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Part 14

Back to Mu's Tomb and the Victory Rune.

That's a big chest.

Both contain monsters, of course.

The bigger one has a jack-in-the-box.

With that useless diversion out of the way...

Dammit, man! There's a guy on my team with butterfly wings! I know what danger is!

This place has a lot of enemies and wide open spaces, putting your running like a wimp skills to the test.

Except this part. It's a narrow hallway with about seven guys hangin' out. You pretty much have to punch through all of them.

Inside is a familiar (assuming you watched all my Red videos) pile of bones.

We make good use of the free turn to set up our various nifty spells.

The Skulldrake awakens angry, due to a long night of drinking with the other Rune quest bosses.

...and gets put down just as quickly.

Shine Rune Get!

The final rune's in Koorong.

A couple BlackX goons expect us to pay in order to pass. Then they die.

Yay, we get to go through the sewers again!

Liza is the guide for this one, although this is the only instance of guiding she does.

Koorong seems to have a system of limestone caverns underneath it. Nifty.

I considered a Kriss-Kross joke here, but then I realized I'm better than that.

Boss senses...tingling! Time to save.

Video: Koorong has an underground roach problem.

It's in your heart, Blue. It always was.

The Hide Rune is pretty damn big for something that's hiding. Or perhaps that was the point.

Blue is so damn tiny.

Sidequests masquerading as plot development, complete!

Next up: Something (mostly) unique to Blue's quest! Expect it later tonight, as I fully plan on finishing Blue up by tomorrow night.