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Part 24: CHAPTER 7: Inferno - [Part II]

This time Itou, Kouetsu and Kiryuu lay the groundwork for the operation at the Tsuruya. This update is coming a little early since the last one didn't have any plot progression. There will be another bonus update coming in a few days as well.

Some historical notes:

Despite his greater familiarity to modern audiences, thanks mainly to his role in the life story of Miyamoto Musashi, Sasaki Kojirou was not nearly as well-known in his own lifetime as Itou Ittousai or Yagyuu Sekishuusai. Concrete details about his true life are hard to pin down, as he never did firmly establish his own school of swordsmanship, which he intended to call the "Ganryuu Style".

Not as many sidequests to deal with as in the previous update, but we do have six more, plus two bounties. The next chapter will be pretty light on these, followed a whole slew of them in Chapter 9, and then the rest of the game is relatively smooth sailing with just a handful scattered around the last few chapters.

By popular demand, Kiryuu's strapped on the Silver Sword for the time being. It's total crap all around, but we should be able to handle at least one fight with it.

At the western end of Shijou Street, Kiryuu is just in time to witness a purse-snatching. (Notice the sneaky guy dressed in black behind the monk).

Oof! Hey! Somebody stop that man!

He turns to us.

Could you catch him? He stole my bag! He was wearing a black outfit and hood.


Thank you, sir!

So we jog around the corner.

Hey, you. You stole that monk's bag. Hand it over.


He runs off and Kiryuu just watches him go.

So now we chase him around the next corner.

He's sitting playing shogi right outside the game parlor.



Off he goes again.

One more time....

Now he's wedged himself between the weapon shop and some street vendor's stand.



Hand over the bag.


Nothing special about this fight since he's unarmed. I used the Silver Sword for it, but there will be a better fight with it later.

I won't steal anymore! Please let me go!

Fine. Give me back the monk's bag.


Received [Monk's Bag].

The thief runs off, but Kiryuu notices something odd.

(The bag is partly open.)

(Hm? What's this? Hair? Does this wig belong to that monk?)

Well, we got what we came for, so let's jet on back to where we left the old guy waiting.

I got it back.

Handed over [Monk's Bag].

Thank you! Hm? Oh, the bag is open.... That thief must have rummaged through it.

About what's inside....

Ah, that is the hair I shaved when I entered the monastery.

So.... it's not a wig then?

Ha ha ha! Of course not! Here, please take this for your assistance.

Received [Hermit Stone].

Got 1500 Experience Points

The quest ends here, but if you go to Gion later.... can see someone who looks like the monk, but with a suspiciously full head of hair.

(Eh? Isn't that the monk I met earlier in Rakugai?)

So of course we butt in and put him on the spot.

Hey, aren't you the monk I met in Rakugai today?

Hm? Who are you? I think you have the wrong person. If I was a monk would I be out playing around in a place like this? Good day, sir.

(....... I knew it was a wig.)

Anyway, back in Rakugai, if we pass down Hanami Lane (where the blacksmith is) we run into someone.



Oof! Hey, sorry about that. I was kind of daydreaming there and I didn't see you. Are you okay?

It's alright, I'm fine.

That's good. You take care now.




Whew! It's pretty hot today....

*crackle* *crackle*

What's that sound?

*crackle* *crackle*



Ahh! Did my pipe do that? Wh-What should I do!? I'm so sorry! Oh, I can't put it out! What are you supposed to do in case of fire?

Three choices:

1. Call a doctor!
2. Call a priest!
3. Call the fire brigade!

Call the fire brigade!


Help! Someone help! FIRE!

Uh, I think you're going to burn up before they get here! W'ahhh! What should we do!?

(I'm getting toasted here.)

we actully do lose a small chunk of health.

(Damn! What am I going to do?)



Whew. It's out. That was close. But where did that water come from?

Ah! Oh, I'm so sorry!

Sorry, sorry! I'm so sorry!

Are you the one who threw the water on him?

Uh, yes.

Oh yeah? Hey, you really saved us there!


If you hadn't tossed that water on him this guy would've burnt to a crisp and it would've been all my fault. Heh, I guess we can laugh about it now, but I thought I was gonna get somebody killed. I really owe you a lot! Thanks!

Um, yes, of course. Anytime.

He turns to Kiryuu.

And I'm really sorry again about all this.

Just be more careful from now on.

I will. Here, I want you to have this as a kind of apology.

Received [Gold-trimmed Tobacco Pouch].

I need to be going now. Sorry again.

You really saved me today. Thank you.

No, please don't thank me. I didn't do anything.

But you did. And you showed how useful you can be.

Eh? But what if I accidentally throw water on another samurai and he gets upset?

If you hadn't thrown water on me I'd have been burned alive.

But that was just an accident!

Of course it was, but nonetheless you saved my life, whether you intended to or not. You've done a good and important deed just now. Don't let anyone ever tell you you're useless again. There are clearly people in the world who need you, like I did today.

Sir.... I understand! I promise I'll do what I can from now on. Thank you for everything.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Maybe Miyo should join the fire brigade? They never did show up, did they?

On to the next quest. Last time we helped out the chili girl's father and the two of them are still there, selling those peppers.

Thanks to that compress my back's better than ever. But business is slower than I expected and I think it's because we have such a small range of products. It's time for us to come up with some new flavors. That's why I have a favor to ask. Would you mind gathering some ingredients you think would really spice up our chili peppers, so to speak, and bringing them here? I'll try to use them to create a new taste sensation! In return, you can have some free samples of whatever I come up with.

A new flavor, huh?

All my life I've been selling the same old thing. Now's my chance to branch out a little. Maybe we can get our products noticed by some of the big restaurants around here and who knows where that could go? Please help us out.

There's not much to go on. We need to bring him two ingredients for now, and obviously they should be food ingredients. Several shops around here sell things like that, and they're pretty cheap so you can force the solution by just buying one of each and trying them all. However, most of what he actually wants can be bought right across the street at the Rakugai pharmacy.

I said we need two ingredients for now, but he'll want six in total. Four of them are these four items in a row, which are ginger, sesame seeds, etc.

One more thing he wants comes from this unusual vendor just a few stalls west of the chili sellers. He sells turtles and food to feed them to make them more powerful in the races. One of his wares is seaweed, which we need.

The final ingredient comes from the Arigataya Market. It's a mandarin orange.

Now that we have all that let's bring them back and hand them over.

We can give him any two; it makes no difference which.

[Dried Seaweed]? Are you sure I can have this?

Go ahead.

It's the same dialogue for every item other than what's in the brackets.

Thank you, sir. I think I've developed a tasty new flavor. Please take one.

(I wonder what he could possibly have come up with.)

Here you are. A [Three Spice Chili Pepper]!

Received [Three Spice Chili Pepper].

But I think I can still do more. Would you please bring me a couple of other ingredients?

Rinse and repeat two more times. The dialogue doesn't really change, but his recipe does.

Received [Five Spice Chili Pepper].

Received [Seven Spice Chili Pepper].

I finally did it! This is the flavor I've been searching for! I'm sure it's going to revolutionize our business! Sir, you've done so much for us. You helped my daughter, fixed my back, and now you've saved our business. There's no way we will ever be able to repay you for all your helpl. But thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Got 10000 Experience Points

Level 31!

Now that that's done we can pay a visit to White Snake Udon for a related quest.

Business seems slow lately.


Just not many customers are stopping in, but I don't know why. What do you think I can do to improve?

Three choices:

1. Lower your prices
2. Change the flavor
3. Try new ingredients

#2 and #3 sound pretty much the same, but it's #3 you have to run with.

How about using some new ingredients?

If that's all it takes to get more customers in here I'll be a happy man. I don't know what kind of ingrdients you have in mind, but if you bring me some I'd be happy to try them out. If they're a hit I'll pay you. What do you say?


So we have to give him something. Regardless of what you choose you'll need to try three times and, strangely, only the last one will meet his standards. Just a moment ago we got three new chili flavors, so those seem to be the logical choice. Particularly when the father said he wanted to make a business deal. Hint, hint.

Handed over [Three Spice Chili Pepper].

You think I should use this? Then wait here while I whip up a bowl and we'll see how popular it is.

(The chili seller said this wasn't his best one, but we'll see how it goes.)

Well, it didn't seem to boost sales, but it does add some variety to our menu and I kind of like it myself, so here's a small payment.

Received [33 mon].

If you find an even better spice let me know.

Now we repeat the process, this time with the next new chili concoction.

Handed over [Five Spice Chili Pepper].

(The chili seller said this was almost what he was trying to make, but not quite. I think people will like it.)

This definitely got a few more people in here, and the flavor really suits the noodles. Here's your fee.

Received [555 mon].

But I'd still like something better. If you find something let me know.

Handed over [Seven Spice Chili Pepper].

(This is the pepper that the chili seller wanted all along. He said it was his greatest success, so I'm sure it will be a hit.)

I don't believe it! Thanks to that new spice we've got more customers than ever before! Here, this is for you.

Received [7777 mon].

And please tell whoever made this to come to the shop. I have a business offer I'd like to extend. Thank you!

Time for another jog up the street.

Oh, hello. Is there something else you wanted?

Yes. The udon shop down the street really liked your Seven Spice Chili Pepper and he wants to meet with you.

Really!? This is like a dream come true! We'll go over there right away. Bye!


Now to finish this up. Just run back to the udon restaurant.

Thank you for bringing the chili sellers here. Thanks to you I managed to make a deal with them before anyone else could. This is for you, as thanks.

Received [Copper Plate].

Got 1500 Experience Points

Sounds like a happy ending for all. This completes the chili seller story arc, but the udon restaurant still has one more sidequest in a future chapter.

For the penultimate task we pay a visit to the Riverside Road, all the way at the southern end, near the tea house.

Just down the first set of stairs we come across these two cretins.

I just got my sword back from the polisher and I want to test it.

Try it out on that dog. Cut 'im right in two!

Good idea. Here goes!


Hold it right there.

Huh? Who're you?

Sorry, but you might want to stay out of the way. This dog's nothing to you, right?

....... She's mine.

Eh!? Liar! It's just a stray!

If she's yours what's her name?

There are three choices, but it doesn't matter which you choose and after a second or two the game just chooses for you.


Ga ha ha! Yeah, right! Took you long enough to answer, buddy.

Leave her alone.

Heh. In that case I'll have to try out this sword on you!

Check this fight out for sure if you want to see the Golden Sword and a couple of new HEAT actions.

What are you!? I'm getting out of here!


(She looks starved. Maybe I can find her some food.)

So now we can decide what to feed her. I suppose you can get sweets or something from the tea house, but as long as this sidequest is in progress there will be several new vendors along the Riverside Path selling various things we can give to the dog. However, one food is better than the others, and you can find out what it is by talking to everyone in the area.

Running all the way to the opposite end....

....we find a man selling slices of chicken for 50 mon each, which one of the travelers on the road suggests is good for dogs. We'll need three so we don't have to run back again. Also, if you're planning on doing New Game + you can just buy a bunch right now and store them in the item box for later, since after this sidequest this vendor will disappear.

Back we go.


Kiryuu gives her a piece of chicken.


(She looks a little better.)

Repeat the process.

(She's seems to be recovering.)

Woof! Woof! *pant*

One more time.

Woof! Woof!

(I think she's all better now.)


(Hm? Is she trying to tell me something?)


(I think she wants me to follow her.)

So let's follow her down the beach. We don't have to go far.

Woof, woof, woof!

Is there something here?

So Kiryuu gets to work digging.

This is....!

Found [Joumon Pottery].

The Joumon Period refers to the civilization of the earliest known inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago, with evidence of their culture found from as long ago as 14,000BC. Modern Japanese are mixed descendants of the Jomon and later Yayoi peoples, who arrived on the islands separately. The Jomon left behind a great amount of pottery and sculpture, some of it very ornate, which can be found in museums or in the private collections of wealthy patrons today. Needless to say, Kiryuu's found quite a prize.

Regardless of what you feed the dog, she'll get healthier and lead you to the digging site. But what you find won't be as good if you fed her anything else and you won't "complete" the quest, screwing you out of the secret boss, etc, etc. You'll still get the same XP though.

(I think that was a thank you gift....)

Got 1500 Experience Points

For the final sidequest we have to take a long walk.

We follow the Mountain Road all the way to the far end, where we encountered Kintarou last time.

Only now there's some other douchebag blocking the bridge.

Hey, hold it! Nobody comes across! I'm Katagorou, and this is my bridge!

It's a complete dead end on the other side anyway. Why would anyone want to cross? Other than completing sidequests, I mean.

You want to pass?

Yes. And I'm coming across.

Stop right there! Who told you that was okay? If you want to get to the other side you have to give me all your money.

Not on your life.

Wrong answer!

Using the Silver Sword for this, so it's difficult to break his guard. There is another new HEAT action here though.


Now, I'm going across.

But as soon as Kiryuu turns his back....


....he charges.


You coward! It's not right to attack a man from behind! Hey, you're the same samurai from before!

Yeah. Thanks for looking out for me there.

Oh, it was nothing. I owe you a lot. I think I'm ready to go back to town now. I want to see laughing children again and I think my strength could be useful to the people there.

I see. Well, good luck.

Thanks! See you later.

Got 1000 Experience Points

And we're done with Chapter 7's sidequests, barring one which will appear in a bonus video. However, to keep on schedule we're going to visit another yuujo in this update. Personally, I find the yuujo system soul-crushingly boring and, particulary in Kenzan's case, highly aggravating. So I'm just going to be showing off the related sidquest that follows the encounter rather than recording all the times I lose the rhythm game or translating a bunch of inane dialogue.

So, without further ado, meet Suzukaze:

She's at the Yumejiya, same as the last one, and is a relatively cheap date who doesn't mind Kiryuu drinking tea. She's also a worse bowler than all the others, which is a plus for me.

So anyway, after a bunch of insipid Q&A dialogue....

....a first-round loss at the rhythm game....

....a perfect score (over three frames) in bowling on my part....

....and a plate of tofu....

....we see her dance....

....and it's sidequest time!

There's a clerk from the shop standing right outside.

Something wrong?

Oh, the Master of the Tatsuya! Excellent timing. I am the head of the Yumejiya. Thank you for being such a loyal customer of Suzukaze's. But, I have a favor to ask.

What is it?

It's about Suzukaze. She's been acting kind of funny lately.

What do you mean?

Well, it seems like she's been giving all of her income to somebody else. I don't know the details, but that's what the other yuujo are saying. Since you're a kakemawari I was hoping you might look into this for me.


Of course, I don't mean for free. In fact, I'd be happy to pay in advance.

Received [1 ryou].

Would you please try to find out what's going on with Suzukaze?

Spying on our girlfriend (Well, "girlfriend"), and for profit? Don't have to ask Kiryuu twice!

I'll take care of it.

I just saw her go out the back entrance. I need to get back to work so this is in your hands now. Thank you.

This is a simple job. Just run around the corner of the shop.

Here we spy Suzukaze and some guy.

This is from today.

Hey! This isn't enough!

But I just gave you some money earlier. Why do you need more already?

I got a lotta debts! Some 'a the guys I owe to are real shady and the big boss's gonna come see me personally if I don't pay up today. I'm gonna need another 100 ryou before the end of the day. Don't tell me you can't get it! They're gonna kill me if I don't pay.

Eh!? But that's....

There's nobody else I can ask!

Um, well....

Just get it!

Let's go see what that was all about.


What was that all about?

Well.... That was my father. He used to have a fabric store, but it went out of business and now he has a terrible debt. I've been helping him make payments.

I see.

I'm sure he's going to see Hinakiku next.

Yes, if you don't remember from that bonus update, Suzukaze is Hinakiku's older sister.

He said they're going to kill him if he doesn't come up with 100 ryou by today. I think my sister will agree to take on his debt, and then who knows what will happen to her? At the very least she'll be thrown out of Gion.


I wish I could buy her freedom and get her out of this place. But.... Oh, what am I going to do?

Leave it to me.

Now it's time to go beat a deadbeat dad. He's easy to find - just walk across the street.

Hey! Get Hinakiku out here now!

I'm sorry, sir, but she said she didn't want to see you.

What!? I'm her father so get her out here right now! Fucking asshole! I'm gonna get killed here!

Please calm down, sir.

Let's get involved.

Hey. I heard everything from Suzukaze.

You! You been following me!?

Aren't you ashamed of yourself trying to take away your own daughters' futures like that? You're no father to them.

Shut up! This is none of your business! I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson!


Have I convinced you yet?

Asshole. None of this is my fault. Those bastards fucked me and got me into debt, and now I'm gonna get killed. There's no way I'm gettin' 100 ryou in time.

Excuse me. While you were fighting Hinakiku brought exactly 100 ryou out to me.

Holy shit! She's got that much stored away? Maybe Kiryuu should give up this kakemawari thing and become a gigolo. We know he's already got an offer from the Sumo Lovers Brothel.

She said you should use this for your debt. And to please never come to this town again.


Yes. Hinakiku took out a loan from our establishment for this amount.

Ah, now I see.

She has agreed to work without pay until the debt is clear.


Father! I'll find some way to get you the money instead! Just don't let Hinakiku do this! Please!

Kiryuu turns to the father.

Will you really let her do this?


I don't know who's holding your debt, but I do know you'll regret this for the rest of your life.


Besides, when a man is backed against the wall and fighting for his life, who knows what he can do?


....... I see now.


I've become a monster. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Oh, father....

I'm sorry for everything. I'll do what I can from now on, on my own.

But if you don't get that money today....


Suddenly a deus ex machina old man appears! (He's identifed on the text box as the Yumejiya Master).

Is what you've been telling these people true?


I heard it all. Long time no see, Master of the Sagamiya.

You're the Yumejiya's Master!

If what you said before is true then I'll cover a debt of 100 ryou for you.


And in exchange, I want you to rebuild your shop. I know the goods you produced were always the best. Besides, if word got out that our Suzukaze's father was neck deep in illegal debt, well that just wouldn't be good for business. Stop by later and we'll draw up the papers.

Yes, t-thank you!

Fade out, and now Kiryuu and Suzukaze are alone.

She also apparently broke her neck offscreen at some point.

That didn't go like I expected.

But if you hadn't stepped in who knows what would have happened to us?

The Master of the Yumejiya is a generous man.

I have something I'd like to give you. As thanks.

You know the drill.

That was wonderful, Kiryuu-san.


He knows.

I'll never forget today. Come and see me again sometime, will you?

Of course.


I love you.

Got 2000 Experience Points

That's three down and four to go.

The final bit of this update is the two bounties that are now available. One opens up as soon as day breaks, and the other once evening begins.

I had some trouble with the recordings when I was doing the sidequests, and as a result I lost the little bit of background about the first bounty when Kiryuu first checks out the wanted signs. However, I still got a shot of the poster from after beating him:

This guy is Kodachi Genzaemon, shows up on the Forest Road in the daytime, and his crime is part of what I missed in the lost screen caps, but you can probably piece it together from the conversation that follows.

Are you the outlaw, Genzaemon?

Who're you?

Kiryuu. Your face is up on the wanted boards. Now come with me quietly.

They just sent one fighter after me? I'm insulted!

You're pretty full of yourself for a common bandit.

Shut up! I'm a direct descendent of the great Minamoto Family!

In the first update of the chapter, when we had that sidequest with the "ghosts" of Benkei and Yoshitsune, I talked about the famous epic story the Tale of the Heike, and its basis in the real battle between the Minamoto and Taira clans. ("Genji" is just another reading of the kanji for "Minamoto" and "Heike" is just another reading of those for "Taira"). So this guy says he's related to the winning side, from the same line as Yoshitsune himself.

Bullshit! You're just a thief.

Huh!? I just needed something to eat. So what if I killed that guy to get his food? You don't get in the way of a warrior like me!

C'mon, let's get this over with already.

Heh. You don't want to argue some more? Think you can beat me with words? What else have you got?

Any last words? You could write a note or something before you fall on your sword.

Ha ha ha! You're finished! My sword's as strong as any of the old Minamoto clan!

Then let's go!

As always, click the pic for the fight video. Genzaemon is pretty dangerous. He's got a new trick that we haven't seen before but that will definitely be showing up again - fire. And since he wields a kodachi instead of a full-length sword most of our attack-interrupting HEAT actions won't work. Fortunately, using a little dagger like that also makes him a pretty lousy blocker.

I am.... defeated.

(Time to call the magistrate.)

Yes, that's definitely [Kodachi Genzaemon]. Thank you for your help. This is for you.

Received [1 ryou].

Got 1500 Experience Points

Now we wait until evening, then check out the posters again.

He's [Kinta the Unarmed Fighter], and he apparently [beat an official to death with his bare hands]. Sounds menacing.

(Ooh, it says here there's an [extra reward for taking him alive].)

We can find him right here in Rakugai, any time, apparently.

He's a big guy you can find in the dead center of town, right across from the little shrine.

Are you Kinta the Unarmed Fighter?

Huh? Who're you?

You're a wanted man.

Heh heh. You look like a tough one.


I like to fight tough guys. That's what I live for and I don't care if I get killed doing it!

So it doesn't matter to you if you wind up cut to pieces in battle? Why?

Hey, do what you're good at, right? All the other guys who came to catch me have been pretty weak. You ready to try?

Hm. If that's the way it's going to be, then I guess I am.

That's what I like to hear! You'll be another notch in my belt!

As always, you only need to land the finishing blow in Unarmed Style to count this as a non-lethal takedown.

Yes, that's Kinta for sure. And you managed to take him alive. Excellent! Thank you for your help. Here is your reward.

Received [2 ryou].

And, as promised, a little something extra.

Received [Wild Soul Jewel].

Got 1500 Experience Points

And now we're finally wrapped up with everything in Chapter 7: Tons of new sidequests, tons of new moves, and a handful of bounties as well. Next time, we finish the chapter's story.