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Part 43: Final Preparations

Update 43: Final Preparations

:Welcome back to Iron Chef Kardia. Today, we have Chef Donnel on set.

:He appears, Chairman, to be looking at the new appliances from Update 42. What will he do with them?

:Chef Donnel is known for his unorthodox recipes, like using the Oven to shove an entire stick of butter into a Sweet Potato and calling it a day.

:He also appears to be shoving Grapes into a tumbler and mashing Grass in it. This is evidently alcoholic, a new twist from his typical fare with the Cooking Pot.

:He’s gesturing wildly at the best food item in the game, the Royal Curry, but he has no ability to actually cook, leading to questions as for why he’s here in the first place.

:He’s heated milk! The crowd is losing it!


:Unfortunately, it seems everything in the Steamer still eludes him. Better luck next time, Chef Donnel. The judges will be disappointed.

That was the worst bit I’ve ever done so I’m just gonna upgrade the Hammer and we’ll forget it happened.

Glad we’re past that.

Sharron, Donnel dismantled a tank. He’ll be fine. Still, she has a point. A little additional firepower never hurt.

It’s time to get to work.

Step 1 was grinding on these Demons back in Toros. This was oddly cathartic after they kicked my ass so much back in the early updates.

This drop came pretty quickly, which is good.

I needed it for this, the Icifier. It’s the fourth tier Water Sword. But I still need a Crystal, so it’s going to have to wait.

In addition, our trusty Aerial Blade could use a boost. I’ll need to grind out the two Bird Wings for this one.

So it’s back to Gigant to beat up on Weegulls some more. This took far too long.

Mostly because of these teasing chests. C’mon.

This isn’t a double shot, they dropped one after another.

I’m gonna be here for a while. This is why I like Screenshot LP.

...Well, THIS is interesting. Not what I wanted, but it’s a rare drop.

The Aero Element is a consumable that increases the damage of Wind elemental attacks. Permanently. Maybe this is how you’re supposed to make magic good? It still doesn’t seem to make a huge difference.

After eating it, you can see that Donnel’s Wind Attack and Defense stats have raised by one! It’s the little green swish. The game does such a poor job explaining elements (it doesn’t) that I can’t really go into details with math on what this does, but I assume it’s good. (that 10 Water Attack is from the Sea Cutter being equipped)

This was the aftermath of the wing grinding. I’m still not done. Fuck Weegulls. They didn’t even hit me, this was just RP backlash. So now I’ve got to wait until Melody’s bath opens, but let’s see what the gossip around town is.

Years, Nicholas. Centuries. All the stumps are mine now.

Donnel is a firm believer in abstinence only education. Also please never call him “lil’ donnel” again.

Most of the NPC comments are along these lines. Jean even questions how you did it with a sword. I’m not really sure.

Fuck why didn’t I call that update Tanking The Tank.

You don’t know how much I was hoping he would say “I wonder if BATTLE TANK is edible?”

Truly Awesome

Let’s Play Rune Factory: Truly Awesome

Speaking of truly awesome, not this.

Not only are these ludicrously expensive, they are the final magic books!

Oh, also I never showed off Water Laser. You’ve seen it from roughly every boss, but, I mean, I’ve come this far, I should go for 100%.

Bath, then wizardry.

Melody kinda rules.

Surprise here’s Water Laser. It’s one of the best spells because it pierces, comes out fast, and just does okay damage, but it’s really not worth using over a decent sword at this point.

Seems simple enough.

Meteor makes a .jpg fall from the sky.

It does pretty good AOE damage! This one’s not awful, but at a 15 RP per cast cost? Don’t bother.

At least it had some benefit.

Everyone say farewell to Egam Dnarg. This is his final spell.

It sucks. It whips up a wind AOE around you that does some okay damage to enemies at the cost of rooting you in place and eating 13 RP. Admittedly this would be better not against these wind resistant enemies.

Another one of these? Okay.

Night has fallen and I still don’t have the fucking bird wings.

Finally, I may rest.

Getting the Water Crystals from Misty Bloom was a cake walk compared to that. Mostly because I didn’t have to rely on monster drops. Which, by the way, are the only way to get Water Crystals while Misty Bloom is closed.

This cave sucks so much.

But the hard work pays off.

And I’ve got two weapons for the endgame!

But...what if…

donnel tore the fucking HEAVENS ASUNDER

My true gambit, revealed! For some reason the Heaven Asunder is easier to make than the Icifier despite the Icifier being a required ingredient. Just think “Rune Factory” and move on.

The Heaven Asunder is stupidly powerful. It’s not the best sword in the game, that thing takes way too long to get, but it’ll do just fine for beating the last dungeon. That’s almost triple the raw damage of the Aerial Blade, it has both Water and Wind powers, and a 6 hit combo. It’s ridiculous.

But in case there are any enemies with high elemental resistance in there, I want just a raw weapon as a backup. The ol’ Defender can be upgraded into this, which will do perfectly.

Before I start, though, there’s mail. Tomorrow is Sacred Night, which is kinda like Rune Factory Valentine’s Day.

Naturally dating (and forging) make Donnel pass out.

Sacred Night is a Holiday where, after nightfall, you can visit a marriage candidate in her house and have a “date”, that raises their LP by one. I think you can do multiples. Their LP must be above 7, though, and we don’t have anyone there but Sharron.

Although yes, if we did, we could totally cheat on her. But Donnel’s a good man.

A good man with two fuckoff swords.

I don’t know how to tell Camus that Melody’s bathhouse IS her home.

Just wanted to show that the Heaven Asunder sells for a ridiculous amount of money. I won’t sell it, but, I mean, it’s there.

I wonder what happened to Bianca’s mom. Does Jasper have a tragic backstory?

He eats away the pain

Since Donnel cannot date anyone tonight, he will instead do what he loves. Rubbing monsters.

ajkalan has both a demonic reference and a nice phonetic spelling to bypass that pesky name restriction.

Also WOW THE HEAVEN ASUNDER. 86 Damage in a single blow.

Sage Grimm gives us Sif the Hunter Wolf, a boss I totally beat because I definitely did not stop playing as soon as I got to the Anor Londo Bridge.

Fuck blood panthers

in the default name.

TooMuchAbstraction’s TypeO is the rarest of blood types, which is good because this monster is ugly and I don’t want to see it anymore.

why is it so close up?

Next up is egam’s cousin.

Sage Grimm reminds us of an old friend. Sadly the character limit gets in the way.

I also accidentally picked one of the Spinaches, so here’s what that looks like.

Sunset Turtle. There were a lot of good suggestions for this one.

But TooMuchAbstraction fit a Final Fantasy V reference into these 5 Legendary Characters. They are Characters. They are Legendary. There are even five of them.

That’s all for the monsters of Danaan Cave, so let’s get this final act started.

: So, it’s over!

: No, perhaps there is more to come.

: What?

: It’s true that I destroyed the tank, but their commander managed to escape.

: There’s a chance that their commander will lead more tanks.

If you don’t see any railroad tracks, I wouldn’t worry about it.

: Yes, a distinct possiblity.

: Right. Why do you think that the Sechs Empire want to invade us?

: I heard they are looking for Grimoire.

: Grimoire? But, Donnel, I thought you had sent it back to its former world.

: That’s what I thought too, but somehow Grimoire must have been a different creature.

: Is that so?

: Mr. Mayor, could you please issue me with a pass for the last cave? Grimoire may be in there.

: Of course.

No bullshit hoops to jump through or tiles to till this time. When there’s a direct threat of the village being destroyed by an enslaved god, Godwin gets down to brass tacks.

: This is the last cave in Kardia. Donnel, thanks for your hard work. Take care.

Well, guess this is it. Any advice, Sharron?

Thanks sharron.

Next time it’s the final dungeon.