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Part 35: Fall Finale Festivities

Update 35: Fall Finale Festivities

Rune Factory’s back, surprise.

Donnel’s still taking his inability to speak on his own date pretty hard. OhGod looks concerned for him. But at least I’m getting crafting materials out of it.

I promise, Lara, I am definitely not working hard in the field.

I wanted to show off for a moment that I have all the books now, except for Accessories 4/4. I’ll need to buy that on a Tuesday from Russell sometime.

Speaking of Accessories, these Silver Rings are a fantastic way to get early EXP in Decoration, because they’re low level and only require 1 Silver each.

Enough of those and I can finally put those Bird Wings from Mt. Gigant to work, upgrading the sleeping bag, which increases the amount of times you can use it. Still missing one ingredient, though. Don’t have any Strong String.

So normally you’d just kinda have to hope this dropped off of...something, but I’m a cheater and I looked it up, so I know it’s here at Mt. Gigant.

The targets are these forgettable spider enemies.

The Sword Beam, by the way, is ridiculous, doing 89 damage in a single blow to this poor bastard.

Didn’t take too long. I stuck around to get some more, though.

Sword Beam also PIERCES. It’s weird that the most useful offensive “magic” in this game is just not using the magic system at all.

I’m going to be pretty overleveled for Misty Bloom.

This second string took longer than the first, but we’re done.

As I was walking out, Lady Ann walked up the mountain. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an NPC move outside of a cutscene.

: I especially like the mountains on rainy days like today. Everyone says I’m crazy, though.

It’s a nice touch, I think.

Oh, the spiders can also seal you. That’s no fun.

But hey, mission complete

And that absolutely skyrocketed the Decoration skill. I’ll take it.

It’s a Holiday, so it’s Ivan time.

Finally, the cooking utensils! I got all of these.


Turns out I need the “Large Kitchen” for these. And because I didn’t have the house upgraded last time that was available...gonna have to wait for that to come around, buy it, and then wait these to roll around again. Well, damn.

Leo, however, is always open. And our fishing pole can still get another upgrade from him.

I could have done this myself, but I think it requires a monster drop, and this is easier.

Now then, new utensils!

The Knives are pretty much reserved for making Sashimi out of just about every fish in the damn game.

The frying pan is pretty versatile, using all ingredients from fish to produce.

And the blender is pretty much just juices. So you’ll need crops for that. I probably won’t use the blender much.

Now then, it’s the 20th…

Still 11 days to kill. Fear not, though, I’ll cut most of it.

A few highlights deserve showing, though. Like this! The Wool Show!

I should mention that my petting and feeding of these monsters has not gone to waste.

We finally have their top-end produce, like this egg bigger than Donnel’s torso!

And, nicest of all for now, a Large Fur. This should be solid fodder for the Wool Show.

That’s a pretty good Friendship score!

Ignore all those zeroes, they never have to know.

Just like the other festivals so far, everyone’s out in the streets to celebrate.

Mist has some fascinating insight for us.

No wonder everyone hates Zavier.

Then why are you in the plaza for the Wool Show? Bianca this was poorly planned.

I will not relive my dairy related failures.

I’m gonna BURY Camus.

Here we go…


What does that translate to? Your FP rises with every single townsperson!

Look at how beloved Donnel is now!

This is the bottom of the list! We’ve come a long way. (granted FP doesn’t really do anything past 3 for house keys, but I’m still happy.)

Never change, Jasper.

Uh, thanks?

Sharron, as usual, has nothing to say about the festivals. She has no joy.

Skip ahead a few days now, and...

Ivan’s got something special, it’s the only item he’ll stock today, and you need the house upgrade first.

: Well, I have to recommend the double bed. You’ll need a double bed before a girl will marry you! It’ll cost you 10,000g.

Of course, that’s a yes.

: Thanks as always! It’ll soon be delivered to your house.

Wow. It’s even red. There’s only one way Donnel knows to break in a new bed.

Passing out next to it.

Now that I’ve got my rod back, time to do a little fishing.

In front of Sharron, of course. Maybe Donnel can work up the courage to propose that way.


The actual reason I did this was to fill up on these Salmon, because they’re the best fish for early Cooking exp.

As shown here, although the final product looks…


...Gotta try it.

This has been a good update.

Cooking is still a pretty hard skill to level up, though, since it’s the only one where you can waste ingredients.

One nice thing about food is that it does stack in your inventory. I should note that the level of the dish doesn’t matter, the quality of ingredients doesn’t change anything.

Oh, there’s also this, the lamest holiday.

Nobody’s even out celebrating. Fishing Day has one purpose, and one purpose only.

It’s not talking to Lukas, but he’s got a hot tip for us.

: I wonder if it has anything to do with the increase in the number of monsters around here.

Fishing Day, instead, is a day you can give Mei fish.

It gives you a special message and raises her LP.

Still...very...slowly. Marrying Mei is terrible.

But Fall finally fades…

And Winter has come to Kardia.

Just a quick note, if you try to pet an animal at max FP (10), you don’t get the hearts popping out.

But we all know the real reason I’ve been waiting for this.

Next time, finally.

This accursed hellhole.