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Part 21: 20. "It's Time To Pay a Visit To Queens Hospital."

Some Cool Guy posted:

Hey, am I the only one having problems reading the update prior to this one (on page 7)? All the images are either missing or out of order, making it nearly impossible to tell what's going on.

I noticed that - I'll take more of a look into it, but to be honest, I'm not sure why that happened.


20. "It's Time To Pay a Visit To Queens Hospital."

Gilian: It's dark in here. Metal, turn on your light!
Metal: I'm sorry, Gilian, because of my petit size I can't illuminate very much.
Gilian: Damn!

This dungeon is darker than all the others, which is going to lead to a fairly predictable gimmick soon. And for whatever reason...

Gilian: What was that, Metal?
Metal: Sorry Gilian, the Lingu Disk must have malfunctioned.

Thevma and OASIS didn't see fit to translate this one - and only this one - dialog box. As far as I can figure, Metal is telling Gilian that flairs will come in handy in this place.

This would be more of an "Aha!" kinda moment if auxiliary items weren't all crap in this game. So this item you never ever buy or use finally has a use. Unfortunately, odds are you don't have it. The next gimmick is that in complete darkness, you no longer see the robots, so all the encounters are pretty random - or might as well be.

And here's our first battle!


Whatever it is, I missed it with my widest gun and aiming for the center. Then it tried to shoot me from the side of the screen. Huh.

Whatever. We're getting the hell out of here. Conveniently, there's an exit to this dungeon right here.

Gilian: Queen Hospital! Looks like we're going back in and investigating.

First things first, though. There's a videophone to the right where we can...

Get some much needed R & R at Junker HQ.

Goddamn it!

No Mika, four dungeons in a goddamned row was just effin' peaches and cream.

...I hate you, Chief. I really do... Oh, how can I stay mad at you?!

And now it's time to buy the second best weapon in the game...

The Needle Point. It's a 1x1 single shot weapon and it packs a good punch. It's the only weapon in the game that I've seen take an appreciable amount of damage away from enemies.

Yeah, so, anyway.

(Baran Purnet, Rob Clapton, and Lisa Nilsen, if you lost count.)

Enough fucking around. Back to Queen and the most annoying combat gimmick in the game. Or one of them.

Before every single fight, we have to select Flair (no kidding, I actually got used to the game's misspelling of it and didn't even notice until just now) and use it to reveal...

Gilian: Pffft! Hahahaha! That thing looks ridiculous!
Metal: Gilian! It's a Chompers! It's very dangerous!

Actually, it's not. Remember how I said SD Snatcher was really unbalanced? And how in Church there were a ton of really tough enemies that gave like no XP? Queen is just the opposite! All of the enemies are easy as hell and give a ton of XP and GOLD.

They shoot from the tail in order to trick you, so that you can't cheap out on buying Flairs and just shoot.

Gilian: Piece 'a cake!
Metal: Oh... it did seem rather fragile, after all.

Gilian: This one's trying to switch it up on me!
Metal: Gilian, please use extreme-

Metal: ...Never mind.

You might notice I'm very low on Flair, no worries. If we leave the hosptial and go all the way right, we find...

The last Joy Division of the game. Nothing too crazy here. You'll want about... I guess 30 flairs will do you.

You gotta buy them one at a time. When I saw the XP and GOLD they gave out, I decided to farm the hospital for a bit. It turned out this over-levelled me for pretty much the rest of the game and it was smooth sailing from here on out.

Say goodbye to Joy Division, everyone.

Fortunately, the robots in Queen are also pretty generous with the ammo. It's all good in the hood, G.

Gilian: Wow, these robots look stupid. You'd think the security detail for the Snatcher maintenance facility would be a little more intimidating, huh.
Metal: That's Cthulhuberg, Gilian! It's got a very unique maneuver to watch out for! It-

Metal: Oh.
Gilian: Well, it dies.

These are a little tougher to kill than Chompers, but only a little. And now a little something I like to call... "Let's pretend I just did the following stuff for about like two hours."

So, I don't really know if there's much else to say. It's a shitty dungeon and it's like the fourth in a row. I think those things in the background are water coolers?

But then, just before the stairs to B1...

Finally, a boss fight! This guy's got a ton of HP and his stats... actually not very impressive. Weird. Let's a use a flair.

Wah wah wah.

Gilian: You've just been wandering around in the dark?
Randam: Illumination isn't my style.
Gilian: (That was terrible.)

And with that, it's deeper into the hospital.

Fucking loading.

Fortunately, the idiotic darkness gimmick ends and we arrive in B1 of Queens Hospital.