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Part 16

Oh right, there was that whole duel to the death with my brother over our supremacy of magic thing.

You get teleported to the duel right after trying to leave TimeLord's realm, so you'd better hope you're prepared.

They managed to find decent seats. Blue was too cheap to spring for ringside, though.

They stood there and waited for half a day until the moon moved into that dramatic position.

Video: Duel with Rouge

In order to prevent the next images from spoiling the result of the duel before you get a chance to watch it, here is a Pretty Art Buffer Zone!

Hey, it's Roufas! He looks the absolute least like his in-game sprite of all!

And here's Liza. We'll probably see most of this art again in Emelia's quest, Blue doesn't have enough important characters in his story so he has to steal other art. Not that they ever gave me art of Rouge.

Here's an extra one from Red's quest, featuring Red, Lute, and T260G. Nifty.

End Pretty Art Buffer Zone.

And after the duel, we get...


A jerk.

Oh God, another RPG hero with MPD.

Sounds like a good idea. I mean, it's not like it could have recently been horribly destroyed or something, that kinda stuff just doesn't happen.

Blue's stats before the duel.

And his stats afterwards. Intelligence, Will, Psychic, and JP have all doubled. If you lose to Rouge, you lose any WP you've attained (and possibly more, I don't remember), so that's why I wanted to win with Blue and not do the "Get Asura, lose to Rouge" thing. Oh, and in case you don't know, losing to Rouge makes him the main character for the remainder of this quest.

Le magic. Life magic is new, and can only be obtained in this quest. It has two spells: Sacrifice, which causes Blue to lose a LP but heals all his companions to full; and Reviva, which revives someone when they die (the same spell Blue and Rouge had in the duel). Blue can also get Mind magic now, as before he was "of two minds."

That's it for now. Tonight comes the (somewhat) thrilling conclusion!