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Part 8: 7. "I just started down at Junker Headquarters."

7. "I just started down at Junker Headquarters."

When we last saw Gilian Seed, he was consigned to console Cathreena Gibson, whose father Jan-Jack just died.

Gilian: Here, Cathreena, you can use my handkerchief.
Metal: Gilian, didn't I see you blow your nose into that earlier?
Gilian: Hush! (Deja vu...)

Wow, they're laying it on thick. Thank God we've got such a capable fan translator to convey the depth of emotion in this-

-well, she got over that quick. Off-course. You - thankfully - can't "console" or "persuade" her like you could in the original.

Well, that's your good deed for the day, Seed. Let's investigate!

And... let's start by ignoring that urine yellow tablecloth. Jesus. Head in the back for the only other room in the house, Gibson's study.

First things first. Let's check out that pamphlet looking thing on the right.

Diary, I meant. Diary. Wait, since when did Gibson have a diary? And why would he just keep it out like that? THIS GAME IS SO UNREALISTIC.

Gilian: It appears this Purnet knew about what Gibson was investigating.
Metal: Jean clearly thought this was the same Snatcher who killed his wife Alice.
Gilian: Hmmmm... I'll make him pay, Jean. I'll make them all pay...

Alright, let's check the computer to the north...

Oh get the hell outta here, Hideo. Why would the guy have a real MSX computer in 2042? Huh?

...Oh, who am I kidding! This is why we love you!

Gilian: I think we're about done investigating.
Metal: You sure there's nothing else worth looking out for?
Gilian: Well, maybe that thing on the left...

Wow. Gilian and Metal have learned a lot more about Snatchers than... well... than they should have really.

Gilian: Happy to see the trip back is robot-free.
Metal: Gilian, this is most unexpected. Please use extreme caution!
Gilian: ... No really, Metal. There's no one here all the way back to Junker HQ.

Gilian: See?
Metal: Well, you were right this time...
Gilian: Let's go. The Chief said he might have more information for us.

And with that, we're off to Alton Center Plaza!

Which is on Disk 2. Ugh!

That's about enough update, but before we go on.. let's go with some audience participation, shall we?

Next update, we're going to encounter:

These two fellows. And with names like "Hit on the Fly" taken, and the fact that these guys don't have official names... well... that's where I need your help. What do I call these jerkass robots?

And if you don't answer, then HitTheTargets and Mr. Peepers will do just effin' nicely...

Version Differences

- Gibson's dog Alice is not present in SD Snatcher.

- This is about the last we're going to see of Katrina Gibson. Or Cathreena or whatever you like.

- The Chief does most of the investigating for us.

- Have you noticed the fact that Jamie is an amnesiac has yet to be mentioned in SD Snatcher?

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