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Part 50: 2nd Div

When last we left Lute, he had been magically transported to the deck of the Cygnus. This is 2nd Div, the final reward for playing this game a whole damn lot.

Aaaand it's pretty much a glorified Credits section. Still fun, though.

Not if you're LPing them.

I mostly like this screenshot because it looks like Lute is curbstomping him.

Aha. So that's where all those poorly timed Star Trek references came from.

Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

Obviously, he's referring to their shoes. It's a little known fact that Annie and Mei-ling are widely considered to have the best taste in shoes in the whole SaGa universe. Or he could be talking about boobs.

Square was so glad we enjoyed the game that they decided to give us Unlimited Saga next! SQUARE LOVES US

We take the left exit of the three there, and end up in the Manhattan Shopping Mall.

I just like how she decided on using the naked mermaid to represent her in-game.

This guy doesn't give us his name, so I'm going to assume he is supposed to represent the player, who just went through seven whole quests to get here (or perhaps the player who did that and also chronicled his playthrough with screenshots and videos ).

Well...I'm sure Square will stick to 2D based'll have plenty of stuff to draw...

It's not even a bo...

If you're the one who put all those damn switch puzzles in there, then I think I may want to kick you in your face.

Lute was so cool that they gave him a fez.

I really don't have the heart to tell him no. I feel like it would wound him.

Of course...we all wish Alkaiser would come for us...especially late at night, when you just want to feel safe and warm...ah.

Shinichi Alkarl here blocked the stairs for a while. Pathfinding!

Going back to the first room and heading to the right, we find people that have some more interactive and interesting things to show us.

By the way, yes, I'm talking to a hat.

They show us some of the game's background art while the little rhooma vac there spews witty retorts.

I always kind of wondered why Kyo's battle scenes looked like that, and now I know. Their buildings are constantly enflamed. That's the sort of thing you address.

The next guy tells us our fortune...or something.

I'll chalk this one up to bizarre translations.

This guy shows us some more backgrounds. This is what fighting in Kylin's Realm looks like, which you can only see by trying for Space Magic in Blue's quest.

He gets beat up by Sei when he warps to his background. :fireman:

There's also this background, which is obviously from the Dark Labyrinth. I don't think there's any way to get into a fight there, though, so this one's pretty odd. But then, finding out that something else was cut from Asellus's quest wouldn't really be that shocking anymore.

Another guy shows us this background, which doesn't show up at all in the game and doesn't really look like any of the game's areas (I guess it looks like the Magic Kingdom a little, but not much). However, there's some early trailers of SaGa Frontier that show Blue walking around an area that looks just like this, so it's probably just left over from that. More cut content? Unbelievable!

If we decide to insult this guy's effects...

He attacks!

He is a pink Lummox though, which means he has like 12 HP or something.

I do like the robots.

We get in trouble, though.

He also DarkPhoenixes us for 2000 damage each. I'm glad it's not that strong in the game.

This guy, as you might expect, gives us a chance to fight some Dragons and BlackFighters. This place would be pretty good for powering up Monsters with all the nifty fights we can get in. Of course, it'd be pointless since you can't leave 2nd Div after getting there.

This one's the Gargantua, which is what we would have fought in Emelia's quest back when we had to decide between the Good and Bad endings. Why would Joker have had a giant dinosaur at his beck and call? It's Emelia's quest, who knows/cares?

This one's pretty nifty! Rabbites! They're about as strong here as they are in Secret of Mana. Which is to say, not.

We don't really get a choice on this one...

He tosses us into this battle. That little bunny thing is called a Lunatic, and apparently you can transform into one with a monster. I've never done it, but then, I haven't tried.

Really, that's probably the best casting you could ever do for Riki.

Hey...Silence can't talk!

And I was just now thinking that JRPGs as a whole needed more references to OJ Simpson. Bravo.

This is pretty much the music room. We get to listen to sound effects here.

And if we check the jukebox, we can listen to the game's music. This is honestly probably the best part of 2nd Div.

But what good would a post-game area be without optional super hard bosses?

Video: This guy will block pretty much anything that can be blocked. He counters with BervaCounter, which is pretty annoying when he's already attacking three times a turn. Luckily, I had enough unblockable attacks and silly Time Magic to make do.

As a quick side note, I've been learning tons of Dodge Techs here. I don't know why, and it's a bitch since they're pretty much useless here.

The center path in the Cygnus leads us to here, where a few uninteresting guys are hanging out.

But finally, we make it to the main part of 2nd Div: The Boss Room. Yup, there's that Virgil sprite I mentioned earlier.

Everyone's final boss is here and ready to fight: Blue, T260G, Red, and Emelia's...

And on this side we've got Lute, Riki, and Asellus's, and also the blank space where Fuse's theoretical final boss would have gone.

The left side brings us to this poor guy (he's actually Saga's creator).

And talking to Zozma here gives us the second of 2nd Div's optional super bosses: Master Ring 2: Ring Harder.

I didn't make a video of this since it's just Master Ring with harder buddies, and also it takes like 15-20 minutes to win the damn fight anyway. It's a tough one, seeing as how Master Ring 1 was already probably the hardest boss in the game.

Here's a quick shot of Diva's super attack Retribution, which I don't think we saw back in the Diva video. Maybe if she had used this then, she actually would have been hard.

Video: I also made a quick video of BossX's super attack Judgment X, since it's pretty cool and he never used it on us before.

And finally, talking to Virgil gives us our overall play stats, based on the system data we made so long ago and have been updating all the while.

Real finished games means using an individual character and playing through their quest, while finished games is just how many times I beat a final boss. We have nine since I fought Orlouge two extra times for Asellus's other endings.

And here's the character by character breakdown. Note that playing as Rouge in Blue's quest counts as a separate character. From what I've heard, you don't get anything extra by logging a game with him on here, though, unless you just really hate zeroes.


And that's it. I've shown you every part of the game I can think of. I hope you all enjoyed it. I'm just glad to be done, really. All that's left is this:

Might as well go out on a pun, after all.