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Part 31: A Treasure Hunt Miracle

Update 31: A Treasure Hunt Miracle

So before I get into this update I want to note that it’s pretty short, because I just did one festival, but it’s a pretty damn important one. One I completely forgot about over the course of this LP.


So as I’ve been Wood Grinding, you eventually run into an issue. You run out of stumps in the dungeons. They do respawn, but only sometimes overnight. I’m not sure what the exact formula or anything for that is, but I do know that they won’t spawn in tilled tiles. So when I come across a room where I’ve done this, it makes me sad.

Thankfully, you can use the Hammer to untill tiles.

This also gives you skill levels.

Mining Levels, for some reason I guess just because you’re still hitting stuff with a hammer.

Still, this drastically slows wood gathering, because Rune Factory dislikes you personally.

Another thing I’ve been doing while wood grinding is buying up the books from Russell, since he has a new stock for each weekday. We can’t use them now, but we will be able to once we get the crafting stuff. They are required.

Speaking of which, FOR DINNER and FOR DINNER 2 are great names.

Russell also sasses the Blender.

He’s biased towards the Steamer, though.

Also, Friendship grows very slowly. After exhausting that whole supply of Feed, petting almost every day, our monsters have...1 FP. If only they were Sharron and I could just hurl crystals at them.

Here’s another event we haven’t seen yet. A tornado. This just basically means the day is wasted. Since Ivan’s stock rotates every holiday, and this is a holiday, I’m not sure if it just skips that step in the rotation? I kinda hope it does, because we can’t buy what he’s selling today yet.

I’ll find out soon enough.

The Tornado also messes up your fields, as an additional “fuck you” if you were trying to actually farm on them. It’s great for me though, because look at that bounty of stumps!

I also discovered this in the bottom left of the farm, this is where all the wood magically gets teleported to.

You can take individual pieces out, but I have no idea why you’d want to do so, as they don’t seem to do anything.

But onto the meat of things.

It’s time for the Treasure Hunt!

Again, all the villagers have stuff to say, but not much of it is very interesting.

Except Jasper. I love you, Jasper.

Also I think Lukas wants someone to die.

...The hell is that supposed to mean?

Even Zavier’s mom doesn’t like Zavier.

Godwin runs this festival instead of Jasper.

This is kind of a weird description too, as we will be searching a single cave for a single item, every year.

Donnel will do it. I hunger for update fodder.

: Compete to see who can find it the fastest! A hint to its hiding place is a “Dead End”. You have until 6 pm to find it.

Immediately start hauling ass, because you are, in fact, timed.

The Teleport spell, which instantly brings you to your house, would have been nice here. I was too dumb to buy it though, even though I spent a small fortune on the world’s shittiest wizard books.

Thankfully, Carmite Cave isn’t exactly hard to navigate. We’re looking for a spot on the second floor, it’s the same every year. The hint is pretty unhelpful, so this is really something you’ll do better at on subsequent years, or with a walkthrough.

Remember the first time these ants sealed me? What a day. Anyway, our target is…

This nondescript rock directly past the ant spawner. RF1 is not nice.

Why would you ever pick the second option?

Donnel, you made a beeline right for it.

Welp, orb out and hustle back.

Again, Teleport would shave some precious seconds off here.

I like that even the item description has no idea why this is the “treasure”.

That’s in game time. I’m not that slow. For the record, to get the best prize, you have to do under 20 minutes. I’m not even sure that’s possible, because it seems to take that long just running through the cave. Maybe if you hugged corners religiously and really worked it out. Or another way, but I’ll get to that.

Wow. Those are all good rewards. The bottle can only be grabbed once, so no getting a new one every Treasure Hunt. Still, I barely use my bottle, so I think you all know what the standout here is.

But...what if I did this a different way?

Take 2: Cheating.

This time I didn’t accept the festival from Godwin, and instead…

I’ll just go to Carmite and steal the book before he even mentions it!

No, it doesn’t actually work. It won’t spawn until you’ve accepted the Festival invite. Apparently this was different in the Japanese version, and you totally could just take it, but it disappeared from your inventory upon accepting the Festival.

However, if you put it on your didn’t do that, and you could easily cheat and get the sub-20 minute time.

But we do have a way of moving quicker…

Take 3: Tactical Lupine Action

Trying this again (Note that you only get one try, I’m loading a save a lot) and this time, making a detour to grab D-Dog for the added movement speed. Still, you waste time going in the barn and getting the animal.

D-Dog also takes corners like a semi-truck and is generally clunky. Still, got the book, got back to Godwin...

And accidentally dropped it in front of him. You can’t pick it back up. I’d have to go all the way back and grab a new one. This is a frequent issue with Rune Factory’s “drop” and “give” buttons both being A, make sure you invade everyone’s personal space.

Still, judging by the in-game clock, D-Dog actually slowed me down. So let’s just go back to that first method.

I will take that sweet wood. I’ll get the bottle if I do this next year.

Thanks, Godwin.

It is on the calendar.

But with that 500 Wood, we’re damn close. If I was a little faster and got sub-50 minutes, I could have snagged 1000, and sub-20 minutes is either 200,000G or 2000 Wood, bypassing the grind entirely. Still, I think it’s almost impossible without the glitch.

The Treasure Hunt is pretty much the best festival in the game for that reason alone. This is way better than the 5000G Dairy Show or whatever.

But, with all the new stumps in the yard...

This is a historic chop.

I am free.