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Part 17

Wow. I wonder who the hell did that.

At least they're cheery about it.

But flight delays can't stop Blue and his badass teleportation powers!

Well. This place looks like hell.

Oooh, pretty rainbow.

"I told them not to build a kingdom on Dangerous Demonic Seal #356, but nobody listens to me..."

The prerendered backgrounds for this area are pretty awesome, actually.

Plus there's the hot chick statue and all.

This enemy sprite is pretty rare, you generally only see it in final dungeons.

It's a Giant, stronger than regular enemies, but slightly weaker than your usual mid-boss.

His treasure's pretty lousy, though.

We head back and start to climb down the statues.

Image: Blue standing on a boob.

Apparently, the statue is hiding a secret room.

Oh shit, magic baby room!

Emo level...rising...




"He'd have to conjure up a sandwich so big even he couldn't eat it."

Please ignore the fact that one of my new spells is named 'Sacrifice'.

One quick and easy battle later...

I've got a crazy doctor, a mute, a prostitute, and a naked guy in shades on my team. I can't care for children!

Right. Go into hell. Sounds easy.

Or do I need to stomp on more puppies?

Translation: We ain't letting you use the RegionMap anymore.

Blue takes a leisurely stroll into hell, and...

Hmm. Not really what I expected.

What with the angels and all.

The angels are, of course, enemies.

Spiral staircases are FUN!

Is it mid-boss time?

It is!

One of the strongest swords in the game. Too bad we get it five minutes before the final boss.

The little pad thing is an elevator. How bad can hell be if it has elevators?

Oooh. Those are final boss torches.

Upon our approach, the dark egg swells, and Hell's Lord emerges.

Okay. Hell's Lord is a strong final boss and all, but he's up against a guy with every damn magic spell in the game. Well, Blue doesn't have Evil, Mirage, and Mystic Magic, but that stuff is pretty irrelevant. What he DOES have is a handful of absolutely retarded combos with which to kill Hell's Lord. What I have chosen is probably the dumbest one of all.

Oh, and because I'm such a nice guy, I went ahead and included the ending in this video too. It's a shocker!

Video: Final Boss Fight - Hell's Lord

Okay, the ending requires some discussion. Since I hate giant blocks of spoiler text, I'm just going to put up another Pretty Art Buffer Zone between here and my thoughts on the ending so you get a chance to see the video first.

Hey, it's Dr. Nusakan. He's doing...something. I dunno.

Here's an artistic rendition of Blue and Rouge's duel. It has significantly more flowers and butterflies than the real thing.

Oh God what is this things have gone horribly wrong

End Pretty Art Buffer Zone.

Okay. The ending. Yeah. Well, there's three ways to look at this.

Choice 1: The Artistic Answer: The true final battle in Blue's quest is with Rouge, that's why you see some credits afterwards. Everything else is just one long interactive ending. This answer makes some sense, and it's also really stupid and wrong.

Choice 2: The Correct Answer: The Essense of SaGa Frontier, the giant moon language book I've referred to a few times, gives some insight to this situation. It states that Rouge received the gift for Space Magic, though he somehow got it without killing Kylin. It also states that Rouge is the true victor of the duel between the "brothers." Based on this, and also how Rouge will join pretty much any team looking for magic, whereas Blue yells at people if he dislikes their name, we can speculate that Rouge is actually the good side of the personality, making Blue the evil twin (minus a goatee). When Rouge returns to the Magic Kingdom to find it wrecked, he heads into hell alone, forcing his friends to stay behind for their safety. It turns out that long ago the Magic Kingdom sealed away the demons, but knew the seal would someday break. Thus the plan to make a wizard who could control all spells was conceived. Blue/Rouge was that plan, and it was a success. However, could Rouge could actually beat Hell's Lord? Apparently the remaining wizards of the Magic Kingdom weren't interested in taking any chances. When Hell's Lord was busy fighting Rouge, the wizards sealed away Hell, freezing it in time. Hence the sudden end to the battle. Essence goes on to state that Rouge eventually breaks free of the seal, led by the cries of his friends.

Choice 3: The Technically Correct Answer: The developers didn't have time to fully flesh out the above, so instead we get a confusing ending that only makes sense if you know somebody with a copy of a rare japanese book about a video game.

That's it for Blue. Join me tomorrow when I begin...Riki...*shudder*