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Part 18

Sigh...I knew this day would come...

Dude, the Technodrome got wrecked.


There's a shot here were Riki introduces himself and whatnot, but the emulator exploded and refused to display it.

Holky fuck, I never realized Riki was so .

OH GOD THOSE STATS. So much hate. Anyway, monsters grow by absorbing other monsters after battle. Often they'll gain a new move, sometimes they change form. Changing forms changes their stats, so obviously we want Riki to change ASAP.

Riki is a Lummox, as are all those multicolor morons surrounding him. If Margmel is exclusively inhabited by these guys, then I'm going to have trouble building up motivation to save this place.

Yes. My answer would have to be yes.

They go down real easy. I take some joy in the fact that I'm making Riki kill off some of his own race.

The main reason to fight, though, was so that Riki could absorb a Lummox. No matter what happens when you absorb something, regardless of what it is or if you get a move, you gain 4HP. Only the first time you absorb that type of monster, of course. So it's in our benefit to make Riki absorb everything he can, even if he transforms into something crappy afterwards.

We also gained a crappy move!

Please say it's for the sacrifices.

That's one hell of a tail.

And that's one hell of a text box.

I mean, shit, if they can do text boxes that big, then why do they usually do two-liners with tons of scrolling? It makes screenshotting a bitch.

Plus there's the whole confusing thing where the top text box was said most recent, but you naturally think it came first, so then the next one doesn't make sense. You'd think they'd darken the previous one or something.

Anyway, yeah, the story. Sure, I was listening. Lummoxes, Margmel, Elder, rings, hobbits, Mordor, yeah I got it. Let's go!

Riki gains his fruity human form.

We start off in Scrap.

By the way, here's the ring we start with. These things are just about the only advantage you get when playing as Riki, as some of them have some nifty effects. This one raises our defense when used in battle.

Lute, as usual, is eager to join up with anybody.

We grab T260G as well.

Gen's a bit too drunk to join us right now.

And here's Mei-ling. She's a major part of this quest, as Riki's too stupid to manage this scavenger hunt on his own.

Easy? I fucking wish.

Oh, Riki. You're so unintelligent.

And Gen finally joins up, making our team actually capable of killing things.

That's it for this update. Didn't manage to make it to any fighting, but I forgot how much storyline and dialouge this quest has.