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Opening Video for SWAT 4

Recently, I have decided to start playing SWAT 4 again as I remember liking the game when it came out as well as SWAT 3 when it first came out many years ago. However, the "AI" in SWAT 4 is lacking at best and can make missions frustrating so naturally I thought I should make a LP of it. I know that this has been tried before but the master list indicates that both times it was abandoned. I also know that a very hilarious SWAT 4 LP has been done by Spoony which should be checked out.

So, what is SWAT 4?
Swat 4 is a tactical FPS where you command a team of four other SWAT members through various scenarios including warrant services, barricaded subjects, and hostage situations. SWAT 4 was released in April of 2005 and adapted a similar playstyle of SWAT 3. The other two SWAT games are more of a top-down isometric view. SWAT 4 uses the Unreal 2.0 engine.

As a tactical shooter, this game is more slow paced and requires you to follow procedures such as handcuffing EVERYONE you encounter in a level (including hostages) for officer safety. You must also report just about everything you do to command (TOC) and secure evidence. You also can't just go in blasting subjects as you will receive penalties for unlawful use of deadly force. Basically you have to yell at everything and hope they surrender. However, if they aim a gun at anything or fire, you can light those motherfuckers up.

Story wise, SWAT 4 takes place in a fictional city in North America. I will likely just refer to the city as, "Fictional City, California" if I ever need to for some odd reason.

So, if someone else already made a great LP for SWAT 4, why the fuck are you doing it?
Well as we all know I am a complete attention whore and a horrible, horrible person. Also, I will be going beyond what Spoony did and play the expansion as well as some custom maps (hopefully). Right now I plan to play the custom maps that come with the SSF Realism Mod for this game. I also may do any other custom maps/scenarios that have been made for this map and are recommended to me or made by you guys I guess. I don't want to promise anything that far ahead since I have to beat the actual game and the custom levels I already have (34 levels total). My priority will be SWAT 4 Missions > SWAT 4 Expansion Missions > Custom Missions.

I currently have the intention of seeing this LP through to the end and possibly beyond with custom maps and scenarios. However, I may not have a video up every day and you will just have to be patient sometimes. I'd much rather do a video when I am in the mood to do so and get a better product rather than make it a chore and lame.

Though I will try my best to follow the game's police procedure and get as many points as possible, I am not going for a perfect game or any of that crap. So long as a beat and pass a mission, I will be happy. I will also likely be playing the game on the default normal difficulty.

On another note, I have seen Spoony's LP of this game and I will try my best not to make any similar jokes as hard as it is to ignore your guys always telling you to move out of the way.

For the love of god edit shit out!
I already know I will die / fail missions multiple times. When this happens I will redo the video and only show the run where I succeeded. I also want to put all of my deaths / funny moments at the end of each video from all the failed attempts (probably not in the easier missions, obviously).

Anything else?
Due to the nature of this game and every LP I have done (all two of them), I will be making this a video LP. I do not know if I will do any kind of multiplayer or guest commentary at this time.

I have played this game before though I never finished it. So unfortunately you won't see me running in guns blazing like any other FPS as I know that this is supposed to be tactical and have a general idea for all the tools involved. However, I am not a police officer and have never been in a SWAT unit so I have no idea what the actual tactics would be in the situations that I will have to play through.

If anyone can find all of the SWAT 3 missions/remakes for this game I will do them. Right now I can only find those that were included with that mod I mentioned before. I have marked all the remakes I already have below (that I know of).

I would also like to mention again that I am completely open for you guys to make suggestions for missions and send me custom missions / scenarios. I want you all to participate as much as possible in this LP as that tends to make it more fun to play and watch.


EPISODE 1 -- Weapon Modifications -- 12:49Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 2 -- It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin -- 13:49Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 3 -- All I Wanted Were Some Scratch-offs -- 17:00Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 4 -- Dancing the Night Away -- 19:07Blip TV  
EPISODE 5 -- Stealin' Cars -- 19:04Blip TV  
EPISODE 6 -- A Red Day for Programming -- 22:19Blip TV  
EPISODE 7 -- Illegal Gambling and Wiseguys -- 19:43Blip TV  
EPISODE 8 -- Diamonds Last Forever -- 28:59Blip TV  
EPISODE 9 -- And You Thought Jonestown Was Bad -- 20:05Blip TV  
EPISODE 10 -- AK's in the ER -- 20:04Blip TV  
EPISODE 11 -- Smuggling Red Arms -- 23:57Blip TV  
EPISODE 12 -- Boom Goes the Dynomite -- 24:04Blip TV  
EPISODE 13 -- God Hates Forensics -- 29:36Blip TVViddler

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

EPISODE 14 -- The Shady Arcade -- 22:59Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 15 -- Hostages at the Hostel -- 32:24Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 16 -- A Brutal Mosh Pit -- 31:42Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 17 -- Farmers With Explosive Tempers -- 18:35Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 18 -- Say No To Drugs -- 15:13Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 19 -- My Personal Hell -- 16:27Blip TVViddler
EPISODE 20 -- Finale -- 25:07Blip TVViddler

Total Death / Mission Failure Count For SWAT 4 (singleplayer only): 16
Current Death / Mission Failure Count For The Stetchkov Syndicate (singleplayer only): 14

Total Death / Mission Failure Count Overall (singleplayer only): 30

Special Features!

Multiplay Videos

MULTIPLAYER EPISODE 1 -- Our Team Explodes at the A-Bomb 13:24Blip TV
MULTIPLAYER EPISODE 2 -- What's With That Guy in the Elevator Anyway? 1849Blip TV
MULTIPLAYER EPISODE 3 -- Flawless as a Diamond 15:50Blip TV
MULTIPLAYER EPISODE 4 -- Hospital Hijinks 8:53Blip TV
MULTIPLAYER EPISODE 5 -- The Easiest Mission in the Game 6:35Blip TV

Fan Art

Officer Sniffles by ScotchDK

Click here for the full 1478x1434 image.

SWAT 4 AI Diagram Tree by HexiDave

Click here for the full 1478x1434 image.

Securing Evidence by ScotchDK

Not really fan art but Mr.Chub found this drawing of Fields.
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