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Part 15

Well, we've got Shadow magic and Rune magic, so what's next. The ability to control TIME ITSELF, BITCH.

For this we head to Mosperiburg, which is a somewhat frightening place.

After a few large staircases, we come across a door.

And this lovely, man. I think? Its name is Virgil.

Please don't vaporize me for asking.

And with that we are instantly teleported to Time Lord's realm.

All the enemies and background objects are frozen. Even the music stops.

There's a bit of a time motif going on, of course.

And a giant broken hourglass. There's nothing more to do here, so we go back to see Virgil.

Geez, again with the teleporting.

Facinaturu is the homeland of the mystics, and plays an important role in Asellus's quest.

It also seems to be lit entirely on flower power.

The lil' goblin here is the one who can make us our SandVessel, at the cost of one of Blue's LP. It's a permanent loss. He can also make some crappy armor that's not anywhere near worth losing LP over, and a fan-fucking-tastic sword called the Asura for 3 LP. But we ain't buying that. You'll get to see it in a later quest, though.

Normally we'd have to undertake a short dungeon adventure in order to escape Facinaturu, complete with a daring escape on a plane, but fuck that, Blue can teleport.

Virgil sends us back to Timelandia, and we get to fixin'.

Afterwards, everything starts back up and the enemies can now be fought/avoided.

Thar he be.

Or you could just, you know, give it to me. I mean, come on. :fireman:

Video: For those of you who were tired of me absolutely destroying every boss I've encountered, this fight is for you.

And that's all of 'em. Hmm, now what? I feel like there was something important I was supposed to do...oh well, it'll come to me.

Two more updates to go for this quest.