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Part 20: 19. "How far does this bloody thing go?"

19. "How far does this bloody thing go?"

Oh good. A sewer level. Just what I needed. Again, as you can see this place is chock full of narrow alleyeways, meaning combat is almost always mandatory.

Yay, it's Paddington. Meh. Fortunately, outside the Church enemies are little better about giving up that precious XP and aren't terribly difficult to fight. These guys shoot rockets, which I always think is going to hit harder than other forms of attack, but it never really takes off much HP.

Well, from these ones.

You might notice I'm low on ammo since I've, well, gonna through a three-floor dungeon thrice which was preceded by another dungeon. (The preceding one was the now robot-populated North Downtown.)

SD Snatcher decides to make up for the long stretches of dungeon with no respite by - rather clumsily, I think - just giving you a ton of healing items in one treasure chest. Here's 10 Junker's Rush. This is not the last time we'll be seeing that happen.

Look, it's Angry Apache! Sadly, we've seen his kind before. He's a flier and he's got antenna which means...

...that he can call buddies. The antenna is in a hard spot to hit, and can take a few shots, but you absolutely should destroy it because as soon as you can kill one, the other...

Is likely to call a friend.

I've neglected to talk about this earlier, because I hate them. But here, I tried using the mine type auxiliary weapons. They come in three flavors: Tire Baster [sic], G. Mine, and Air Mines.

If you're facing two enemies, you actually have no control over which enemy Gilian plants the mine near. And even though enemies can have asymmetrical bodies, you also have no control over which side Gilian puts the mine on. You just select the mine and Gilian does his thing without prompting you.

So it's a weapon that has a 1/2 or 1/4 shot of being placed where you want it to, and it won't work unless the robot dodges into it. Which they're actually fairly smart about not doing - so it's a good way of making a wall in one direction, I suppose. Here, I used two air mines. The only good news is that should the robot run into it...

He takes a fair amount of damage and whatever the mine touches will be automatically destroyed. I don't like the mines because I have no control over them and they're not that cheap, so screw 'em. You're better of paralyzing ever robot with C. Killer anyway.

Gilian: Whoa!
Metal: Why is there $1000 in a sewer?
Gilian: I don't know, but we're getting a steak dinner when we get out of this swer.
Metal: A shower would also be a good idea.
Gilian: (Unfortunately, he's probably right.)

And what's up here, you ask?

It's another Joy Division! Just in time, too, as I needed a bunch of ammo.

Besides the stock ammo and health items, this guy seems to specialize in Flairs and Etc. If you ask him about Flair, though...

He admits that Flair is a useless item for now. It's throwable and when Gilian throws it... nothing happens. Alright...

Let's ask him about "etc."

Well, that's lovely.

Of course, just my luck after I buy all the ammo, I find some in a chest. Continuing the sewer, we find...

A person!

And not just any person! It's Randam Hajile.

In the original, Snatchers used the abandoned Neo Kobe Tube-Liner system to travel underground throughout the city.

Randam runs off and we're left to fend for ourselves again. This is a problem because of our new enemy...

Steel Metroid! (I liked that name.)

Ack! And he's a net type enemy! And he fires rocket launchers which actually do a lot of damage. These guys one-shotted me the first time I met them, so this is one of those "make sure to keep your HP high" scenarios.

Gilian: Why is there so much cash in the sewer?
Metal: Perhaps Freemen store it here.
Gilian: Freemen?
Metal: Freemen are citizens who chose to live without social security numbers - off the radar as it were. In short, without bank accounts, their assets are strictly liquid.
Gilian: And where else to store liquid assets but in a sewer.
Metal: ...That was terrible, Gilian.
Gilian; (I thought it was pretty funnny.)
Metal: At any rate, they have to store it somewhere. But with all these Metal Creatures about, they must have had to abandon their belongings.

And where does this stairway lead?

Damn it.

In sort of a throwback to Snatcher, the abandoned tunnel system leads to the factory. In the original, this is how Freddy and Lisa escape the factory after killing Jean Jack.

This is a nice stroll down memory lane back to when the game wasn't quite so fucktarded.

...Well that was fun.

This is the end of the sewer level, and there's our friend Randam.

And our rewarded for three dungeons in a row is...


Version Differences

- The Snatchers used a Tube-Liner systemc to traverse under Neo Kobe. Not sewers.

- It's "Queens" Hospital for me, so eff you, Konami.

- There is no cool turbocycle crash sequence in SD Snatcher

- I never wanted to beg the LP forum to make me stop in the original Snatcher thread.

Good news!

We're actually going to be in Hideo Kojima mindfuck territory pretty soon. Maybe like two-three updates. This will almost make up for the shit we've been through.


Relevant Snatcher Media

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We'll see the alligator and squid in the next update.