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Part 11: UPDATE 11

Archive 30 - Legend of Yaobikuni

Japanese mermaids/mermen are quite different from those of western legend and are usually depicted as grotesque monsters that bring ill fortune to those who encounter them. The story of Yaobikuni (literally the "800-year-old Buddhist nun") is a common tale in Japan. There are certainly some thematic connections between this story and that of Archive 11.

Archive 39 - Dousojin statue

Dousojin stones are common in Japan and serve as talismans for any of the myriad Shinto gods and goddesses. Some may be intended to protect travelers or to promote fertility. This one appears to depict two robed figures with a Mana cross, but real ones can take almost any form.

Archive 40 - Akira Shimura's hunting license

Archive 41 - Library card

Remember Namiko Yoshikawa from Archive 28, the diary Akira found in the mines. Despite what the description tells us, those of you who know your kanji and have good eyes might be able to make out another familiar name.

Archive 42 -