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Part 17: CHAPTER 6: The Yoshioka Dojo - [Part II]

Kiryuu at last meets up with Gion Touji and gets to work infiltrating the Yoshioka Dojo.

Some historical notes:

Gion Touji was not a real person, but is a prominent character in the Yoshikawa novel and in the Inagaki/Mifune film series, although his depiction in this game differs in some significant ways. His name has no connection to the town of Gion in which much of the game takes place. As mentioned previously, other works of fiction dealing with the life of Miyamoto Musashi generally set the capital's pleasure quarters in their real-life period location of Shimabara. The confusion only occurs because Sega decided to switch the setting to the more well-known and touristy Gion neighborhood.

Brace yourself, because it's sidquest time! And man are there a ton in this update as well.

We might as well start off by taking care of business in Gion, although we did all but one of the contract jobs last time.

However, if we pay a visit to Suiten Inari...

...we find a man lying on the ground and wailing.

Ugh.... I feel awful....

What's wrong?

I'm sorry, but.... could you bring.... a doctor? My chest feels.... so tight!

(Are there any doctors in the area? I should ask around.)

So Kiryuu begins his search. If we go out to the main road there are a few people who tell us they saw a doctor at the sushi shop, so that's our next stop.

There's a man in a faded smock sitting at the counter. Could he be our man?

Sorry to bother you, but are you a doctor?

Oh! You startled me. Yes, I'm a doctor.

There's a very sick man. Would you please come with me and help him?

Are you sure you want me to do it?

Yes. Please, we have to hurry.

Alright. Lead the way.

Kiryuu's teleportation powers come in handy once again and we're spared the walk back to the shrine.


Sorry it took so long. I brought a doctor.

I'm so embarrassed.

Let me take a look. Hmm.... I think I know what's wrong. Wait just a moment and I'll make some medicine.

Time passes, and the doctor breaks out his mortar and pestle.

It's ready. Here, drink this down.

How do you feel?

...... Wow! It doesn't hurt at all anymore.


I feel incredible! Thank you so, so much! This is for you. Please take it with my thanks.

He turns to Kiryuu.

And I owe you as well. This is to show my gratitude.

Received 1 ryou.

Thanks again! I'll see you later.

Looks like he made a complete recovery.

I owe you my thanks too.

Forget it. It's a doctor's duty to help people. Anyway, I'm Ken. It's nice to meet you.

Ho! I thought I saw that quack Ken come back here!


Who're you?

I'm Wakamatsu. I'm the top doctor in Gion, and don't you forget it!

Hmph. And what makes you think that?

A quack like you who kills his patients sure isn't one to challenge me.

Kills his patients?

Huh? You didn't know? A while back Ken here screwed up his treatment so bad he killed the man he was trying to help.

Is that true?

After that everyone started calling him Doctor Death. He used to be a real bigshot in Gion, but after that incident no one trusted him anymore. I would've thought he'd left town by now, but then here he is! My advice is to hurry up and get outta here while you can though.

I think you've run your mouth enough already.

It's okay.


He's right. I did kill one of my patients. I have only myself to blame. It's a doctor's job to save lives, and I've failed in the worst way a physician possibly can. There's nothing more to say.


Now you get it. Hurry up and pack your bags! We don't want you around here. Gion has the brilliant Doctor Wakamatsu now. There's no place for quacks like you here. Ha ha ha!

I'm sorry. I didn't want you to have to hear all that. But he's right. I'm a killer, and because of that I've lost the trust of the people in this town. If patients won't visit or call on me to treat their families then I can't be a doctor anymore. That's why I'll be leaving soon.

I wish I could have continued my work here in the place I was born and raised.


Anyway, thank you for believing in me today.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Well that's depressing. But something tells me we haven't seen the last of Dr. Ken.

Anyway, returning to the main drag we come across an unusual sight.

Two men stuck in an alley together.

Hnnnn! Hey, you're a kakemawari, aren'tcha?

C'mon, you gotta help us out!

Huh? What happened?

It doesn't matter. We're stuck. Come on and push us out into the road.

We'll pay you. I've got some money with me you can have.



I forgot to snap a shot of the contract, but this is an official kakemawari job - our last of the chapter.

I'll just push you out.

Good idea. You should go back 'round behind and push from there.

So that's what we'll do.

Push hard!

So now we just mash X until they're free.

Success! Wow, those are some tiny heads they've got.

Whew! You did it!

*cough* I thought I was gonna die in there.

What were you two doing back there?

I was coming from that side...

And I was coming from the other...

Then there was no way to get through. We tried to, like, push past, but got stuck in there.

Yeah, I thought I could get through. I lost a little weight lately, so...

And you know the rest! Ha ha!

Ha ha!

Anyway, here's your pay. Thanks a lot.

Received [1 ryou].


Got 1000 Experience Points

Just about the easiest job yet.

Kiryuu heads back to the Tatsuya to wash the wrestler sweat off his hands, but notices someone lurking outside.

Hey, you Kiryuu?

Who're you?

I'm a kakemawari. You have a 2 ryou debt, and now it's time to pay up. In full.

Hold on. I don't remember running up any tabs.

Don't play dumb! You were all over town blowing money you didn't have under the name Kiryuu Kazumanosuke of the Tatsuya.


Well? You gonna pay or not?

That wasn't me. Somebody else must have been using my name.

If that's true then you'd better find this guy and get the cash from him. I'm not gonna track him down for you. I'll be waiting right here 'till you come back with the money.

Fine. I'll look around. Do you know anything else about him? It will be hard without any leads.

Hmm... Oh yeah, he said he was going over to the sake shop next.


Let's hope he's still there.

What!? You're outta sake!?

Um, sir? Would you mind paying your bill now, please?

Ah, just put it on my tab.

I'm very sorry, sir, but our policy is to run tabs only for our most regular customers.

I'm Kiryuu Kazumanosuke of the Tatsuya. Don't tell me you haven't heard of me.

(What did he say?)

You're the legendary Dragon of Gion? I'm so very sorry, sir! I'll start a tab for you right away!

Yeah! That's more like it!

The imposter gets up to leave, but Kiryuu calls him out.


Are you the one going around charging things to the Tatsuya?

So what if I am? You wanna pick a fight with the Dragon of Gion, buddy?

I don't believe this. You're why that kakemawari came to me.

Whatcha whining about over there? Look, I'm gonna get another drink somewhere else.

You're not going anywhere. What you are going to do is pay back all the money you charged to the Tatsuya right now.

.....wait. Are you the real Dragon of Gion?

That's right.

Shit! He caught me! I gotta get out of here!

He runs for the exit and Kiryuu sluggishly follows.

But we catch up to him just down the street.

You can't get away. Now give me the money.

We'll see who's gonna be paying! Bring it on!

I'm sorry! I promise I'll never use your name again!

Give me all the money to cover the debts you've built up so far.

Um, how much is it so far?

2 ryou.

Whoa! That much!?

I don't want to hear that you can't afford it. You want to pick a fight with the Dragon of Gion?

....okay. I'll pay. Just don't beat me anymore.

Received [Debt Payment].

You're the real thing, that's for sure. I think I'll just slink away now....

The only thing left to do is to bring our shakedown earnings back to the Tatsuya.

So did you find the guy?

Yeah. Here's the money he owes.

Handed over [Debt Payment].

I figured you could do it. Well, I guess we're all done here.

This was a real pain in the ass.

Heh heh. Yeah, for you. But here, maybe this will make you feel better.

Received [Superb Steel].

So, you mind if I tell people I collected this debt from the real Dragon of Gion? I could wind up famous!


Got 1000 Experience Points

That's all there is in Gion for the time being, so we'll step out for a bit and see what's going on in Rakugai.

On the western edge of Shijou Avenue we spy a familiar face.

Welcome to the number one shop in the world, where the greatest treasures known to man are on sale for super-low prices: Tanaka's!

As always, today I'm featuring a spectacular one-of-a-kind item. Step right up and take a look!

I know how it is. With all the delicious fall dishes available these days it's easy to stuff yourself full. Everybody's putting a few more inches on their waistlines. Even you look a few pounds heavier, sir!

But never fear! Feast your eyes instead on this [Fullness Pouch]! It's not just any ordinary container. No sir! No, whenever you start to feel hungry just open it up and peer inside. Your cravings will melt away like magic!

And today this pouch can be yours half-off! A mere 500 mon! You won't find amazing deals like these at any other shop in town! Act now and you'll receive a cup of [Arashi Jelly] free! You don't want to miss this opportunity!

Well, our purchase worked out so well last time, we may as well give in to his charms again.


Thank you very much! Enjoy your purchase!

Received [Fullness Pouch].
Received [Arashi Jelly].

Please look forward to our next big sale!

We step away from Tanaka....

For like the only time in the entire game a "narrator" speaks (in text) describing Kiryuu's actions.

[NARRATOR]: Suddenly, Kiryuu began to feel mild pangs of hunger. He remembered what the merchant had said, and opened the [Fullness Pouch]....

[NARRATOR]: From the outside there appeared nothing out of the ordinary. Wondering whether he had been tricked, Kiryuu peered inside....

[NARRATOR]: Inside was drawn a picture of an obese woman, with the message: "If you eat too much you'll end up like her."


A large man appears out of nowhere.

Whoa! I almost ran into ya! Hey, that's a nice-looking pouch you got there. You mind if I have it? I just bought some sake but I don't have anything to carry it with and it's a long trip. I'll trade you this [Copper Plate] for it.

The pouch is useless and copper plates basically just exist to sell at the pawn shop for cash, so it's a good trade.

Sure, it's a deal.

Oh yeah? Hey, thanks buddy.

Traded the [Fullness Pouch] for the [Copper Plate].

Got 1500 Experience Points

Making the rounds, we pass by the sake shop on Shijou Avenue.

This guy runs up and accosts us as soon as we get close.

Hey there! Would you mind pretending for a minute you and I were out drinking together last night? You'd really be helping me out. You will? Great!

I haven't said anything yet!

C'mon buddy, I really need this! You're a guy too! We gotta help each other out, you know? Please, there isn't much time! I was out in Gion last night having a good time and this time my wife's gonna catch me for sure! I just need you to answer some questions for her. You know, about what "we" were doing yesterday.

What? I don't even know who the hell you are.

No problem! I'll signal you so you know how to answer. Please, we have to hurry! This'll just be this once, I promise!

Alright, so when I [nod my head] you should agree with what my wife says. When I [shake my head] you should disagree. And then when I [raise my arm] you should just ad-lib something good. Okay? Alright, let's go!

With no chance to refuse, we're ushered inside.

Good afternoon. My my, I can't believe my husband would know a fine-looking man like you. Do the two of you work together?

He shakes his head, but we're given three choices at each interval. If you screw this up you won't get "complete" for the sidequest, so you need to be careful. For example, this time we have:

1. That's right
2. No, not from work
3. I don't know him at all

Obviously, given our cue, 2 is the right answer.

No, not from work. We met here at the sake shop. We're drinking buddies.

Oh, I see. Anyway, about last night, my husband came home just before dawn this morning. I know the sake shop isn't open so late. After it closed where did he go and what was he up to?

He raises his hand.

1. Gambling Hall
2. I don't know
3. My place

After we closed up the shop we went to my place and kept drinking.

I see. Thank you for looking out for my husband. But I still have some questions. When I was washing the clothes he wore last night I couldn't help noticing a lovely scent coming off of them. Were there any women with the two of you?

He shakes his head. No shit.

1. No, there weren't
2. Yes, there were
3. That's my smell

No, just men. Maybe you were imagining it?

I suppose I could have been. There have been quite a few camellias in bloom lately. By the way, my husband used up every last mon of his spending money last night. What on earth did he spend so much on?

He raises his hand.

1. Booze
2. Women
3. Gambling

This is a tougher call, although it's obviously not 2.

Well, we know that she already knows he's a big drinker, so...


But he had a whole ryou!

One of our drinking buddies just had a son, so your husband treated everyone to a round of the best sake in celebration. He's a very warm-hearted and generous man.

....I see. I don't know if you can answer this, but this morning a letter came to our house written by a yuujo from Gion. Do you.... Do you think my husband is seeing a woman in Gion?

He shakes his head. Again, no shit.

1. That's right
2. No
3. I sent the letter

No, I asked her to send the letter and asked her to deliver it. I just wanted to go out drinking again. I'm sorry if I worried you.

So that's what was going on. I think I have a clearer picture of what happened last night now.

I'll let you off the hook this time.


Will you be coming directly home tonight?

Um, of course!

Thank you! She scares the hell out of me sometimes, but we did it! You really saved my hide there. Here, this is for your help.

Received [Quartz].

Got 1000 Experience Points

Had we failed she would have scolded him and the wife would have given us a tortoiseshell hairpin for being honest with her, but the quest counts only as "finished" on the completion list.

Hanging a right out of the sake shop, we head south down Hanami Lane.

Midway down the street Kiryuu spies the girl who tossed water on him in the last chapter about to make the same mistake with two rough-looking samurai.

Isn't that the innkeeper's daughter?

Hmm hmm....

Humming to herself, she splashes the men.


Oh my! I'm so sorry!

Hey! What the hell's wrong with you, huh!?

I'm so, so sorry!

Aw man, I'm soaked! This was a brand new kimono, and pretty expensive too. What are you gonna do about that?

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I'm so sorry!

Shut up already, you stupid bitch!

Her father appears.

What seems to be the trouble, sir?

You her old man? How are you gonna take care of this, huh? She fucked up my clothes!

My deepest apologies!

You gonna pay me back?

Um, how much would you require?

Well, let's see.... About 100 ryou should do it.

A hundred!? But that's so much!

What's that? You saying you can't pay? This is all your daughter's fault!

I'm so sorry! Isn't there some other way I can make it up to you?

I'm sorry!

....fine. Because we're such nice guys and all, we'll let it go if you give us the girl for awhile.


I can't let you do that!

Relax! It'll be fun! Now shut up and come with us, girl.

Ah! Father! Help!


Kiryuu has apparently stalked up behind them.

Hey! That's enough.

Huh? Who're you?

It doesn't matter. You've caused enough trouble and it's time for you to leave.

Mind your own business! Unless you want to pay the 100 ryou for my kimono?

We could pay if we wanted. To give an idea how much this is, on my now 5th playthrough I've got about 170 ryou total.

Is that a joke? That looks like a cheap old rag to me.

What did you say?

Enough with the accusations. She didn't do it on purpose, so let it go.

Shut up! Law and order types like you make me want to throw up! I'm gonna teach you a lesson.

Don't hit us anymore! We give up!

Good. Then I'll let this slide. And you're going to let the kimono slide too, aren't you?

Yeah, sure! I was just thinking about what a hot day it is. It really helps to cool off with a nice splash of water, you know? I feel better already. See you!

We owe you a debt once again. Thank you so much. Here. It isn't much, but it's a small token of our appreciation for helping us today.

You don't have to give me anything.

Sir samurai, if you hadn't come to our aid when you did, who knows what would have become of us? Please accept it.

Received [2 ryou].

Miyo, be sure to thank the kind man.

*sobbing* Thank you! Oh, thank you so much!

It was nothing. Um, I know you were scared, but could you turn down the crying a notch?

I'm not crying just because I was frightened.

Then why?

No matter what I try to do, I mess it up somehow. I threw water on you by mistake before, then the incident today....

I'm always causing trouble. I'm useless!


Got 1000 Experience Points

Huh. So that took kind of a dark turn at the end there. No words of encouragement, Kiryuu? Well, as you might guess we haven't seen the last of this pair.

Since we're in the neighborhood we'll pay the blacksmith a visit and see if he has any interesting news.

The smith himself doesn't seem to be around, but one of his assistants looks troubled.

What's the matter?

Oh, you're the one who uses the greatsword the Master built.

You have a good memory.

You bet! I was so impressed my Master could craft such a fine weapon. There's no one else who could. I remember when you tested it out like it was yesterday.

I see.

After that day I really wanted to create something like that myself.

So is that why were you sighing before?

Yes. I was determined to follow in my Master's footsteps, so I set to work on my own sword. But I hammered it too hard, and the edge of the blade became notched and brittle.

That's too bad.

Now it can't even cut through a sheet of paper. I'm so ashamed and I don't want the Master to see my failure, but I don't have any opportunity to get rid of the sword without him seeing.

We have the choice to accept the [Blunt Iron Sword] or not, but of course we will.

I'll take it off your hands, if you like.


But are you sure you want to throw it away?

....I am. The sword is yours now.

Received [Blunt Iron Sword].

Note that this isn't a greatsword but a katana instead.

Thank you for saying you wanted the sword, even if you were just being polite.

I'm sure you'll do better next time.

Absolutely! I'll do my best.

Let's get out of here and take a little stroll. All the way to the Mountain Road.

We're going to pay a visit to the same waterfall where Kiryuu "trained his mind" in the video.

If you're familiar with Aesop's Fables (or played A Link to the Past) you can probably guess what's coming up. Apparently you can hear people around town talking about a rumor that if you throw your sword into the waterfall you'll be rewarded, but this will trigger even if you've never talked to them.

[PROMPT]: Will you throw the [Blunt Iron Sword] into the water?

Choice time:
1. I'll try throwing it in and see what happens
2. His sword is a samurai's lifeblood! I could never do that

If we don't go with option 1 we'll never finish this sidequest though.


(....nothing happened.)


Well, it was a hunk of junk anyway, right?


The goddess(?) comes out of the water, apparently.

Please wait.

Is something wrong?

I threw my sword into the water.

I see. That is unfortunate. But I will search for it for you.

*fade to black*


I may have found it. It seems unlikely, but was this golden sword the one you lost?

Choice time. Kiryuu's an honest guy.

No, that's not it.

I see. I shall try again.

*fade to black*


I may have found it. Could this silver sword be the one you threw away?

You already know the answer.

No, that's not it either.

I see. What an honest man you are.

But I'm sorry, it looks like I can't help you.


I could not find your sword in the water. It looks like you should just give up.

(What did she say!?)

Well then, goodbye.

Hey! Hold on!


(I can't just give up. I need to find that woman again.)

Well, Kenzan doesn't have a swimming mechanic, so the only thing to do is head back down the path to the Mountain Road.

But what's this? The "goddess" laughing it up with some yokel, and right in front of the only exit from the waterfall path like an idiot?

(Hey, isn't that....)

This is the easiest job ever! All we gotta do is sit and wait while more and more idiots come along and throw their swords in the water!

I thought that last guy was going to be smarter, but he turned out just as dumb as all the rest! Isn't a warrior supposed to value his sword like his own life? And they just throw them away.

Ha ha! Damn straight! They think they're gonna get a gold sword and a silver one too. Yeah right!

But I'm worried about the rumors. They might get us in trouble.

Are you the ones spreading those rumors?

It's you!

Give me back my sword.

Hey dumbass, you threw that sword in the water all by yourself. You don't have to do whatever people tell you, ya know?

He actually has a point there.

If you want it back you're gonna have to take it from me!

I give up! Here, take it back!

Received [Blunt Iron Sword].

So are you going to stop this scam?

We will. Here, let me give you these as well.

Received [Golden Sword] and [Silver Sword].

Um, see ya!

Got 1000 Experience Points

The Blunt Iron Sword isn't an actual weapon, just a sidequest item that goes in our "special inventory" along with stuff like the revelation pictures. The Silver Sword and Golden Sword are usable though, and the latter can actually be forged into some decent weapons once we have the right guide.

Anyway, let's go back to Rakugai.

Just inside the town we can overhear a couple complaining about something.

As usual, Kiryuu sticks his nose in.

Is something wrong?

Oh, a samurai! How lucky we ran into you. This may seem like an odd question, but how are you with a sword?

We have two choices:

1. So-so
2. I suck

Go with the lesser of two evils then....

I suppose I'm not too bad.

In that case would you listen to what we have to say? You see, lately there have been a lot of bandits on the roads.

So many people have said they've been attacked on the Mountain Road by one in particular. He's so scary that people won't even go that way anymore.

Please help us, sir! we're begging you!

The rumor is that he lurks by the little stream near the small temple. Please be careful, sir!


So I guess that means we head back to where we just came from.

Jogging just past the little temple/hut where we began Chapter 4 with the mysterious monk, there's a little bridge with a big guy blocking it.

Whoa! Hold in right there! Ha! This is my bridge! Nobody can cross!

Okay, so this guy calls himself "Kintarou" (lots of people talk in the 3rd person in Japanese) and the kanji on his shirt (bib?) is "kin".

Kintarou is a well-known Japanese myth about a super-powered boy and his fantastic adventures. The name is literally translated as "The Golden Boy". This guy in front of Kiryuu, however, uses a different kanji: "muscle" instead of "gold". So he's "The Muscle Boy".

You! You want to cross?

We can say no, but we'd just have to talk to him again.

Sorry, I need to get by.

Hold it! Didn't you hear me say nobody can cross? If you want to, you have to beat me! And no weapons!

Fine by me. I don't need a sword for you.

As a sumo type enemy, Kintarou is pretty tough. On this difficulty he blocks everything and is immune to grabs, and unlike the trio of sumo prostitutes we faced last update this time we don't have access to our non-sword weapons like umbrellas and pipes. Sometimes you can get a lucky kick in on his nuts, and about four of those will bring him down, but sumo guys have a long range on their unbreakable grab - much longer than Kiryuu's kicking range - and getting thrown does a lot of damage to you. Of course, if you have some HEAT built up you can take him down with one of the half dozen environmental weapons lying around this arena, which is what I did. Otherwise you'll have to go for the ball-kicking strategy and hope you can land enough hits before he throws you to death.


A promise is a promise. Let me pass.

I only lost because I'm so hungry! Otherwise I could never be beaten! Hey, do you have something to eat?

We can make a choice here. It seems foolish to me to feed the guy who thinks food will give him enough power to beat us up, but that is the correct choice.

Fortunately, Kiryuu has some old manjuu in his pocket I picked up at the market a long time ago.

Here, you can have this.

Wait, really? You're giving that to me?

You said you're hungry, right?

W'ah, w'ahhhhhh! I'm so happy! Nobody's been this nice to me since my dear old mother died.


I really want to get along with people. I always wanted to play with the other kids, but the adults in town always called me names like "fatass" and "bakatarou".....

baka means "stupid".

Whenever anyone invited me over I'd end up eating all the food and then they'd chase me out. That's why I ended up out here.

I see. But you can't do this anymore. I'm sure there's something in the world you're good at. Something only you can do.

You really think so? Even though I'm so stupid?

I'm sure of it. You're strong. You should use that strength for a good purpose.

You're right. Then I'll do my best, Mr. samurai. Here, this is for you. A man who came here earlier dropped it when he ran away.

Received [Vermillion Hairpin].

Alright, I'm off to show the world what I can do!

Got 1000 Experience Points

You can expect to see this guy again in later chapters for sure.