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Part 30: Fifteen Screenshots Of Donnel Hitting A Stump

Update 30: Fifteen Screenshots Of Donnel Hitting A Stump

You were forewarned.

Welcome back to Rune Factory.

The love of HiMoo should make you feel comfortable as you descend into the pit of madness.

Sadly, Leo didn’t have the Axe ready today, I must have miscounted, so I just did a mining run and went to bed.

But now…

Yes! Power courses through my veins! Level 3 Axe!

Speaking of Level 3, that’s the highest Leo can elevate one of your tools. You need to use the Smithing function to get them stronger, but that guessed it, the house upgrade. So basically, we’re now at the best possible chopping speed for farming the upgrade.

Toros Cave contained the first Stump to fall to our new weapon. That’s a lot less RP than it used to take. Stumps go down in 3 fully charged hits now, which is also significantly faster. It still feels slow.

Oh, hey, another stump.

Let me tell you, I love stumps.

So, has anybody played that new World Of Warcraft expansion? I hear that’s good.

It’s got that purple dude with the tattoos people like. I was never really into it, but he’s all over my browser ads.

I know what you’re thinking “Hippoman, shut the fuck up, also that’s a twig”, but every twig counts. Everything that brings me closer to 2000 Wood helps to heal my soul.

See that? That’s another 1 wood. That’s 1/2000th of the way there. In one screenshot. Fascinating.

Stairs? Where could they lead?

My god...more wood.

So, y’all seen that Stranger Things show?

I don’t even have a joke there, I’m just trying to be topical.

I might as well get some Camping points while I’m out here.

That stump regrew overnight!

It must not survive.

A whole new room! Full of wood!

So have y’all seen that Daredevil? Good show.

After a long day of wood chopping, it seems Donnel has a letter!

What? There might be content after all?

Thankfully, HiMoo is happy to supply the milk. It’s a dairy show, after all. I don’t think Cheese or Yogurt works, just FYI.

This triangular box is going to be Donnel’s magnum opus.

But I should get the Watering Can upgrade from Leo.

And then pass out.


You may note this is the first Festival we’ve encountered that Donnel can actually participate in! What a milestone! But first, let’s see what wise words the villagers have for us.

I thought they were called Peekamoos. Aren’t Buffamos the male ones?

Does...does Wesley think milk is piss?

I’m beginning to think Sabrina has a problem.

I will destroy this man and his stupid shoulder strap.

I don’t know what it is about Jean, but I read all of his lines in such an voice, and this was really funny to me for some reason.

Russell has hidden Lactose Intolerance, I guess?

If I wasn’t going to make the stupid log joke, this would be the update title.

A lot of Tabatha’s lines in particular seem to do this thing where parts of other, completely different conversations just butt their way in. I’m not sure what’s up with that.


We now must deposit our entry directly into the Maw Of The Jasper.

Now, you have to like, pasteurize this, and make sure it’s safe, and-


: How good is this! I have sampled all of this year’s milk, and so its time to announce the winner.

Why do you make it so hard to love you, Jasper.

Go fuck yourself, Sirius.

Oh, I make that much on a rock. Eh. Not too concerned. I definitely didn’t reload like, four times to see if this was random chance. Not me.

I think my cow hates me.

So, it turns out all the villagers get new lines after you win/lose the festivals. They really aren’t very interesting, it’s mostly just “Better luck next year!”

Donnel stomps off, axe in hand.


So, have y’all heard about...fuck, I’m out of references.

I won’t lie, this part of the game is a huge drag. I’m going to be offscreening most of it from now on. But I had limited time to put together an update this week, had some overtime at my job when I usually do this, so this update happened. I feel like it’s, at least, a good taste of what the Wood Grind feels like.

On the bright side, the Ignis dropped a treasure!

Unfortunately it’s shit.

So yeah. My sincerest apologies about this part of the game. I considered doing a dumb joke like sticking the DLC maps from FE12 in here,

I promise we’ll have content again, one day.

Also I miss my watering can.

Only 1253 Logs to go!

this was a mistake.