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Part 32: Love Or Money

Update 32: Love Or Money

It is a joyous day here in Rune Factory, as the Wood Grind is finally complete.

Donnel is so excited he’s going to go mine some more rocks, because Neumann’s isn’t open yet.

Truly a beloved past time.

This sheep kicked my ass while I was trying to mine this rock.

Thankfully, through use of some clever tactics, he was defeated by his own bad pathing.

It wasn’t worth it.

So this is what Grazing Grass looks like on its second to last form, and it’s…’s a mess. I can’t tell if I’ve watered that at all, it’s a complete guessing game. It looks like the screenshot got halfway corrupted on upload, but no, that’s in the game.

Still, that won’t get me down today, it’s time to upgrade the house!

As the House Grind sinks into its grave, it slithers a single arm out of the ground and flips one more bird directly at you. We’re gonna have to wait ten days for the house to actually get done.

Rune Factory, everyone.

I guess it’s at least realistic or something. Anyway, we’re still getting small items from the produce animals, they have to be at a pretty high FP level to start upgrading.

Also here’s what happens if you try to, say, shove a ball of wool in the cheese machine. It just gets destroyed.

But I got curious.

Rock Cheese is a culinary invention Kardia is not yet prepared for.

Our funds are pretty desperately low, for the first time in ages.

So it’s back to this while I wait on the house. Still better than wood chopping.

I also went ahead and got the Hoe in for its final upgrade from Leo. Not that I’m really using it, but eh, might as well.

Russell’s books today are all the Accessory books, which have these very creative titles. These will allow you to craft accessories once you have an upgraded house.

The last one is also INSANELY EXPENSIVE and I couldn’t afford it. Next time.

While I’m here, though, let’s get the other useful spell I’ve neglected this entire game. Teleport.

It’s mercifully cheap, too.

Teleport lets you return home instantly from any location outside of a cave, as you can see by Donnel turning into a giant orb in the middle of the library.

I spent the rest of the day mining, and the ants actually sealed me again, so I get to finally use one of these Roundoffs. I bought these for the Mandragora fight. How time flies.

The next morning Donnel notices his wall is gone.

You can actually see the house being renovated, and that’s pretty cool.

I’m a big fan of that Mystery Tube.

It’s still early in the morning, so now I’m just bothering the townsfolk.

Hot Tip: Don’t have Teleport equipped and accidentally mix up the X and A buttons. It’s disheartening.

So, uh, take two…

Actually, yes.

Donnel! Come on!

: Ever since she was a little lassie, Rosetta believed in that legend. If you happen across it, let me know, okay?

: Sure.

Rosetta is less helpful with the sidequest hints.

She’s way more into the assault, though.

Back in Toros, the Grazing Grass is...err...done? Kinda? I guess I must have accidentally run out of water at some point and didn’t notice because wow, that texture.

So, here’s the Feed count pre-grass.

Finally get to use the sickle. But swords work too, so...the sickle is pretty useless.

Post-grass. Each square of grazing grass chopped gives you 1 Feed in each hut you have. It does not regrow, and it takes several days of watering to produce a batch of nine. Each monster eats one feed per day.

You can probably see how incredibly not worth it this is.

Meanwhile here’s a few minutes of mining, with which I can buy 200 Feed.

Mining is king of literally everything in this game.

Well, that was a night. Let’s go bother Rosetta again.

I just want your sidequest, I already took a vote and we’re more into the Ghost, sorry.

There we go.

: The White what?

: The White Stone! It’s a legendary stone. I’ve been searching for it for years!

: What happens if you find it?

: What happens?’s none of your business! Hmph!

Well then.

Also, yes, Grazing Grass does, apparently, produce Runes. There’s one on the other patch north of me as well. I do love Toros Cave now. The free runes.

The magic testing zone…

The water ghosts…

The white stones…


Donnel, there are probably a lot of White Stones.

This is, in fact, the one we want, though.

Nice. This is Rosetta’s required item for proposal, and the way to fulfill her sidequest

Also I got a level up from beating on wizards. But back to the stone.

I think Rosetta can wait a few days. There’s something I want to check first.

On Holidays from noon to 1:00…

(I already did Ivan, got a Small Kitchen and Fridge)

Lukas is at the pub. This conversation will only trigger there, because...Rune Factory.

: Sell it to me! Money is no object!


However, the 100K is a totally viable option.

It’s time for a moral choice. Do we give Rosetta the rock she’s been looking for over several years, fulfilling her longest wish for...uh...a White Stone? Or do we give it to this creepy poet but make mad bank off of it?

I’m leaving it up to you, the thread, masters of rock-based romance. Note that since we’re not marrying Rosetta, this doesn’t have any actual major consequences. If you want to marry Rosetta, don’t sell it, because it locks you out of marrying her forever.

Please cast your votes as to the fate of this rock.