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Part 4: Collectibles Ep. IV

Chapter V Collectibles

Ok I lied. My favorite vista is in this collection. Marius taking on the horned men. Everything else in here is pretty standard. No huge reveals except for the Oracle in the chronicles we'll see coming up later in the actual game. Also apparently Vitallion served in Germania. I forget, did someone mentioned the XIV having actually ended up there after its use in Gual and before Britannia?

Chronicles - Chapter V

Vistas - Chapter V

Scrolls - Chapter V

So a heads up. The next couple of weeks are going to be INSANE for me, but I'm trying to make plans to have an episode up as soon as possible. It'll be tough but I think I'll manage it. I've set a high bar for myself with this last video so I think the pressure's on with this one... And its not the best of levels either. But we'll make due. And another big guest coming up if all works out well.