ants ruined poor D-Dog. They healed off him, for insult to injury.

Bad Omen 2: So you know how I was all hyped about that Wind Sword? Uh. I may have forgotten enemies have...elemental resistances. I usually do 20ish damage per swing. Bees lower it to 6. I might need a backup weapon. Also fuck bees.

Thankfully the Antidote Herbs are abundant in lava hell bee pit.

Uh, speaking of.

Good chance to try out our Medication spell, though! 80 HP regained and all status effects cleared? Good for the tiny RP cost. I think it’s less than a sword combo right now.

We haven’t been in this area before. It’s west of the Bee spawner, and full of planting land and some mining rocks.

Also a handy save point! That’s...weirdly early in the dungeon, at least if you take this path. To be honest, the layout of Clemens is weird. I’m trying to picture it right now and having trouble.

Here’s a spawner that’s generating our old Firey Friends. This was strike 3. So, the thing is, he’s hiding by the spawner, and in my rush to destroy it…

I ran directly into the fire AOE like 3 times. Donnel is hiding in this screenshot out of shame. These guys kinda suck to fight, because after you get a combo off, you can either make a beeline away, in which case you might eat a fireball to the ass, or circle it, in which case the fire AOE can wreck you.

This...did not go well. I’m going back to town, and we’ll have some villager chat.

: I’m happy she wasn’t injured, but you really should scold her, or she’ll just run off again!

Lady, your son locked me in a room with a chimera like a week ago.

Finally, we’re acknowledged.

Oh no stop

: Lara, the nurse that everyone loves. Felicity, the mayor’s daughter who is a little sick right now. Melody, the girl that runs the bathhouse in the witches outfit. She’s got some sort of charm. Tabatha, the girl who has a demeanor not from this world. Bianca, she’s selfish, but hot! Mei, she looks young, but is older than you’d think. She makes the most of that. Mist, she works earnestly, but this sometimes slips. Sharron, a surprise package who lives in the ruins. She’s tough to approach, but is still very pretty. Tori, the way she talks is a little gloomy, but men who like a gentle soul can’t resist her. And finally Rosetta, a girl with a wicked tongue who comes to collect your shipping boxes. Well, that’s it, they’re all so cute, it amazes me! I never know which one I’d choose.


That was 11 screenshots we’re never talking to Lukas again.

Well, uh, let’s see...someone else.

Camus will happily pay for our million pounds of fish.

Neumann, however, won’t sell to you on rainy days. This doesn’t really matter because he doesn’t have anything worth buying but the house upgrade anyway.

(I just noticed Felicity and Donnel have disappeared in this screenshot for some reason)

: I want to live in a better town. But I don’t know what I can do to help.

Flee, Felicity. Flee this horrible town of shitty caves and creepy poets.

It’s not time for the Bathhouse to open yet, but since we’re friends with Melody, we can drop by anyway.

Donnel, however, refuses to bathe without paying the fucking dime or whatever, so we can’t actually use it.

These are the only times you can find Melody in her room. Maybe she’ll have something interesting to say.

Thanks, Melody.

: I don’t know where I went wrong, but I ended up working in a bathhouse. I do wonder sometimes.

Okay, that kinda rules, Melody.

So, we can actually progress a sidequest now. We’ve broken 3 FP with Godwin.

That’s all we need for now.

: On behalf of the town, let me express our gratitude. Thank you very much indeed. By the way, what was in Clemens Cave? Was there another large monster in there?

Give it time, Godwin. Give it time.

For the next step of the sidequest, it’s got to be evening. So...uh...I could take a bathroom break, or make a sandwich, or...


Well, that didn’t take much time at all. Huh. Well, there’s that bee problem…

Time for a drastic solution.

Thanks, Tori.

It is time to become the hillbilly wizard.

Oh, we can grab Edward’s house key as well, since we’ve hit 3 FP with him as well. It’s not super useful. I think we can talk to Lara here as well.

So, someone earlier in the thread mentioned that these might be useful if they’re permanent, so I’m going to try them out. Oddly enough, you can only buy these one at a time. Maybe because they don’t stack?

Alright, back into Clemens for some...spelling tests. (kill me)

Oh no! A fearsome Titan is bearing down on Donnel!

Only Egam can help us now.

There’s about a half second cast time, but we can now shoot flame!

...19 damage? I get that much from a sword swing for like, a third of the RP!

It’s a little better on the bees at least. That’s 33, not 3 and 3. It doesn’t hit multiple foes. Magic is...pretty shit in this game.

Still, I was adamant, and spent far too much time sitting here hurling fireballs at bees.

At least this spell is still good. Still a pal, Egam.

Time to try out the Neutralizing Solution.

Huh. Works as advertised. I cleared out a little path. We’ll see if it’s still gone next time I enter the cave.

I spent the rest of my HP bar mining.

It was a sad haul. Dejected, Donnel trudges back home, sick of magic and rocks and bees and lava caves.

But maybe Godwin will have some advice after dark.

Or maybe...wait a minute.


...Oh. Oh fuck.

: Really? Hold on a moment.




holy shit i can’t believe you got tuberculosis from a rock