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Part 9: 8. "Is Napoleon here yet?"

8. "Is Napoleon here yet?"

Ah, good old Alton Plaza.

In the Japanese versions, this is actually known as Altamira Plaza. In Western Snatcher, this was changed to Alton. This is a Blade Runner reference put in purposefully by Konami of America: Alton is "Not L.A." backwards.

Here in SD Snatcher, it's completely changed to Center Plaza.

Let's go mingle!

Well, that's uh... detailed. Thanks?

To be fair, Neo Kobe is a melting pot after all.

Gilian: It seems like Mister, that is Senor Cielo is going to be the key to getting into this Outer Heaven.

Wow. Napoleon really sucks at keeping a low profile in this version.

Whatever, let's actually try and get in.

Crap. It looks like we're going to have to search around for a membership card.

Gilian: Hold on, Metal. I gotta see if that woman over there is a SNATCHER.
Metal: Well, Gilian-

Gilian: Well, hello to you too. My name is Gilian, miss...?
Metal: Actually, ma'am, what are you are referring to is most likely a police-issued Fireball High Speed Shot Laser with an S.T.R. rating of Zero-Zero-Six. Gilian is keeping it in his front pocket.
Gilian: ...Uh, that's right, ma'am! You never know when Metal Creatures could be lurking in your apartment. I can protect you, though. I'm a JUNKER.
Woman: Oh wow, that's so cool! My boyfriend was considering signing up for JUNKER.

Gilian: ! ...You don't say? Well, tell him to stop by Headquarters and talk to our operator. I gotta go. Happy Holidays!

Gilian: Don't worry, buddy. I'm a Junker - my job is to handle things like that.
Metal: Oh, Gilian, your fly is unzipped.
Gilian: ... ... ...So anyway, I guess I'll just be heading in.

Gilian: <<Zip!>> (Stupid robot...)

This is Hit The Targets. At Level 10 - which you should be around by the time you get here - he's not really that bad at all. One thing noteworthy about our friend Hit The Targets is that he's got two sets of easy to destroy antenna. With them, he can call for backup: Another one of himself and...

This fellow, Deceased Crab. He's an upgraded version of the Insector, but he's three grid spaces wide. Aiming for his exact center ensures you'll hit him, or at least his legs, so even if he dodges, you'll drop his SPD and ensure he's got less of a chance of dodging next time.

As far as Hit the Targets goes, again, the "blind first, kill second" strategy works nicely.

I wouldn't even really bother with the antennae - backup just means more XP for you and neither of these robots (the only two new enemies in Center Plaza) pose a severe threat.

See? Anyway, if Cielo is the proprietor of Outer Heaven, maybe he can help us procure a membership card.

So let's go see him!

Gilian: ...Metal, how do I say 'no' in Spanish, again?
Metal: ...
Gilian: Anyway, do you speak Spanish? Can you download a language pack or something?
Metal: Unfortunately, Gilian, translation is not one of my onboard capabilities and the amount of SNOW-9 in the area is keeping me from getting a firmware upgrade.
Gilian: Getting an onboard what now?
Metal: No, Gilian. I don't speak Spanish.

Wait a fucking minute! OASIS can't spell "of course", but he remembers the upside-down question mark?! What kind of fan translation is this?!

Leave it to SD Snatcher to have one Spanish guy in all of Neo Kobe and have him be a damn puzzle.

Looks like we're going to have to explore more of the robot sector of town.

Metal: Gilian, what did you find there?
Gilian: Nothing. Don't worry about it.

To the northeast of the robot district we find a movie theater!

Gilian: 3D-Gs?
Metal: He means 3-D Goggles, Gilian. Using stereoscopic lens technology, these glasses enhance your perception of the depth of the onscreen holograms.
Gilian: Sounds great. Let's go!
Metal: Gilian, we're on duty-

Gilian: Yeah, lemme get one ticket.

Gilian: I didn't get one for you, Metal. Hide in my pocket or something.
Metal: I can't believe this...
Gilian: Quiet! With you on my shoulder, they'll think I'm bootlegging the movie or something...

Gilian: Yep. Here's my ticket.

Gilian: Now where do I get 3-D Goggles...

Gilian: What a rip-off! Now they tell me!

Joy Division is the shop in Japanese versions of Snatcher. It's a tribute to one of Kojima's favorite bands. To avoid copyright infringement, Konami of America changed it to "Plato's Cavern."

Let's go see our movie, anyway.

Yeah, yeah, I'm going.

Gilian: This is ridiculous, I can't see anything!
Metal: That's because you don't have the 3-D Goggles.
Gilian: This lousy movie doesn't even work right!
Man: Hey, keep it down pal!
Gilian: Let's go, Metal.

Tell me about it. Let's stop so Gilian can take a piss.

Gilian: Ah!

And with that, let's explore some more.

Next time on SD Snatcher, we'll see that movie yet! And also, we meet an old friend!

Uh oh.

Version Differences

- Mr. Cielo is completely new.

- This movie theater puzzle (and it is a puzzle) is completely new.

- In original Snatcher, only a mask from Plato's Cavern will get you into Outer Heaven.

- There's no "Eat Me/Great Meals" sign. I miss that highbrow Snatcher humor...

Relevant Snatcher Media

Alton Plaza

edit: Also, let me know if you prefer...

Gilian: Conversations that we have like this?
Metal: You mean where our names are printed, like in Snatcher?


Maybe we should talk like this.
Like a more traditional LP?