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Part 7: 6. "I'm... I'm so sorry."

6. "I'm... I'm so sorry."

I love when video games show you some mutilated corpse and feel the need to suffix something like, "He's dead." Oh good, I won't bother paging Dr. Stiles, then.

Alright, whoever this "Purnet" guy is, he's probably the killer Snatcher. Off to the west!

Gilian: Huh?
Metal: I said "Perhaps we'll find him later."
Gilian: I could've sworn you said, "Perhaps WE find him later."
Metal: Did I? Oh. The presence of SNOW-9 in the area seems to be muddling my language circuits.
Gilian: (Come to think of it, I'm having some trouble speaking, too.)

If we go north of Gibson's body, we'll find a passage that winds out to the west...

And the way that Gibson must have entered the factory. Looks like, the SNATCHER got away from us. Time to go report this.

Gilian: Oh! Should we have just... you know... left his body like that?
Metal: There is no need for concern. The Junk Crew will be along to clean up after everything.

Good old Junk crew. Anyway, let's go break the news to everyone.

Aw, poor Chibi Mika. Then again, she does go from "mourning" to "don't keep the boss waiting" pretty quick.

No worries, Chief. We'll all forgive you.

Awesome. Our next assignment is to console Gibson's daughter... Cathreena?

Snatcher's always been inconsistent with her name. The kana reads something like Ka-To-Ri-Na, but it's a little ambiguous to know what they were trying to sound out. Most unofficial translations Westernize it to "Katherine," though officially, it's "Katrina Gibson," which is presumably Blaustein's creative license.

Thevma and OASIS go with "Cathreena" which is just completely not a name at all. Well, maybe in 2042, it is.

And before we leave...

Yikes, sorry, Chief!

They don't tell you if Harry is sloshed in this version, but I think it's pretty safe to assume he is.

You don't get to talk about my friend Gibson, you shoe-horned-in new character. Sorry about that.

That's a nice sentiment. "Thank God you're alive, but I hope you don't get your head ripped off of your body as well."

Robin, being a robot, could care less. Anyway, it's on to the business at hand.

This time, I've got enough cash for two more guns: The Stingray and the Fireball.

These fill up my gun slots. They're both stronger versions of the blaster, except one's a laser and one's a gun. I don't think there's any real difference here.

Actually, the more expensive guns also have the more expensive ammo, which is a pain in the ass.

You're right, Jamie. And now it's time to meet Cathreena Gibson... who lives to the right of Junker HQ, fortunately.

Gilian: What?! Killer robots out in the streets?
Metal: Yes, Gilian. Since the SNATCHER menace, their numbers have increased exponentially.
Gilian: Jeez. This city has more problems than I've ever heard of.

The good news is that they're just Digit Rocks.

The bad news is that at Level 9, their dodging still makes them annoying to kill and you get pretty much no XP for doing it.

So quick, let's just run by them and into Katr- Cathreena's apartment...

...which is also infested with killer robots. I hope the place is at least rent-controlled or something.

Ugh. Opto-clowns. At Level 9, they're a bit more manageable, fortunately...

And also, they dropped ammo for my blaster. Hooray!

Fortunately, Cathreena's door is the last (and only) door on the floor.

Aw. This is going to be sad. Coming up... we raid Gibson's house for clues!

Version Differences

- The chief is more consoling and Harry more accusing of Gillian after Jean's death in Snatcher. It's vice-versa here.

- You don't need to solve a quiz to get Katrina to let you in.

- Katrina is significantly less upset about her father.

- She's 14 here, so fortunately, there's no "Katrina, I must have you!!!" this time around.

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