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Part 48: Bonus Update: Marriage Poll

Bonus Update: Marriage Poll

So, eventually, our hero Donnel is going to have to settle down. Every day he comes home, alone, to his house, to nurse the million bug bites and bee stings he has recieved, and to lie in bed, alone, thinking about dying three times to a giant baboon. This is not the life we want for Donnel. But who is the Wife we want for Donnel? Rune Factory has 11 options. I've removed two of them because they either take way too much time or are actually impossible without hacking the game (I'll explain later.). To marry a character, you'll have to get their LP (Love Points) to 10 through various actions, and for some, complete a sidequest.

Let's meet our candidates. (Were I a more talented man, there'd be a photoshop of The Bachelor's logo here but the rose is replaced with a turnip or something, just pretend that's there EDIT: a more talented man made me this image, thanks Wayne!) We'll be seeing a lot more of them through the coming updates, so if you want to hold your vote back, or change it later, that's cool.

(Fantastic Turnip Art by Wayne)


She's the one who gave us the Axe and the Bottle. She's kind of blunt, but she means well. Plus, we'd have Jasper as an in-law, which is a definite pro. Questionable sense of gravity in haircut. Easy to marry, because you don't need to do any special bullshit, just talk to her a lot to raise her affection. Gifts do nothing for her, because she pretty much already owns the world.


Felicity is Mayor Godwin's daughter and she has definitely-not-tuberculosis. I think that's what killed poor Arran . References to dated LPs aside, we'll have to do a sidequest to marry Felicity. She's kind and helpful, despite her illness, and she's really into Eggplant Curd.


Lara is the nurse at the Clinic. She has ample reason to worry about Donnel because he constantly faints while trying to water his own plants. She pretty much never leaves the office, she doesn't even have a house. You need a special item to propose to her, but you'll get it as part of the plot anyway. She likes cake.


Melody is a witch or something but she manages the hot springs because Rune Factory 1 is a terrible place for a magic user. She's weird and pretty much just obsessed with the baths. In fact, the only way to raise her LP is to bathe a lot. She respects good hygiene. However, marrying her can sometimes make the game freak out and prevent you from ever using the bathhouse again. So that's no good. She has a minor sidequest to marry, but it's just conversations. Likes tea a lot.


Probably needs no introduction. Mist has been with us from the start, and she's...helpful to the point of being suspicious. Not really sure what her deal is, but she's been nice enough to us for now. Marrying Mist requires beating the game and tilling every single space on your farm. Little tedious, but not too bad. She's also a fan of Emery Flowers, which take... 120 days to grow. Thankfully she has other likes.


One of the shopkeepers, along with her dad, at PARTS. Rosetta is intelligent and headstrong, and she comes over to look at our box full of turnips every day anyway. Is currently being stalked by a weird poet. Marrying Rosetta requires Donnel to find a LEGENDARY ROCK, but is otherwise pretty straightforward. A fan of Baked Potatos.


The mysterious ruin-dweller and boot-reciever, Sharron is weird and likes to mumble about ancient secrets and shit. She's also a fan of Crystals, which are frequent mining drops later on and will make her a pretty easy candidate to marry. Her marriage sidequest involves a mystical sword that we can get through the main plotline pretty easily.


The maid at the Saint-Coquille house, Tabatha is good friends with Jasper and Bianca, naturally, but also with all the monsters of the animal kingdom. She's most interested in how many monsters Donnel can befriend and take care of. In fact, to marry her, you're required to have FIFTY MONSTERS living on your farm, which is at least 13 Huts of space. It's not an easy process. Also no, she'll never take off her hat.


Lady Ann's daughter and Zavier's brother, Tori works at the library. She's extremely into literature, which means that just going to the Library and reading the random shit Russell has on the shelves every day will raise her LP. She's very shy, but willing to help out if needed. Her sidequest just requires us to get a huge-ass jar of Milk, which would require some sort of...cow-like creature. If only that existed.

So, those are the options. If you'd like to vote for one, there's a nice format you can use that lets me count the votes easily that sheep-dodger pointed out to me, made by Ralith

Basically, just post, in bold:

1 (Your Choice Here) (make sure not to actually put it in parentheses)

And that's it. The program can scan the thread for those posts and tally it up for me. You can vote for more than one character if you want, just add a Semicolon after the names you put after 1. Please note that quoting posts doesn't count, so if you like somebody else's option, just copy/paste it.

EDIT BECAUSE I FRICKED IT: You only have to put the "1" down once. That just signifies the question being asked to the program. So if you wanted Sharron, but Melody was your second choice, you'd want to do: 1 Sharron; Melody

my bad

If that looks too complicated, just copy/paste what I have up there, replace (Your Choice Here) with a character you like, and put it all in Bold. That's it.

So, then, what about the other two candidates? Don't actually vote for them, but I'll explain:


Mei here is a traveler living at the Inn. She's also damn hard to find. Mei is a fan of fish, but only rare ones, including an extremely obnoxious to find one called the "Lover Snapper", which is only in one cave, requires the strongest fishing rod in the game, and is just a huge pain in the ass.

She's also now literally impossible to marry without hacking. You see, Rune Factory used to have Wi-Fi capability. You could trade items with friends. Each time you traded something, it went up one level. To marry Mei, you need to propose to her with a Lover Snapper of Level 80 or higher. So you'd need to sucker a friend into sitting there and trading, back and forth, with you, up to a possible 79 times. You'd then have a Lover Snapper and lose a friend.

Since the Nintendo Wi-Fi network is dead, this tedious hell sidequest is forever buried and Mei is no longer marriageable without hacking the game.


it's not actually jasper but if only.

So, submit your votes in the format above at whatever time you'd like, and I'll tally them up when we get towards the endgame and the best time to marry most of these characters. Until then we'll just flirt with everyone because that's how Donnel rolls I guess.