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Ryuu ga Gotoku: Kenzan

by Egomaniac

Part 42: TOURNAMENTS - [Part I]

Like every single game in the series other than Dead Souls, Kenzan has a colisseum: the Houzouin. Any time after Chapter 8 Kiryuu is free to enroll for prizes and experience, but not all tournaments are available from the start. Several more are added each chapter, with the 12th and last one only opening up just before the final battle. I've saved all these for the end because they're much more fun if Kiryuu has his entire move set.

The Houzouin has 50 opponents, all of whom need to be beaten to unlock the secret boss, and several of whom are only themselves unlocked by meeting special conditions - usually completing all training courses of a certain type. A lot of the weaker enemies in particular are forgettable, so I won't be showing off every single match in these videos. Instead you will see each type of 3-round tournament once, possibly as a splice of several different runs to show off the more interesting opponents and to avoid repeating enemies. With 12 different challenges that means 36 enemies, barring repeats, so it's still a good chunk of them on display.

This update covers the first 4 tournaments.