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Part 29: Get Rich Quick

Update 29: Get Rich Quick

It’s time to get loaded with gem money. The lack of an Axe means that this period of Pre-Misty Bloom-Grind-Hell is devoted to rocks.

Speaking of Rocks…

Books! A book about rocks!

Russell isn’t even working today, but Donnel pays anyway. He’s nice like that. Also this is a shitty library when you can’t even rent the books.

Our produce animals are giving their products again, but they’re all still at 0 FP, so there’s no upgrade to those for the moment. Also please ignore HiMoo clipping into D-Dog, I’m sure he’s fine.

First destination of the day is Toros, where I discovered I must have missed watering a single eggplant. Whoops.

Would have been nice to have HiMoo’s help here, but she got stuck on the lake. Have I mentioned that monster combat kinda sucks in this game?

Also, HiMoo’s model is so huge she manages to obscure pretty much everything. I swear, I’m not trying to beat my cow with a hammer, I just want that ore.

Back in the Test Chamber, the Test Demon is clipping his spear through Donnel’s neck. That’s rude.

Maybe Egam can help us solve the problem.

Well, that’s one solution.

Stone Spire shoots a line of rocks across a long distance, knocking down any enemies caught in the blast. It sadly also does pretty shit damage, but better than most of the other spells we’ve seen. I’d put this in the “good” group of offensive spells, but that’s in Rune Factory terms, so it’s really still crap.

HiMoo also took out the spawner while I was fumbling around for my sword. Thanks, buddy.

If you want to talk about good magic, though, Medication just restored both Donnel and HiMoo to full and cured the cow’s paralysis. That spell owns.

After mining the heck outta Toros, I went home. You sadly cannot take the animals in the house with you.

I’m just dumping off a lot of the ore we get here. It’ll be useful when we can craft things, but it just hogs inventory space otherwise. If I was smart, I’d have dropped off those Bird Wings too, but eh.

Oh, by the way, this game respects food safety laws, and you cannot store things like Milk on your shelf. There’s a special furnishing for that.

Holidays kinda bring all the NPCs out to the streets, like Lara here, who is saying this while I’m at literally about 10 hit points after I mined until Donnel’s arms bled.

Rosetta’s even out of her shop!

Nobody cares about Camus!

After a bath, I decided to drop by the bar again. Mostly to sell stuff, but this is also one of the rare places you can see Edward outside the hospital.

Also Neumann is being kinda creepy about his ex, literally like two feet from her. If only we could resolve this situation.

Be careful, Edward, you might develop a personality.

: I tell you, Donnel, we were meant to live in harmony with the land. Nothing good has ever come from machine civilization.

That has to be one of the most frightening things to hear from your doctor.

Regardless, one mining trip into Toros yielded a fifth of the money required to build the upgraded house. If only logging was like, half that fast.

So, because it’s a holiday, there’s something we can get at the Library that I totally forgot about until now, which is why this screenshot is out of nowhere, I was just killing time.

If you talk to Cecilia in her room upstairs…

More precious gems!

That’s the dumbest reason to like something I’ve ever heard, Lara.

Yes, this is Lara’s proposal item. Because it starts with “La”. Yeah, I...uh...I dunno.

So whatever let’s get hitched.

: I’m sorry.

Well, it was worth a shot.

Have fun on the shelf for eternity, Lapis Lazuli.

The evening mining trip took Donnel to Clemens. The only obnoxious thing about this cave now is that, to get the ore in the first room, I have to fight these ants, who still have a miniscule chance of inflicting Seal, the only thing Medication can’t cure. I’ve still got the cures in my inventory, but it would be slightly more annoying than usual.

I love the way Donnel hops when you do a charged up swing of the hammer.

Just wanted to note that he still has this reaction to the Titan room, despite this being easily the tenth or more time I’ve been in here.

The haul was really good this time, including this Ruby, which is worth nearly 12K BY ITSELF. There’s a reason I wanted the Silver Hammer ASAP.

Long story short, we’ve got all the money for the house now. Please avert your eyes from the Wood counter.

So, I spent the rest of the evening petting HiMoo. You only get FP for petting a monster once per day, but it does continue to give you EXP in the Communication skill, which makes befriending them easier in the future.

Of course, this eventually caused Donnel to collapse. All according to plan.

It’s Monday, so Russell has some interesting books in.

These will be necessary to make our own weapons and armor once the house upgrade comes along. They’re pretty damn expensive, but I want them all.

This last one is particularly pricey.

I’d complain about losing 25% of our funds on books we can’t use yet, but I’ll have that back soon enough. Like KatanariSword mentioned earlier, money is way easier to come by in RF1 than the later games, because they apparently start punishing you for forcing yourself to collapse every day? I dunno if I like the direction this series is taking.

I was getting Axe jitters.

Communication! Hooray! This one takes a while to raise.

With Fried aside me, I head into Toros again. This is sort of the route I’m using for all these ore grinding days.


The Eggplants have all sprouted now (I have no idea if that’s the correct term), and the Grazing Grass’s doing something. I think that’s growing. Either that or my game is bugged.

It is hard as hell to tell which tiles you have watered on these. This screenshot is even blown up to double size of the usual game screen.

During my mining, laying a beatdown on this sheep, which is laying a beatdown on Fried, gets me another Level Up. I can’t complain.

Mist is at our farm again, and she has a few lines I didn’t know were in the game.

: Grow a vegetable with a better seed and put it in the Seed Maker and out will come an even better seed. In other words, keep repeating this and the quality of seed will keep getting better!

I guess they do explain that in game? I thought they didn’t. It’s still overly tedious and not worth it when mining money exists, but it’s nice that you don’t totally have to bumble into figuring out how to upgrade your crops.

Rosetta I’m just here to sell rocks.

Another bath later, and it’s time for additional mining.

I got a ton of Fire Crystals this time, it was strange.

Thankfully, we know what to do with them. Keep in mind this is a full stack of eight, and if you give it to her, yes, she takes the whole stack.

It also doesn’t appear to raise LP any more than normal. Womp womp.

Also the bar is closed, so I can’t even dump off the rest of my findings.

Thanks, Sabrina.

Speaking of Sabrina, I wonder if Neumann can continue that sidequest, now that he’s not at the bar?

The answer is no.

Back to this. I actually tried to shove HiMoo into the corner so I could brush away without aiming, but she wandered off. Tricky cow.

Donnel is actually going to bed tonight, because I totally remembered and definitely did not google out of frustration that you need to talk to Sabrina in her house to continue the sidequest chain. Since she’s usually at the bar all night, morning is the best time to catch her there.

Time to go bother her at 6:00 AM about her failed marriage!

Getting right to the point, aren’t you, Donnel?

: I don’t remember.

: Sabrina, I know Neumann really regrets what he did.

Is Donnel giving people aggressive mid-conversation therapy now? One sec.

: But there is also Nicholas to think of. There are times when a boy needs his father.

: What? Don’t be so insolent! You’re still a child yourself, Donnel.

: I’m sorry.

: But, like you say, Nicholas is so fond of Neumann.

Ah, there we go. We’re nearly done with the quest now. Or, we would be, if getting into Kasimir didn’t require clearing…

Misty bloom cave


: But...please don’t tell this to Neumann. Promise me.

: Why not?

: The chalice must be handed to a couple by a third party. Neither I nor Neumann may touch it again.

This dumb cup has a ton of rules. Why don’t we just get Sharron to grab it, she can get in there.

: Right.

: If the chalice is ever returned to me, I may even consider taking Neumann back.

Even if he didn’t do anything to get it back? Okay.

Talking to Sabrina again reveals another clue to the Chalice’s location. We’ll deal with that in the future. A ways in the future. Because Misty Bloom Cave.

At least the axe is done.


Next time probably like 50 shots of Donnel hitting a stump. Also maybe something interesting. I hope.

I swear this hump ends eventually.