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Part 32: UPDATE 32

Archive 057 - Uryen

Compare with Archive 51, found by Risa in the clinic in Update 29. The left one, with the engraving of a shield, is clearly female. The right, with the engraving of the sword, is apparently male.

The kanji used in the original are [宇理炎]. "Righteous Flame of Heaven", perhaps. It's not a real word.

The Jomon people were the earliest inhabitants of the islands of Japan and are thought to have migrated from Siberia. Some research suggests the modern-day Ainu and/or Okinawans are their descendants, with the Japanese being more recent transplants from the Korean penninsula, though nothing has been concluded definitively.

Archive 062 - Medical notes written by Shiro Miyata

Archive 089 - Photo of Twins

Archive 090 - Letter addressed to Tamon Takeuchi