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Part 30: UPDATE 30

Archive 052 - Legend of Princess Konohana

Konohana is a standard part of the Japanese pantheon. The original tale says that the father, Ohyamatsumi, preferred to betrothe the other sister, Iwanaga. But Ninigi refused the exchange and married only Konohana, who became the mother of humanity. It is said that because her symbol was the fleeting cherry blossom rather than her sister's eternal stone, human life is short and fragile instead of long and durable.

Archive 072 - Graffiti engraved into table

Use Archive 12 to translate it.


Looking at it in first person during the stage show's the same message written in Japanese: ZUTTO ZUTTO ISSHO

Archive 073 - Kamoshika notebook

Use Archive 12 to translate it.


The message is the same if you look at it in first person during the stage, but written in Japanese: KAMISAMA GA KURU YO

Way back in Akira's first stage he came across a Kamoshika diary (Archive 28) belonging to Namiko Yoshikawa.