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Part 12

I just wanted to get a shot of Devin. It's weird lookin'.

Yes I shall accept your quest good sir

I shall also do this one good sir except I am not doing another one so I should not have said also

We come across a back-alley clinic in Koorong with the Hide Rune inscribed above it.

Blue pokes at the guy in the waiting room.

Which causes his head to fall off, turn around, and laugh at us.

The clock chimes, a scream is heard from the next room, and...


And here's Dr. Nusakan. Yeah, he looks kinda like Hojo.

Like all Mystics, he comes with the gift for Mystic magic. He also somehow managed to get the Death Arcane spell without having the gift for it (in case I haven't mentioned it, each type of magic has some spells that can be bought, and a higher tier of spells that can only be learned if you have the gift for that magic).

Next we head over to Mu's Tomb in Shrike.

And we grab Roufas. We're far from being ready to grab this rune now, though, so off we go back to Koorong.

We recruit Liza simply because we can.

Next up is the pub in Scrap. This is essentially free character land, as Gen, T260G, Mei-ling, Riki, and Lute can all be found here, and generally all but Gen will join you without a problem.

I grab Gen to help out until we manage to recruit Annie.

Here's Mei-ling. For those unfamiliar with Riki's quest, he basically steps into the human world for the first time, and Mei-ling decides to help him out since he's clueless.

Sometimes I like to come in here and recruit Mei-ling, leaving Riki alone and lost.

I also grab Lute, since every party needs a Bard.

Now we head to Luminous.

OH GOD TIME PARADOX (The game loads Rouge here since this is where he normally shows up, but then realizes it's Blue's quest, goes OH SHI-, and warps him out. He only shows up for about half a second, but for once I was actually fast enough with a screenshot )

The lady here can warp us to Omble so we can get the Shadow magic gift. It's probably way too early for me to do this, but hey, I like taking risks.

Hmm, who's that guy in the corner there?

Upon arriving in Omble, our shadows run off. Jerks!

Sounds like we've got our quest.

Ah, so that's who that was out there.

We agree to help him out, though he can't do anything for us now (also note that his shadow can talk, but Silence himself is mute).

What the hell, they already have me fighting Gaeatoads?

Nusakan absorbs it for a bitchin' Vitality boost.

The enemies here are pretty tough.

Both enemies and treasures appear in shadowed forms as well.

There's even a shop, though it doesn't sell anything particularly useful.

This room contains the shadows of Frontier's main characters. The object is to find the one matching your current character and touch it, which sends it over to a nearby room. Blue's ponytail makes it easy to identify his shadow, but that doesn't stop me from running into a few other ones on the way.


Liza gets halfway to the DSC while we're here, which is a shame since I'm not going to use her after this.

Touching the correct shadow after sending it to the other room then sends it to the boss chamber.

Which of course triggers the required mirror match. Luckily, Shadow Blue dies just as easily as the real deal, so after we knock him out there's not much to worry about. The real Blue uses Vermillion Sands to deal about 1000 damage and take out all the others.

Silence joins up afterwards.

That's one gift down. Of course, the next one takes about four times as long.