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Part 37: I Do-nnel

Update 37: I Do-nnel

I’d like to thank everyone for coming to the wedding of our favorite farmer (???) and cave ghost.

The Wedding in RF1 is basically just a lengthy cutscene. It starts as soon as your wife accepts your proposal.

Donnel has somehow found a nice...suit...thing, for the occasion.

And Sharron has a new neck thing!

: Very well. You may now kiss the bride.

The models kinda rotate.

: By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

And now every character walks up and gives a congratulations. Time for another shoutout to Lotus for creating all these character portraits, because here we go.

: Congratulations. You make a splendid pair!

: Way to go, Donnel! Now go be happy!

: Congrats! So, when should we be expecting a baby?

I don’t trust Edward to deliver children.

: This reminds me of when I was young. Enjoy yourselves!

You know, we never do see Ann’s husband or Tori/Zavier’s dad. What happened to that guy?

: very beautiful…

: Congratulations, Donnel! Let us handle Mist!

: Donnel! You look so handsome! I can’t wait to grow up so I can get married too!

: Congratulations. You make quite a couple. You two should drop by the library sometime.

: Congratulations. Both of you are so special. I’m sure you’ll get along splendidly!

You know, I have to many of these people even know Sharron? She just kinda hangs out at that cave all the time.

: Congratulations, Donnel. I hope you’ll still play with me even though you’re married now.

This must be the most awkward wedding in Kardian history.

: I never thought you two would wind up together! Still, I think you make a great pair. Best wishes!

: You’re embarking on a new life together. Here’s to your future!

: It must be nice being married. I’m so jealous!

Second place.

: I see you’ve decided to settle down here permanently, Donnel. Good luck!

: Congratulations. Now starts your real lives together! Best wishes!

: Congratulations! There be many troubles in life, but together, ‘da two of ya kin overcome any ‘urdle.

: Congratulations. I’m happy you’ve decided to build a new family here in this town, Donnel.

: Congratulations! This really is cause for celebration! I’m glad you chose to settle here, Donnel!

I still haven’t forgiven you for Misty Bloom Cave.

: You always seemed so caught up in your own affairs, I never knew you had it in you, boy!

: Congratulations, Donnel. I wrote a love poem for you!


: Ah ha ha…

Who keeps inviting Lukas to these things? (On a side note, if you marry Rosetta, he’s pissed off and it’s funny.)

: Donnel, this isn’t exactly a wedding gift, but you’re welcome to continue using the house and farm I lent you.

: Really?

What was your backup plan, Donnel? I think Sharron’s homeless.

: Sure! In fact, I kind of hope you will still use it!

: Thanks!

: So you married Sharron...And I thought you felt something for me… Oh well…

Bianca your LP was at like 3.

: Congratulations to the both of you. I can’t wait for the reception dinner!

: Congratulations, Donnel. May you be forever happy.

I’m not sure why the line starts like, halfway down the text box.

: We’re going to be so happy now that we’re married!

After the wedding, the game just sends you to the next day at noon. Also Sharron’s here now!

Oh god. Oh, choices.

Alright, thread. Vote time. Will Donnel’s new nickname be:

Honeybuns Edit: Sharron has denied the Honeybuns, because she hates fun.
Or….milord (don’t pick this.)

BOLD your votes! Unless they’re milord then just please reconsider.

Also Sharron will now give us donuts every day. That’s...that’s about the only real perk to marriage in Rune Factory.

It's worth noting that each spouse will give you a different daily food gift.

Bianca gives you Cake

Felicity gives you Cookies

Lara gives you Medicinal Herbs (what the fuck lara)

Mei gives you Baked Riceballs

Melody gives you Curry Noodles

Mist can give you either Tempura Udon, Tomato Seeds, Flour, or a Sardine.

Rosetta gives you Corn on the Cob

Tabatha gives you Corn (evidently not the same thing?)

Tori gives you Baked Apples